Bob Pre-2016 Single Infant Car Seat Adapter For Chicco

Bob Pre-2016 Single Infant Car Seat Adapter For Chicco

Transform your BOB Stroller into the perfect travel system with the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter. This accessory allows you to easily connect compatible Chicco Infant Car Seats with BOB Single Strollers that were manufactured from 2011 to September 2015.

Main features

  • Metal
  • Imported
  • Compatible with Chicco Infant Car Seats: KeyFit and KeyFit 30.
  • For use with BOB Single Strollers featuring the Accessory Adapter with manufacture dates of 2011 to September 2015. NOT compatible with 2016 model strollers.
  • Easy to install or remove from the stroller.
  • Folds with the stroller.

Verified reviews


Fits for Chico Key Fit 30 With no Problems

I just wanted to write a review to verify that this product does fit perfectly for the Chico car seat. No problems. Baby’s seat is tight and snug in our Bob Ironman Stroller and doesn’t budge.

Trisha Wayne, NY

Works great with Revolution CE and Chicco Keyfit 30

Stroller: Plum 2011 Revolution CECar Seat: Chicco Keyfit 30 (cubes pattern)Installation was very easy. Need a philips screwdriver for the beginning part, the rest no tools required. The adapter is easy enough to take on/off so that folding is no problem.I had a hard time attaching the car seat to the adapter the first try. It didnt seem like it wanted to go down all the way (to “click” in). I found that putting the palm of my hand in the car seat (like kind of where the baby’s butt would be) and pushing down with moderate weight/force made it click in easily. (Previously i was trying to click it in by holding the sides of the car seat and pulling down towards the ground).

Margarita Cuthbert, GA

Not for BOB Revolution

The description does not note that this adapter doesn’t work on the BOB Revolution, so if that’s the stroller you have, make sure you check the BOB Web site for the right one. It was very frustrating to get this and spend forever trying to figure it out since the description indicated it would work on all BOB models.

Billie Watson, IL

Adapter for Graco Snugride 35 click connect

After much research and contacting BOB directly I found out that this is the adapter that you want for the Graco Snugride CLICK CONNECT 35. Even though the brand of the adapter is Chicco this is the one that works for the click connect model.

Miranda Butler, MD

This adapter + Chicco Keyfit 30 = happy mama!

My Keyfit 30 is very secure in this adapter. I run with this on a packed dirt trail by my house. I have been using this since my son was 10 weeks old. I’m aware that the generally accepted time to begin to run with a baby is 4-5 months and that Bob recommends 8 months. However, I consulted with our pediatrician who agreed that running at a slowish pace on a smooth surface would not be very different from walking on the same surface. I recommend that you do the same. I watch my baby carefully when we ‘run’ and have had zero issues. I’m thrilled to finally get back to running – couldn’t do it without this adapter!

Nanette Valparaiso, NE

Works great

We have the Chicco Keyfit 30 infant carseat and the adapter worked as described. No problems. It snaps in and out easily, so it’s very easy to use. Just make sure your stroller has the accessory adapter. We bought our stroller at the same time as the adapter so there were no problems, as our stroller is the current model. However, I’ve read and heard from others that older stroller models aren’t compatible with this – you need to make sure your stroller has the accessory adapter.

Maggie Pax, WV

Easy to use

Highly recommended. Cheaper on amazon than anywhere else. Very easy to install and easy to temporarily remove if necessary. Good quality. Feels safe for my newborn’s chicco keyfit 30.

Susie Trimble, OH

Everything I expected it to be

This was perfect, we purchased the Bob Stroller and this was a necessary accessory. The carrier snaps right in and I love how easy it is to put the adapter in and to take it out if I need to. They say that you shouldn’t leave the Bob folded with the adapter installed for long periods of time. That being said I make sure to remove the adapter in case I’m keeping the Bob folded for a long period of time.One feature that I really like is the additional straps that are attached to the sides and then go around the baby carrier. I love the added support and security that it provides when I’m out exercising.I would highly recommend this product.

Lorraine Clemmons, NC

Great product – and a comment on weather protection

This is a great product that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. The chicco carseat is absolutely secure in this (the slight caveat being that it makes the stroller more top-heavy, so you have to watch out if you’re taking the stroller over a curb at an angle – but a basic level of caution makes this no problem). It’s also easy to take off and put back on if you need to.It’s important to note that if you’re using the carseat adaptor, you can’t also use the Bob weather shield. BUT if that’s an issue for you, it’s also important to note that you don’t really need it – the hood of the stroller can still flip outward over the car seat, and when combined with the carseat’s hood, you can keep rain, snow, and wind off your baby quite effectively while still allowing them to breathe.

Kris Worthington, MA

Doesn’t work for older Bob

Didn’t realize this when i purshased that it wouldn’t work for our 2010 Bob. Make sure yours is a newer model.

Natalia Thornton, KY


Easy to use, easy to attach, easy to detach no complicated instructions! Will allow use of bob stroller from infant to toddler.

Betsy Warwick, MA

worked fine, no issues

We had no issues with this item. Fit easily in the BOB stroller and carseat slid in with no difficulty. Easy to attach and detach. I would recommend this to infant parents that use there strollers a lot, makes transitions from home to car to store, etc. super easy.

Ivy Mountain View, WY

Fits and works as expected

I love my Bob stroller and am so glad we can use this adapter with the car seat. Works great.

Sierra Billings, MO

Must have for the bob stroller

If you have a BOB stroller, you need this adapter for the car seat. Because of this we get to enjoy walks around the neighborhood and life outside the house

Doris Bertram, TX

Perfect for the BOB stroller!

Even though I am a HUGE fan of my BOB stroller, I do wish each piece necessary to make the stroller work for a newborn was not sold separately. However, this car seat adapter is perfect for the car seat I already have for my baby girl and it was extremely easy to assemble (one click and it was done). I’m very happy with this purchase… although I pretty much had to have it.

Mallory Centerfield, UT

Its an adapter, works great.

Its an adapter, works great. I didnt give it 5 stars because its simply an adapter. Not much to it.

Patti Erie, MI

works as described

First one we got was manufactured wrong and wouldn’t click in so it was replaced. This one works as described.

Bethany White Cloud, MI

Bob adaptor for Chicco

Adaptor fits as described and works as described. Car seat pops right in and the safety strap is easy to install.

Elisha West Minot, ME

BOB is good stuff

Obviously, I have the BOB stroller and is like the Mercedes of strollers for me. This attachment was pretty easy to install and really like the product. I only gave 4 stars because I feel like I get hit in the face every time I purchase one of their products for the price. But, I still buy it/recommend it and will continue to for my Mercedes stroller!

Myra North Palm Beach, FL

Works as advertised

We have been using this on our BOB stroller for almost 3 months now and it has worked perfectly. It was easy to install and we haven’t had any problems.

Randi Brooklyn, MI

Works great.

We have a chicco 30 carseat and bought this to connect to the BOB stroller. The carseat fits perfectly into this adapter and we have never had any problems with it. It has the "click" sound just like if you were putting it in the base. FYI, there is also a red strap that fits over the carseat as well.

Dollie Castle Rock, MN

Use with Graco Snugrider Click Connect 35

This works with the Graco Snugrider Click Connect 35. I used this on my BOB when my baby was little and it worked great. It also was easy to remove once my guy didn’t need it anymore.

Cherry Shiloh, GA

Must have!

If you are going to be using your bob while your baby is small this is great. I just pop the infant carseat right in and its extremely safe. i could pick up the stroller by the infant handle if I wanted because its locked so good. Great shipping and cheaper than other stores.

Tiffany Holtville, CA

It just works!

This simple metal adapter simply works! I just attach it to the BOB stroller and pop in the Chicco Keyfit 30…takes no more than a minute of my time.

Nina Baggs, WY


This is definitely useful if you already have a BOB stroller and need to push around an infant. It is easy to attach and sturdy.

Sonja Beavercreek, OR

Works great

I use this with my BOB and it worked great with my carseat. I used it when the weather was a little chilly and it was too cold for my daughter to sit in the actual stroller. I did run with it. It’s about the same except the stroller is heavier.

Denise Forest Junction, WI

Works great

Love my BOB and love that I can use the adapter. I have the keyfit 30, works like a charm. Easy to put together, seat snaps in like other chicco strollers, etc. If I had known how great this stroller is I would not have gotten the travel system, but just the seat with this stroller. I might change my mind as I am going to fly several times soon and I don’t want my BOB to get beat up, so I will take the chicco stroller.

Deloris Mount Liberty, OH

Works Perfect

Work perfect with my single BOB stroller. Detaches easily for easy use. Sturdy and a great product. The coordinating Chicco Key Fit carseat snaps right in. You do no have to worry about it coming loose. Clicks in like its made for it.

Nichole Moccasin, MT

Works Great

Works great! Snaps in nicely. Easy to use. And fits my chicco keyfit perfectly! No complaints! Great Product. I was a bit surprised by the straps that need to get attached but I guess any added safety is nice.

Pat Appleton, WI

Perfect fit, easy install

The car seat adapter for my Chicco car seat snapped right into place on the Bob stroller and is very secure. My baby is only 7lbs and without the adapter I wouldn’t be able to use the Bob stroller; he would slide right out of it!

Hattie Clinton, OK