Blueberry Trainers, Paisley, Medium

Blueberry Trainers, Paisley, Medium

These training pants are designed to feel like real underwear for those who are potty training. With an inner lining made with cotton velour, a layer of super-absorbent micro terry and a hidden waterproof panel, these training pants will do the job of catching small accidents during the day. These trainers are only partially waterproof and not recommended for use overnight or for naps.

Main features

  • Fits most babies 25-35 pound
  • Made with latex-free elastic
  • Machine wash and tumble dry warm, no bleach or fabric softeners
  • Anatomically-correct design provides excellent fit for a wide range of babies
  • Made in the USA

Verified reviews


Great product.

Ilike Hesse training pants a lot, thy do leak with an accident but I don’t think they are ment to holdit in. I like the imse vimse better though.

Nelly Albany, KY

The BEST!!!!

So worth spending the money on these. My daughter was not responding well to other training pants we got and the pull-ups were not uncomfortable for her to notice being wet. Bought one pair of these and came back for another couple as these really aided in potty training. Definitely superior to other training pants. They keep the wet in, but the child notices they have pee’d. After staying inside for 3 days wearing these my daughter is potty trained in the house.

Minnie Quebeck, TN

cute cute training pants

Mommy of our great grandson just loved them! absolutely thought they were adorable! The are very thick little trainers… excellent quality.

Sherri Angola, LA

Very cute and work well for small to medium accidents

I like these trainers a lot. They fit my son well and are very soft. I use these when we go out and he will sometimes piddle in between trips to the potty and they work well and keep his pants dry. I wish Blueberry made a night time trainer – hint hintThey seem to be few on the market and some are ridiculously expensive.Etsy has several sites that offer custom cloth trainers both daytime and night time at a reasonable price. I think I will buy some from them

Callie Uwchland, PA

Good start for potty training

These training pants are great quality. Although they are a bit pricey I caved in and bought a few to use for introducing my son to underpants. I cloth diaper him, so I figured this was the next step. So far we are both happy.

Eileen Center Junction, IA

Very nice trainers

These are meant as training pants – they are not meant as diapers. They will hold an accident, but they will not survive multiples or a very large volume. They are meant to give the child immediate feedback when they are wet, and to keep the urine from spreading on your floor as you head off to the bathroom. Use them at home, as a learning tool. Not for naps, bedtime, or long trips in the car. They are super soft, nicely fitted, and cute. Kid loves them.

Sheree Tipton, OK