Blueberry One Size Deluxe Snaps, Messy Hands

Blueberry One Size Deluxe Snaps, Messy Hands

It’s adjustable in both size and absorbency. Adjust the size as your baby grows. You can use it on most babies that range from 8-35 pounds (3.5-16 kgs). Stuff it with as little or as much absorbency as you need to get you through a quick trip to the store,

Main features

  • Fabric content for diaper and insert: 100% polyester
  • Includes 2 microterry insert: a 3-layer small insert, and a 4-layer medium/large insert
  • Machine wash and tumble dry warm; no bleach or fabric softeners
  • Anatomically correct design provides excellent fit for a wide range of babies
  • Made in the USA

Verified reviews


Never used the diaper- didn’t like the design

We ended up returning the diaper once we saw the design. The prints are nice and the fabric is soft… butThe inner lining doesn’t have any protective area in the front so we know hat baby’s tummy will be super wet especially since he’s a tummy sleeper.We didn’t like that there wasn’t a flap that covered the pocket opening. The opening is at the back seam of the diaper and we just felt that it would allow wetness out.So we went with our gut and returned them without using them since the price is a little steep.

Marianne Embudo, NM

Really Cute and Very Functional

When we began using cloth pocket diapers we started with Blueberry, FuzziBunz, BumGenius, Happy Heiny, Oh Katy, and Charlie Banana. This is my review for Blueberry compared to the rest of these brands.The Blueberry diapers have a snap rise setting, are rear pocket loading, and have a microfleece lining and 2 micro fiber inserts.I really like these diapers just as much as all of the other brands I tested. For whatever reason these are so much easier to load than most of the diapers which is nice when you’re stuffing 10-20 diapers at a time, I’m not sure if it’s because the fleece isn’t as tightly sewn or if the crotch is actually wider. We’ve had no issues with leaks with this brand either.Having a boy I’ve personally found the rear loading pocket diapers (also Happy Heiny, BumGenius, FuzziBunz)to be better as most of the wetness is in the front so sticking your hand in there to pull the inserts out isn’t pleasant, it’s less bad in the back.I also found out that I like the elastic sizing (like Charlie Banana & FuzziBunz) over the snap rise settings when you have a squirmy baby, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m continuing to purchase and use the snap rise diapers too.Overall these are great pocket diapers (honestly they all are, it’s just a matter of personal preference) and this print is absolutely adorable!

Wanda Flatonia, TX

Great prints and snaps, but leaky

The fit, material and pattern of this diaper are fantastic. The snaps are perfectly located and easy to fasten around chubby legs and tummy. However the dang thing leaks, easily. There’s something about the seal around the waist, not elastic-y enough maybe? I only use this one during the daytime when I know baby will be sitting upright, otherwise we’re in for a pee disaster.

Frankie Robbinsville, NC

Great Product

I have now been cloth diapering for a year and I plan to continue with baby number 2 who is one the way. I have only had to strip the diapers once in 8 months and I wash them in Tide Original Detergent. I have never had them leak, although daycare has had a few leaks b/c they don’t always look to make sure the absorbent part is tucked in in the back. Cute patterns and very well made diapers. My son was able to fit into the one size at 3 months and we are only on the second set of snaps at 1 year.

Johanna Shingle Springs, CA

Favorite for Night time

Blueberry are my favorite night time diapers. I’ve recently started adding a hemp insert since my son is peeing more during the night – in a Blueberry with a hemp addition, we have not had a single leak! I also appreciate that Blueberry do not require a lot of washes to prep. Very happy with these diapers and my #1 recommendation for night time!

Charlene Vonore, TN

Not entirely made in USA!

I wanted to loooove this diaper! It is a little larger than the bum genius 4.0’s but still a one size that gets fairly small. It fits my 27lb, 18 month old toddler extremely well with room to grow! It is not the most absorbent diaper unfortunately though. The diaper is of great quality and made in the USA, which is what caught my attention! Although I was extremely disappointed to open the diaper and find 2 extremely low quality microfiber inserts with “Made is china” written on the tag!!! For a company that boasts Made in USA all over their products, I was confused! The inserts aren’t very absorbent and I am extremely disappointed! I wanted to build my whole stash out of Blueberry diapers, but buying extra, better quality inserts for an already pricey diaper is not very economical. When I first started to cloth diaper, I made the mistake of “trying out” a cheap Ebay diaper, the blueberry inserts are extremely comparable to the cheap Ebay diaper microfiber inserts!Pros: Great fit on toddlersAdorable prints!!!!!!Great quality diaperCons: ExpensiveCheap insertsNot absorbent

Nan Redfield, KS

Quite possibly my favorite pocket diaper yet!

I have tried numerous pocket diaps: Bumgenius, Happy Heiny’s, Fuzzibunz, and WAHM diaps too. This diaper has quickly become my fave and I’d love to order more! It comes with two insterts and the larger insert is very unique in the way that it snaps down; you won’t need a doubler. This diaper is leak proof even overnight for 12+ hours. The diaper is very very cute and the fit is great. I have found it to be durable and easy to launder. Even though the insert is thick and absorbant, the diaper isn’t too bulky, even on my 11# baby. I also like that these diaps are made here in the USA!

Alissa Lyndon, VT

My favorite

We loved these so much they are our go to diaper. We ordered a full stash of them. They are very adjustable, don’t leak, have a wide opening to stuff them, have adjustable liners & a soft liner. They do run a little big and will not fit a newborn, but they do fit my 38 pound 3 year old for night time & don’t leak.

Aida Board Camp, AR


I use it as a cover for prefold and have very few leaks. The white is a little greyed, but we have used it for 1.5 years so far.

Marcie Capac, MI

Great Diaper, Snaps not good Quality

I loved the diaper and absorbency of the included soaker. The print is adorable! However, the snap that is used to re-size the soaker cracked after just one wash, so I am no longer able to utilize this feature. For the price, I would expect a higher quality…without snaps the diaper wouldn’t work!I am now super careful when I use this diaper because I am afraid the snaps on the diaper might be next.

Serena Irvine, CA

Great pocket diaper!

I really like blueberry diapers. We tried several brands and now that it is time to buy a few more I will be sure to stock up on these. They never leak, I use them with a joey buns hemp at night with no worries.We started cloth diapering later in our baby’s diaper days, so it’s important to us that the diapers fit a larger child (16 months now) and these fit well, but do have room for him to grow.These diapers are well made, and have good quality fleece material on the inside. We’ve had them for 2 months and they still look brand new after washing every other day.

Abby Carsonville, MI

One of the best pockets

I’ve used a ton of different diapers on my son over the last 4 months. He is now going on 9 months old and is always in the 70-80th percentile for height and 80-90th for weight. He is a big boy and has chubby thighs. He is also a heavy wetter. At first I didn’t like this brand but now I LOVE them. They work great for long trips and nap time. The only problem I have is that they are so bulky! Can’t beat the way they work though. I am very satisfied and recommend them for bigger babies. I’m not sure how they’d work on smaller skinny babies though.

Connie Princeton, CA

Highly recommended

Get complimented constantly on this diaper. it was expensive, but I feel worth it. I will use it many times. It is great quality fabric and very cute for both sexes. I love rainbows and this is perfect witout seeming to be too girly. I highly recommend this diaper to anyone using cloth diapers.

Adela California, KY

Very absorbent

Cute diaper, fits my 18 month old well. I don’t think it would fit any baby under 10 pounds well because it sure is a fluffy diaper. Functionality: It absorbs very well. We have never had a leak with this diaper and it is not so puffy that it looks to big like some diapers. it is a lot like the new fuzzy Buns.

Lynda Harvey, ND

Works great

Haven’t had any leaks or blow outs with this diaper. The only quirk is that where the inserts go in has a lot of extra fleece that sometimes sticks out of the back of the diaper. It doesn’t affect function though.

Brandie Hosford, FL

Super cute!

Love this pattern! These are my favorite one size diapers ( I also use bum genius and fuzzibunz), they are the most absorbent and fit the biggest range of sizes. This is the only one size that fits really well on my almost 3 year old and my 4 mos old. Not for tiny babies though. If these were more affordable I would have more but they are a nice treat, the prints are all very cute.

Brooke Stoneville, NC

Love Love Love!!!!! these diapers!!!

I have been using mine now for about a year and still look brand new, no leaks! and I use them as an overnight diaper, these are so well made, yes bulky, but so so worth the quality. I would pay 30 a diaper for these. You can get them cheaper on websites that specialize in cloth diapers like kelly’s closet or diaper junction has many great deals!!!

Florine Wilson, NY

Very Good.

It was very cute Giraffe prints. It is perfcet very well with colthes diapper no leak. easy to washed and dryed fast.

Jolene Templeton, IA