BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter For Duallie Strollers, Black

BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter For Duallie Strollers, Black

Transform your BOB DUALLIE Stroller into a travel system with the BOB DUALLIE Infant Car Seat Adapter. This accessory allows you to connect compatible infant car seats with older BOB DUALLIE Strollers (NOT compatible with strollers with a manufacture date of 2011 or newer). Includes two convenient snack trays.

Main features

  • For use with older BOB DUALLIE Strollers that do NOT have the accessory adapter feature (manufacture dates of 2006-2010). NOT compatible with BOB DUALLIE Strollers with a manufacture date of 2011 and newer.
  • Compatible with older infant car seats: Graco Snug Ride Classic Connect; and Peg Perego Primo Viaggio, SIP and SIP 30/30. NOT compatible with newer models: Graco Snug Ride Click Connect; Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4.35; and Britax or Chicco seats.
  • Semi-permanent installation for safety and durability that folds with the stroller.
  • Connect one infant car seat on one side and a snack tray on the other side. Includes an additional snack tray to use when you no longer wish to connect your car seat.

Verified reviews


awful design

– they are waaay too high to be useful as snack traps.- once they get gross with soggy goldfish there is no way to clean them because they stay permanently attached. So unlike other strollers where you can easily pop out the snack tray and hose it off in the sink, this one stays gross & you have to do your best with wet wipes.- it makes the folded configuration a little thicker- if the kids are buckled, the tray is so high they can’t reach it. (this goes with my first point)- it is soooo difficult to install & one screw on mine constantly falls off so I finally just left it off.- too expensive- it’s impossible for the kids to climb in. a 2 year old & 4 year old both have the same problem. they can’t go under it because humans don’t twist that way (even them who can climb on anything) so my 2 year old son tries to climb over it if I don’t get to him quick enough & it gives me a heart attack each time I catch him trying that b/che’ll fall & hit his head one of these days if I don’t grab him quick enough. So I have to lift my heavy 4 year old & 2 year old in EVERY TIME. lift them in, lift them out, lift them in, lift them out. and it’s not just a short lift, you have to lift them high up and they have to contort themselves to fit under it.awful design. Bob folks – you gotta fix this. this design hasn’t changed for years. Change the seats so they sit straight upright and add a snack tray that will funcion as a snack tray. I know you can do it 🙂

Vicky Oakridge, OR

Only holds one car seat

Why on earth does this adapter hold only one car seat? It’s for a DUALLIE. I have twins, and that renders this accessory completely useless to me. What a waste.

Alba Kaufman, TX

Does what its supposed to

This product does what its supposed to do great. It is just overpriced for what it is, just like the majority of Bob accessories. I dont see why they charge so much for some metal bars and plastic?

Charlotte Lake City, SC

Works for Chicco Keyfit 30

Although it’s not advertised, it DOES work with the Chicco Keyfit 30 carseat. We bought a used double BOB on craigslist and added on this adapter to use with our toddler and newborn baby. I was nervous it wouldn’t work with our car seat, but it fits great. Tip: if you’re using it with a Chicco seat, remove the second bar that’s on the car seat adaptor side. Then it fits great on the foam. It’s a little tight… the car seat is wide… but feels secure. Especially if you have it snapped in and pushed all the way down on the foam. It’s not going anywhere! Again, it is wide, so my toddler has less space, but does the job and feels safe.Also, some other reviewers said the cup holder wasn’t deep enough… maybe they changed this recently… they added a little netting that hangs down in the cup holder and goes deeper. My friend with an older adapter doesn’t have this on hers. Maybe it’s new? However, the cup holder is very narrow, so a lot of cups/water bottles won’t fit. Not the end of the world, though… in my opinion.

Dorthy Bonlee, NC

Great to make Bob your everyday stroller

I bought this so that I could use this with my infant carseat. We have a graco and it sits a little slanted in it, though I don’t use the recommended white foam block you’re supposed to use with it. If there is anything that Bob could improve on in their products it’s to simply make the cup holders in their adapter trays wider. You can’t fit anything but a standard thin baby bottle in it.Would also love for Bob products to be made in the USA.

Lily Snow Camp, NC

this sucks

if you’re a rocket scientist, you might be able to figure out how to install this…but it was too much for a lawyer and an actuary.

Bettie Peshtigo, WI

Not that difficult people.

I read a lot of reviews on amazon claiming that adding this thing was rocket science… It’s not. It took my dad and I about 15 min, only that long because I wasn’t able to help much being 34 weeks pregnant. Of course the trays fit perfectly, my only annoyance is that the tray itself is divided into 3 parts – and a cupholder that is a little too narrow to fit my sons cups. The divisions seem unnecessary (the newer versions don’t have them) and the cupholder is in the middle of the tray– nothing you can do about all that. It’s a piece BOB still makes for a retired model stroller. Be happy they still make it!

Ann Amma, WV

perfect if it fits your carseat!

This is a must have for the Bob. It makes walks easy with our 2 year old and newborn. It doesn’t fit all infant car seats though (like the Chicco) so we did have to borrow a seat from a friend. Cup holder also doesn’t fit all size drinks. Otherwise, no complaints from us!

Sallie Fitzhugh, OK

small project to put on, but worth it!

I bought this knowing my car seat was not on the approved list (Combi Shuttle-original up to 22lbs version) but it fits! it was a small project to put on, and the thread lock tube was empty but I’m glad it was because now I can take off the adapter if I ever want to sell it or just not use it. So..if you ever want to take the adapter off, my dad said to skip the thread lock step :). My 3 year old can climb right under the tray on his side to get in and out. The reviews stating that it dosnt fit most sippy cups are true but thats what the cup holders on the inside of the seat are for, and yes the trays are high and wont be good for 12m old, but my 31lb 3 year old can reach them just fine and they are just below chin level practically!

Kayla Waterview, KY