BOB Handlebar Console For Duallie Strollers – Black

BOB Handlebar Console For Duallie Strollers – Black

The BOB Handlebar Console provides the stroller user with two watterbottle or drink holders along with a zippered storage compartment for keys, cell phones or other small items. Made from a Rip-stop Polyester, and attaching with four velcrow straps to any BOB single or double strollers. With all this convenience at your finger tips, strolling and running with your BOB will be that much more enjoyable.

Main features

  • Easily and securely attaches with four Velcro straps
  • Includes 2 water bottle holders plus a zippered storage compartment for pacifiers, cell phone, keys, etc.
  • Made from “rip-stop polyester”

Verified reviews


A necessary, but not great, addition to your Duallie

A handlebar console is kind of a necessary item for a jogging stroller, and I’m kind of appalled that a $500 stroller would come without one. For those who are transitioning from the single bob, know that this product is really the same as the single stoller handlebar console, with more fabric between the 2 cup holders and middle pocket. There is definitely unused space to add more storage capacity (although, as it is, the console tends to droop in the middle even when not full) – the design is truly “just okay”.Since most people will need a convenient place to put a water bottle and things like keys and a phone, and since I couldn’t find a generic or otherwise cheaper alternative to this, I do recommend buying this product if you have the double Bob. I just wish that it either came included with the stroller or was designed more effectively.

Linda Monticello, MN

Must have, but the price is nuts

You really do need to have this to get the most out of your double BOB, but I honestly believe it should come with the stroller instead of being sold separately. With that said, it’s very well made, as is everything I’ve bought from BOB. It holds almost every normal drink size and the pocket holds enough stuff to get you through your walk, run or trip out etc. It would be nice if the pocket was bigger and used more of the space that’s available since this is so much wider than a single BOB. However the pocket is only as big as the pocket on the single BOB. I guess that saves them some manufacturing cost, but then I’m back to wondering why I have to buy this separately and why it costs so darn much for a piece of fabric.

Marsha Bentonville, OH

Necessary, but could be much better!

The console is pretty much a necessity, regardless of use. It certainly is needed if you use your BOB for jogging. It has spots for two standard bottles and a small pouch.The pouch is terribly small and barely holds my garage door opener and phone (neither are that large). This makes no sense as there is plenty of room to accommodate a larger pouch without having to modify any other part of the console. The pouch is also lacking a watertight zipper, so you cannot carry the previously mentioned items in inclement weather. Oddly enough, the zipper is not watertight, but the fabric is, so water actually enters the pouch, but then cannot exit because there are not any drain holes. Not the best design if you ask me.Having two bottle holders is nice (I have to use one to hold my keys since they don’t fit in the super small pouch). However, they are for slim bottles only. Nalgene type bottles will not fit.Overall, this is a necessary item if you need to carry water, keys, phone, etc., but the design is frustratingly poor.

Georgia Coffey, MO

perfect fit and practical

Great fit and a must have for my water bottle, phone and change. It’s not even that expensive considering the price of the stroller

Stacie Townsend, MT

Easy Install For The BOB

If you need somewhere to put your drinks, miscellaneous items this is what you need to buy. It firs securely around the handle.

Katelyn Sherburn, MN

Nice, functional.

This is a decent handlebar console. Honestly, I feel like Bob should include cup holders on their strollers to begin with, so it’s an annoying product to have to buy (their strollers are already so expensive!), but it works. Deep pockets for the drinks. The pocket is a little small, but it’s large enough for my iphone and maybe another small item. Definitely beats throwing all my belongings in the undercarriage of the stroller, so it’s worth it just for that.

Nettie Anahola, HI

Does it’s job, has held up well over time

Good quality and fits relatively wide bottles. I have no complaints about the products. I only wish that, being an Idaho-based company, they would also manufacture in the US instead of China.

Cathleen Mcleod, ND

Couldn’t live without it!

I couldn’t live without a handle bar console.I admit I put way more than recommended in/on/hung over the console, but it has been ripping on one side and I’m bummed. If only it were made to handle more.

Juliette Saint Germain, WI

Using this on a Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT

This product isn’t amazing, but it’s worthwhile.I struggled to find something to use on the City Mini Double. I kept coming across reviews for this. It doesn’t fit the city mini perfectly, but it works adequately. It’s a nice addition to the stroller so that we now have drink holders and a pocket to store keys, wallet, phone, or the like. I don’t know of a better product available for the city mini double, so I would buy this product again.

Alba Cibolo, TX

So so…

As others have said, for the price of the BOB, it should come with this – and maybe even some other accessories! Rain cover perhaps? Or the car seat adaptor? I can’t believe how much these high end strollers cost and then they nickle and dime you for accessories. And I am not in the slightest convinced that the BOB stroller is so high quality you are paying for the quality and adding in any extras would just inflate the price. No. They should easily be able to include accessories and still make a TON of profit. Grrrrr.Anyway – this little item is mediocre at best. We have the Dualie SUS and this really looks kind of comical on it… the zippered pouch is SO tiny. Why is it so tiny??? My camera fits in it and nothing else. Yes, it’s an old camera, and kind of chunky, but… Dualie stroller console should have TWO pouches, or one bigger one. I have no complaints about the size of the water bottle holders as all I use those for is to stash bottles/sippies when the kids hand them back to me. They work for that.I got this cheap on craigslist – I am glad I didn’t pay full price. For the price you could probably get two nice hard cup holders (liquid holster type) and ghetto rig up some sort of little pouch to stash other stuff. I am picturing some sort of plastic hoop with a fabric bag attached, so it holds a lot and is easy to reach in and out of. This item is really just meh. Would be nice if they included it, but since you have to pay extra, consider other options.

Coleen Bradshaw, NE