BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter For Single Strollers

BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter For Single Strollers

Transform your BOB Stroller into a travel system with the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter. This accessory allows you to connect compatible infant car seats with older BOB Single Strollers (NOT compatible with strollers with a manufacture date of 2011 or newer). Includes a convenient snack tray.

Main features

  • For use with older BOB Single Strollers that do NOT have the accessory adapter feature (manufacture dates of 2005-2010). NOT compatible with BOB Single Strollers with a manufacture date of 2011 and newer.
  • Compatible with older infant car seats: Graco Snug Ride Classic Connect; and Peg Perego Primo Viaggio, SIP and SIP 30/30. NOT compatible with newer models: Graco Snug Ride Click Connect; Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4.35; and Britax or Chicco seats.
  • Semi-permanent installation for safety and durability that folds with the stroller.
  • Includes a snack tray for toddler years.

Verified reviews


Might be unnecessary

We own both the BOB Ironman stroller and BOB Revolution stroller. For us, this bar was both pricey and unnecessary. Although the bar works great for our carseat (Graco 32 Snugride), we only used it for a very short time and therefore wasn’t worth the money.As an avid runner, I still had to take about 6 weeks off from running after delivery. So, I was walking in those 6 weeks and I used this carseat adapter. By the time I was ready to run, my baby was mature/big enough to go in the BOB stroller in the laying down position (without his carseat adapter). Additionally, running with the carseat definitely adds weight and wind resistance so you will probably be inclined to stop using it as soon as possible. I did use some extra blankets around my son and was running on very smooth, flat surfaces but I felt completely comfortable with him in both strollers at 2 months old.Bottom line is that this is a great product, but I only used it for less than 2 months. At 2 months, my baby was ready to be in the regular stroller part. If you are looking to save money, skip this product and perhaps spend your $$ on the BOB weather shield or the BOB handlebar console.

Muriel Unionville, MD

Must buy for Bob

This makes it possible for the Bob to be the only stroller you’ll ever need. I didn’t buy 3 strollers like most of the moms I know. I use my bob as my everyday stroller and it’s been great. Still going strong with baby #4. Bob customer service is fantastic. I’m a big fan of the company, I just wish they manufactured in the US.

Carol Osterburg, PA

Does not hold standard sized cups

I gave this item a 3 because I only used it as a snack tray, and not as the car seat adapter. I know there are others out there who bought a BOB after their child was out of a car seat, so this review is for them.I just got my BOB for my 21 month old son, and really wanted a cup holder/snack tray. This seemed like the perfect solution. I had read other reviews saying that the tray was too high for babies, and recommended using for older kids. Well, it did seem a bit high still, but not out of reach. The problem was that the cup holder part wouldn’t hold my son’s cup! We don’t use any special cups, or anything gigantic, just a regular sized sippy, and it wouldn’t fit.The other 3 tray areas are also shallower than I thought they would be, so shallow that I don’t think I could really put any goldfish or cereal there and expect it to stay. One swipe of a hand and it would be gone.I also read other reviews saying that the adapter would not interfere with folding when installed correctly, and this is true *unless* you add the snack tray. I first installed the adapter all the way, then added the tray. With just the adapter, the BOB folded just as flat as without it. However, once the tray was added, the BOB gained an extra 2-3 inches of width when folded. Not a huge amount, but enough to be noticeable and worth mentioning.So, if you are like me and looking at this product for the drink/snack functionality, just be aware that you may have to get new sippys, you may lose some snacks, and you may have to deal with a slightly smaller fold. Until I locate something else, I’ll just use the pockets in the seat as drink holders, and hope my son isn’t too hungry! 🙂

Petra District Heights, MD

This should come with the stroller

I think this should come with the stroller (for that price) and not be an accessory, especially since it’s also a snack tray for toddlers. It’s annoying to have to spend more money for something that is essential if you wanna be able to use this stroller from birth.

Bernice Golden, IL

Love it!

Okay, so we love love love Bob products! High quality, durable! I bought this car seat adaptor for my Bob not knowing if my car seat would fit. We have a combi car seat (it’s not on the compatible list). However, the combi car seat fits perfect with the adaptor. You do not need the padding below and remove one of the bars (like you would for the Graco car seat).

Robyn Iona, MN

Not impressed

I am glad I got this second-hand as I would NOT be impressed with the full price. I have a snugride 22 and using this bar, it seems to sit crazy upright and my baby is not happy. I don’t have the foam block – it was not included with the seller bought this. Before getting this, I was just laying my baby in the stroller with a JJ Cole body support which works FINE in both the ’07-’10 Bob and the new Bob ’11. I have discovered, though, that a pack of diapers in the seat (like a normal back, not a jumbo pack) props the bucket up to just about right. I have been using it, in that crazy fashion, and it works and makes life easier for me, but it’s a goofy fix and considering it’s basically a metal bar, it’s priced crazy high.Beyond that it requires tools to get it off and on. And as much as you might think you need a tray on a stroller, no tray means easier for big kids to get in and out. If you use your stroller for both a baby and an older kid, the inability to take this off on the fly is a tad annoying. Once we’re done with the bucket, I plan to remove this and never use the tray (which is weirdly designed anyway, with a puzzling cup holder, very skinny)All around it’s an item that seems like a good idea but really isn’t. I am glad I got this cheap, it’s something I can easily live without.

Mollie Tampa, KS

Gotta have it, could be better

This product is a must have if you are wanting to use your infant car seat with this stroller. We used our BOB all the time when our little one was tiny enough to still fit in his infant car seat and this worked perfectly with our Chicco Keyfit 30. We just didn’t put the accessory bar on and voila! The safety strap keeps the seat very secure and the ride is so smooth that our baby had no problems sleeping in the stroller for long periods of time.Once he was big enough to ride in the BOB without his car seat (and we didn’t need the convenience of just leaving him in his car seat if he was sleeping, etc) we put on the accessory bar and the snack tray. The snack tray is not designed well at all in my opinion. The tray is very shallow-that with a bigger bump in the road-food goes flying. Also, the cup holder is very skinny and only holds certain sippy cups. It’s not a problem for us because we have ones that fit-but when my friend borrows the stroller her cups don’t fit. Simple fix-just buy a cup that fits. But adding another expense to a product that is already rather expensive isn’t fun. The snack tray also sits a tad high for my taste. Not easily accessible for my kiddo reaching for his cup frequently and having him try to get it back in the hole is challenging. I end up putting it in for him every time. Once he is older it might not an issue.The stroller is also already rather large when folded up. With the addition of the snack tray-you add about 4 more inches to the fold. Which sucks. But-it’s nice to have the snack tray even with the poor design since it did come with it. I could also do without it. I could NOT do without the car seat adapter though so you just have to pay the price for both.

Emilie Buhler, KS

Not a “perfect” fit but does the job

Be sure you check the Bob website and carefully find the model number of the proper adapter for your car seat & Bob model. There are several different adapters and it is easy to buy the wrong one.That said, I purchased this for a new Graco Snugride 30 to go on my 2008 Ironman stroller. It comes with a rectangle foam piece to place in the stroller seat as well as the adapter and snack tray. At first it doesn’t seem very secure, but once the restraining strap is fastened, it doesn’t go anywhere. Per instructions, this setup isn’t safe for running – the center of gravity is clearly altered, but it is perfect for walks until the baby has enough upper body & head control to be in the stroller alone.FYI, With our first child, at around 4 months we had the baby in the jogger for short runs with a Snuzzler to provide extra support.

Christi Hominy, OK

Works, but it’s overpriced.

I’ll keep this short, works with the Keyfit 30. Read the other reviews and follow the directions. I just think $60 is too much for what you actually get. Two metal bars, some screws, and a drink holder… for $60?

Ava Bremen, KY

Great Useful Addition

This item is great. It has easily allowed us to use our BOB when our baby was an infant, and keep her in the carseat. It was very simple to install and very easy to get our baby’s carseat in and secured. The carseat slid right into the edge of the item and then you use a secure strap as added safety to hold it down firmly. I don’t feel the carseat was sticking out far when it was on the stroller. It was into the stroller as much as it could be and pressed into the backrest. I would recommend this item so you can use your stroller in the early months.

Victoria Diamond Springs, CA

Tray is useless.

Gave it three stars because it worked well as a car seat adapter for our Chicco Key Fit 30, but the tray it comes with is completely useless. It sits up so high (above the head) that my child wouldn’t even know what he is reaching for and it completely blocks his view. We won’t be using the tray at all.

Pam Fairton, NJ

Works Perfect with Graco SnugRide

Anyone writing they cannot get this to work with the Graco Snugride either has the wrong model year BOB, or is not reading the instruction manual. You have to pull out the middle bar on this adapter to use with the Graco. Otherwise it will tilt like some people complain about. That is written about in the instructions and takes a screwdriver and 30 seconds to remove two screws. It is very easy to assemble and use.Also, please, before buying this go to the compatibility guide on Bob’s website (bobgear DOT com/carseatadapter), it is very clear which adapter you need based on the Serial Number on your BOB. It takes about 5 minutes to figure out which one you need, less time than people’s reviews complaining how difficult it is.I’m glad we got this, we are running with our infant at 4 weeks, with a snug insert into her infant car seat to keep her head stable.

Kenya Mallory, WV


Works with Gracco Car Seats. Makes the Bob worthwhile as an infant stroller and negates the need to buy two strollers, one infant and then one child, so…there you go. Do it. Dooooo it.

Clare Earleville, MD