Blueberry Trainers Pants, Pink, Large

Blueberry Trainers Pants, Pink, Large

These training pants are designed to feel like real underwear for those who are potty training. With an inner lining made with cotton velour, a layer of super absorbent microterry and a hidden waterproof panel, these training pants will do the job of catching small accidents during the day. These trainers are only partially waterproof and not recommended for use overnight or for naps.

Main features

  • Made with latex free elastic.
  • Fabric Content: 50% cotton, 50% polyester; hidden soaker pad and waterproof lining: 100% polyester
  • Machine wash and tumble dry warm, no bleach or fabric softeners
  • Anatomically correct design provides excellent fit for a wide range of babies
  • Made in the USA

Verified reviews


Not my favorite trainers

I find these to be too much like cloth diapers for effective potty learning. As far as I can tell, my 22 month old thinks they are cloth diapers and pees freely in them. She does seem to try to hold it if she is in underwear. Unfortunately, they are not enough like diapers, in that they are not fully waterproof and after one pee I am usually changing them, the pants she is in and possibly wiping the floor. So they’re no good for out and about, either. The One Step Ahead Daytime Trainers are better waterproof trainers, though unless you’re going out and about or sending to daycare, I do think that any waterproof trainers are slowing her potty learning. On the other hand, they’re all better than pull-ups.

Georgina New Lebanon, OH

Cute and functional

Great for when your little one decides to potty train at an early age and you don’t want to use disposables.

Dominique Tylersport, PA

Feels wet for learning!! However…

I was super excited to find this with the mail. I opened the package and immediately fell in love with how super soft the lining is. After I finally got over the softness I noticed that one of the leg openings was bigger than the other, so I tried them on my daughter to find out if it was enough to make them useless, but it wasn’t. I didn’t give a full 5 stars because while this fits my 31″, 21 lb, 18 month old (with room to spare), the waist band is really tight and leaves a red mark for longer than I expected. She’s thin, so I didn’t think that would be an issue. I may have to modify these a bit myself, but other than I am pleased with them. I have yet to test how well they hold up to lots of wetness as DD stops the flow when she feels the wetness (bonus)!!Update: So since this post we have had moments where DD has let more flow meet these pants and while they hold more than the usual training pants, they leak fast. These are great for a little accident that your child can pinch and hold after feeling the accident, but if too much gets out before you make it to a potty, the leg openings get wet fast (there isn’t much to them). Still good training pants, though.

Lou Trebloc, MS

Cute, high-quality training pants. NOT waterproof.

These training pants are essentially very thick, absorbent undies.MATERIAL: The fabric is very, very soft and feels high-quality. The stretchy waist and leg openings are also very soft, not binding or itchy. The inner layer is almost fleecy/fuzzy, but it doesn’t pill like fleece does. The colors do not fade. The photo is very accurate — these are a mint-green color with chocolate brown trim.ABSORBENCY: These are halfway between underwear and diaper. There is no waterproof layer, but since they are thicker than undies, they can hold a bit of moisture. A little pee dribble will stay contained, but the child will feel wet. A full-on pee will soak the training pants and run onto the floor. So, be prepared — don’t let your kid wear these on Grandma’s fancy sofa unless you are very, VERY confident.FIT: These fit great. I would say that they run true to size or a little bit small. If in doubt, definitely size up.

Vivian Manchester, MA

Love These!

These are great. My daughter is 16 months and 21 pounds. She wears the small size. They have really good protection and fit like panties. They aren’t bulky and my daughter really likes to wear them. The only think I dislike about these trainers is the cost – they are too expensive!

Mellisa Petersham, MA

Snug fit!

I love these trainers for my (small) 20 month old because they have a slim fit, and don’t leak no matter how big the accident. Granted, when my daughter is wearing the Blueberry Trainers, I keep a close watch on her to catch the potty cues, since we are in the beginning of training and just getting used to the idea of sitting on the potty. So, not many accidents happen without swift changing. But I’ve had her in other brands where the urine soaks through and drips right away. Not the case with these, worth the extra price to save energy on extra laundry and spot carpet cleaning.

Geri Monroe, AR

NOT for naptime or bedtime

I hoped to use these for my potty-trained toddler during his nap in case he made tinkles while sleeping; unfortunately, they leaked all over the sheets like regular underwear. These would only be good for a child who has little accidents while awake. My son never has accidents while awake, so these are not worth the high price, since regular undies work fine for him while awake. He does like the design and comfort though. They are cute. Too bad they are not more absorbent/leak-proof.

Hope Coral, MI

Wanted to love…

I had hoped that for the cost of one package of pull-ups I could have a greener solution to our night wetting, but the first night my daughter wore them they leaked through. The fit was good, so it must be a problem w/absorbency. Money down the drain & sheets to wash.

Aida Menomonie, WI

Great Training Underpants

These training pants are absolutely perfect with one little exception. I wish they came in an x-small. My son is really little and having the smallest size be for a 22-30-pound kid seems huge to me. But it makes them easier to get on and off, so we make do. I love all of the patterns and colors they have, and my son loves that he can choose which big-boy underpants he wears when he goes potty in the potty. While not a diaper, they are very absorbent. It seems that they never leak no matter how big his accident is. The interior is velour-soft and helps my baby recognize when he’s wet, aiding in potty training.

Jenna Jachin, AL

A bit small

It is well made, but because it wasn’t clear about the sizing I ordered one that was too small. I do like it enough to go ahead and order a bigger one and save this one for the next baby.

Maryann Balsam Grove, NC

A must have when potty training!

These are great for potty training. They keep the liquid inside so it does not run down their legs or pants, seats, chairs etc. They are quite absorbent and easy to pull on and off…not too bulky either.

Imelda Stony Creek, NY

Great for potty training

I really like the training pants because they fit well (my son is small, but the mediums fit his legs and are not too tight and they stay up). They seem to keep the leaks at bay. They are not 100% waterproof (some does seep through sometimes), but they do keep the pants from getting soaked or having it run down their legs. My son likes them because they are like his regular training pants. They are expensive, but worth the $ in my opinion. They also launder well after accidents (both #1 and #2).

Dianne Elliott, IA

Loves these

Soft, easy for kids to take on and off, and a great transition for after cloth diapers. Cute to boot!

Sophie Toast, NC

Very happy with these

Very happy with these. Bought them to start using while I potty train my daughter. She likes them because they look like big girl panties. I like them because they hold a decent amount of wetness while we are still in the early stages, without adding too much bulk.

Jerri Hatton, ND

little tight

Little tight for my 2 1/2 year old son. I got the large which is the biggest they had, but its a little snug. so i am trying to stretch it out. It doesnt keep him or his pants dry, they are still pretty wet when he has accidents, but it keeps it from flooding.

Kay Nederland, CO


I have about 4 brands of trainers. These are in my top 2. Very cute, sized right, well made and absorbent. You get what you pay for and these are quality with no crinkly sounds.

Bette Faith, NC

Very Soft and Snug.

I like how soft these and how snug they are around the legs. They are snug but still very comfortable. I was concerned that they would either be too tight on the legs, or too loose, but they seem perfectly snug enough without leaving marks on my little ones legs.One big pee does leak through these, but I don’t find that too big a deal. I was hoping that they wouldn’t leak at all because of the other reviews. I think it may be because We are just starting potty training and my little one was sitting on the potty for a LONG time, then got up and peed a full pee in her trainers. If you just have a little accident, it wouldn’t be such a big deal.Read the care tag before you wash theses–no vinegar or fabric softener. I’m glad I saw that because I normally use both in my laundry! I’m guessing that they would cut down on the absorbency of the trainers.

Maureen Cayce, SC


Blueberry trainer pants are well made and work as described. Quality item that I would recommend and buy again. Word

Tonia Bloomfield Hills, MI

Love these! But wish they were more afordable.

I have one pair of these training pants, and they are my favorite!Sizing: For my daughter, they are perfectly sized, though my daughter is a very petite tot. She is 17 mo old, 50th percentile for height (forget actual height) but still very small weightwise (under 20 lbs). Size small fits her well with only the occasional leak from the thigh holes.Cotton training pants are a GREAT tool for helping with potty training. Disposables are designed to chemically bind water molecules, so they feel dry even when they’re wet. That might sound nice, but when you’re training, you want a wet diaper to feel wet. It’s a learning tool. An indication that something is amiss. These pants run on the thicker/bulkier side (though still much trimmer than my cloth diapers!) They are not waterproof by design, so that you can feel with a pat on the bum if your child needs to be changed. If you need more protection for your furniture, consider putting a waterproof diaper cover over these.As with cloth diapers, you want to wash these with a bare minimum of “stuff” in your washer. Fabric softeners, dryer pads, and even perfumed detergent can build up on the surface. Buildup causes leaks (water repellency) and strong smells. I wash these with our diapers, using country save detergent, half-scoop (charlie’s soap would also work if you have soft water, and any brand of “clean and free” is probably fine) and an extra rinse cycle. Nothing else. Machine or line dry.Pros:100% cottonIdeal for first-stage of training.Fits young toddlers.Waist and thigh bands are really nice! Very soft, yet they have a little hold to them (more hold than hannah anderson or gerber training pants, which have none)Quite absorbent for training pants. Holds a medium-large pee. If your child is a very heavy wetter, might leak a little.Great mobility. My daughter cruises and walks and runs in these very comfortably.Instant-feedback for baby (feels wet) and for parents (damp or humid-feeling on the outside when wet)Very easy to pull on and off — easier than diapers.CUTE! Seriously, these just look adorable on my daughter.Cons:These are too expensive to get a full set the way I have diapers. (yes, they’re about the same cost as my diapers, but will be worn for a much shorter time). I’d love to find some used or see a bulk rate pricing on these. It’s really not much use for early training to have only one pair. I’ve had to supplement with less expensive brands even though I like these better.Somewhat bulky compared to other brands and compared with a dry disposable diaper you may be used to. Still, nowhere near as bulky as cloth diapers, and nice and flexible for good mobility. If you want the trimmest pants, try hannah anderson or gerber. They hold less pee but are much more like regular underwear.Don’t come in really small sizes! It would be awesome to see even smaller sizing for parents practicing elimination communication or early-start potty training.Not appropriate for completely dry protection! Will soak through. (This isn’t really a con, I just want to set the expectations for people who have never used cotton training pants before.)Anyway, hope this info helped! To sum it up, I love these training pants, but not enough to spend $16 each on the dozen or two I wish I had!

Dale Madisonburg, PA

I like but ….

They shrunk and are now a little tight. I hang them to dry but they shrunk anyway. Also. They are more bulky then I thought they would be. They contain small leaks well

Beatriz Trimble, OH

Great product, fits pretty true to size

These are excellent training pants, that fit and look just like our regular undies.We’ve only had one accident in these (so far) and they’ve seemed to corral most of the mess.We only use them when we’ll be out of the house for extended mornings with lots of activities or traveling (car/air). My son seems to be in between two sizes. The mediums are a little large (there is definitely some extra bulk in his shorts, making this feel more diaper-like). While the smalls are trimmer, but are just too small for him. Since we just use for travel, we go with the mediums and it doesn’t seem to be a big deal.

Sharron Bay Port, MI


These are very nice, fairly absorbent training pants. But all of mine (I have 6 pairs) shrunk a TON in the wash. I washed them on cold and dried on gentle. The small fits more like 14-19 pounds, and even then they are pretty snug, to the point that they really aren’t very useful for potty training, you want trainers to be very easy to use. Very cute prints, love that they are made in the USA, but I would recommend sizing up for sure.

Tommie Dysart, IA

very nice trianing pants

These are very absorbent but my little guy still notices when he is wetting. I’m very please with these, just wish they were a little less pricey!

Janice Lorton, VA

training pants for my skinny boy

Bought these to casually potty train our two year old. He is tiny and barely 22lbs. Other pants were huge on him. The smalls fit him perfectly. They are super soft, wash and wear well, and are absorbent enough to hold small accidents but still feel wet. He loves the designs and wearing them. I wish they weren’t so expensive but we just washed and wore as needed.

Marjorie Perkins, MI

Best training pants

The inside of these training pants is very soft and has no stitching like most other brands. Bands are very gentle, they don’t press too hard on the legs or tummy, yet are tight enough to stop leaks. Sit very nicely and my boy looks very comfortable in them. They are also very cute. Wish the price was a little lower, though…

Sara Leesburg, NJ

The best cloth training pants

These are the best cloth training pants we have found. They look just like big-kid underwear, they are slim under clothing, and they allow my little one to feel her accidents. Personally, I feel as though anyone who is looking for a training pant to be completely leak-proof is not quite understanding their purpose. Are they going to contain a mess like a diaper? No. But, do they buy you time in case of an accident while potty training? Yes. I think they fit well, and as can be expected. My 19 m.o. is around 23 pounds, and she wears a small size.

Gena Benham, KY

Functional and Cute

Purchased these in so many designs for my 2 year old in training. I love the styles; sizing works well. Well cushioned and provides the needed protection.

Valerie Hubbard Lake, MI

Great cloth training pants!

This fits my child perfectly! She is an early trainer (13 months), and this is the only training pant I have found to fit! It is absorbent for accidents, and she definitely knows when she is wet. VERY cute on her also! 🙂

Shanna Arlington, VA

I love blueberry trainers!

I’ve tried several cloth training pants (after using cloth diapers) and these are hands down my favorite. They are super comfortable for my toddler and not very bulky but still catch her accidents. Even when she has a big accident it mostly contains so I only have to clean her and (possibly) her clothes, not the floor or whatever was underneath her. I love the designs they come in too. I think their fit is very accurate and wish more parents would use re-usable products with their children.

Justina Roduco, NC