BOB Handlebar Console, Duallie

BOB Handlebar Console, Duallie

With plenty of room for drinks, keys and other essential items, the durable polyester duallie handlebar console from BOB keeps what you need right at your fingertips. Compatible with all bob duallie strollers.

Main features

  • Four hook and loop straps for easy and secure attachment to stroller
  • Zippered storage pockets so items stay in place
  • Two water bottle holders mean you’ll never go thirsty
  • Material made from water and stain resistant polyester

Verified reviews


Not impressed

I bought this and noticed within 2 weeks that one of the velcro tabs had completely frayed and was hanging on by a string. Assuming it was just a bad one, I exchanged it for another. The EXACT SAME THING happened to the second one! I returned that one and spent significantly less on a store brand replacement, and haven’t had a single issue with that one. Not sure if both of mine came from the same bad batch, or what. But I wasn’t impressed. I always want the name brand and my husband is always encouraging the generic. This time he was right!

Penelope Port Clyde, ME

So useful!!

I bought this product for our double BOB jogging stroller, and I can’t imagine my life without it. It has two spots for drinks, and the hole is deep so that the drink won’t fall out. It fits all types of bottle sizes, unlike my other standard stroller. I LOVE the zipper pocket for my keys and phone in case I’m going on some bumpy terrain. Highly recommended product.

Lillian Mackville, KY

A winner

Our daughter has always been a runner and has missed being able to do so during her pregnancy. We gifted her and her husband with the BOB stroller that she especially wanted, and along with it Amazon offered this handlebar console. The parents-to-be are looking forward to using the stroller and this console allows them to take along items that they need within easy reach.

Delia Odenville, AL

Works well

I have only used this console a few times, but it seems of good quality so far. I have noticed the drink holders are on the narrow side, but they work well for water bottles, Which is all i need it for. I like that the center pocket zips, i keep my keys in there for our jogs. Would recommend to anyone who has the BOB Duallie

Ines Port Matilda, PA

Holds a lot

Holds everything I need, phone, wallet, keys and a beverage. I haven’t had to clean it yet, but it looks as if it will hold up fine in the washing machine.

Mellisa Perry Hall, MD

Must have to carry small items…

This should be standard equipment on all Bob strollers. It’s a great place to keep your cell phone, car/house keys or a cool beverage. It’s also a nice place to store a pacifier and keep from loosing it.

Andrea Taylorsville, GA

Try it on a City Mini Double

I use this on my City Mini Double stroller (side by side stroller). It fits much better than the City Mini brand version. Just turn the whole thing around so that the label so that "Bob" is upside down ,then attach to the handlebars. I like it a lot!

Becky Keyport, WA


Super easy to install. Very sturdy. And while there are warnings about spillage of hot liquids, I’ve had no problems with that at all. The only thing is that I wish there were little inserts to reduce the depth of the cup holders. So far, putting my scarf in there works, and I imagine using a reusable cup instead of a disposable would also be better (ex. tall sized disposable Starbucks cups don’t fit very well, but our grande sized travel mug fits great).

Dee Junction City, KS

Very useful

I don’t know (actually I know…) why they don’t sell it with the stroller. It shouldn’t come without it. Really useful for putting keys or the wallet in the front pocket or my morning latte when I take a walk.

Rosalia Cornland, IL

Works perfectly for what I needed

Works great to hold and store items. Really like having a zippered pocket to keep things even when folding the stroller up. We leave our on all the time.

Jade Bedford, MA

Works nicely

Does everything it should. Believe the warning about not putting hot drinks in the cup holders. They will spill. I doubt they will get on the kid, but the drink will get on the console and the top part of the stroller canapy.

Lula Marshall, IL