Blueberry Minky Diaper Snaps, Blue on Chocolate

Blueberry Minky Diaper Snaps, Blue on Chocolate

It’s adjustable in both size and absorbency. Adjust the size as your baby grows. You can use it on most babies that range from 8 35 pounds (3.5 16 kgs). Stuff it with as little or as much absorbency as you need to get you through a quick trip to the store,

Main features

  • Fabric content for diaper and inserts: 100% polyester
  • Includes 2 inserts: a 3 layer small insert, and a 4 layer medium/large insert
  • Machine wash and tumble dry warm, no bleach or fabric softeners
  • Anatomically correct design provides excellent fit for a wide range of babies
  • Made in the USA

Verified reviews


adorable and velvety soft–inside and out

This is a wonderful pocket diaper. The main reason I purchased it was because the minky exterior was the same fabric as a blanket I had made for my baby, so I saw cute picture opportunities. This is the only Blueberry diaper I own (I also have bumGenius, Swaddlebees, and Rumparooz), and I wish I would have bought some of these (well, not in Minky because of the price) instead of Rumparooz.Here’s what I like: The minky, obviously! The PUL is heavy duty and it makes for easier stuffing of the pocket. The inner fabric is fleecy and cozy, and feels dry even after overnight use by my little guy who wets through Pampers Overnight diapers! The back of the pocket, instead of exposing the microfiber like Rumparooz (and to an extent bumgenius), has a generous flap that covers it all. The snaps are durable, but so is the fabric, so I don’t feel like I might pull a snap out of the fabric.They are shaped in a way that fits my little guy quite well. Right now he is 19.5 lb., don’t know how tall, almost 9 months old, and about average all around. He is in the second rise setting and it fits him pretty well.What don’t I like? Um. Hmm. It is bulky, even with one soaker. But it’s so cute that I usually try to leave it out and either have him wear babylegs or just the diaper. He pooped in it once, and it was quite messy, but the stain came out the second time I washed it.It was also quite expensive for just the sake of the minky exterior, so if I were in the market for more pockets I would probably buy the regular Blueberry pockets, assuming they’re the same as these. Again, the reason I bought this minky was because it is the exact same fabric as a blanket I made him before he was born!

Bethany Old Hickory, TN

So soft, so cute! Kind of bulky

Bigger, not better than any other brand. I’ve found the more you spend does not equate to better diapers in the cloth diapering world. I stick to Alva brand now, the cheaper brand, and get the same results as the higher end brands. My kid can pee through anything. But this one is adorable and super soft! A little extra bulky but the pink camo goes with daddy’s uniform so whatever 🙂

Helga Tilleda, WI

super soft!!

This was super soft and I love the fabric, havent’ tried it on my baby yet (she is coming tomorrow!!) but I definitely recommend this product just on softness alone!

Cristina Saint Georges, DE

Minky BlueBerry Pocket Diaper

I love this diaper, its on the expensive side but the fleece is a very nice change from PUL. Its very breathable. The downside is with both inserts in for nighttime use it is very bulky. The print is very cute tho! I have the blue camo version. If u are going for something other than PUL then this is great!!! and my 16lb baby has lots of room to grow in this diaper as well 🙂

Lela Clines Corners, NM

Best diapers!

I have been using my minky diaper for a couple months now. I have the camo one and my son looks so handsome in it! Have not had any trouble with leaking and my son is a heavy wetter! Very high quality construction and super soft. By far my favorite pocket diaper and I have almost all the different brands. They wash easily I use Charlie’s soap) and come out nice and clean. They dry fine outside or in a dryer!

Ester Freeburg, PA