Bob Pre-2016 Single Infant Car Seat Adapter For Graco Classic Connect

Bob Pre-2016 Single Infant Car Seat Adapter For Graco Classic Connect

Transform your BOB Stroller into the perfect travel system with the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter. This accessory allows you to easily connect compatible Graco SnugRide Classic Connect Infant Car Seats with BOB Single Strollers that were manufactured from 2011 to September 2015.

Main features

  • Metal
  • Imported
  • Compatible with all Graco Classic Connect Infant Car Seats: Snug Ride Classic Connect, Snug Ride® Classic Connect 30, 32 and 35. NOT compatible with Graco SnugRide Click Connect Car Seats.
  • For use with BOB Single Strollers featuring the Accessory Adapter with manufacture dates of 2011 to September 2015. NOT compatible with new 2016 model strollers.
  • Easy to install or remove from the stroller.
  • Folds with the stroller.

Verified reviews


easy to install

I think it took my husband 3 seconds to put this on. It does what it is supposed to do, so I gave it 5 stars.

Susana Turin, NY

First try, didn’t click. Second try, works great.

We must have gotten a faulty model because the first product we received wouldn’t click in to the stroller. And we knew what that meant. What it meant was that the baby could fall out. No click = no guarantee of safety so we said uh uh, no way will we be putting our baby in this until it clicks. But it never did click.So we returned it and got a new one and this time, guess what, it clicked and now all is well and The Boy is safe.

Shannon Rooseveltown, NY

I flippin love this

Very easy to install, I had pulled out the home tool box expecting to screw things left and right. It literally took me less than 5 minutes to install this thing. I installed the graco sugride 40 and it fit perfectlly. Its very sturdy and has extra straps for safety. Highly recommend this!

Diana Dodgeville, WI

Great addition to the Bob stroller

We have been using this daily with our Graco SnugRide 35 car seat. The seat clicks in securely. They also include a snap that to keep the car seat in place although I’m not sure if it’s needed since the seat is very firm when snapped in (we use it anyway to be extra careful). Placing the car seat in and taking it out of the stroller is easy with nothing blocking the grip for the car seat release. Also, the stroller will still collapse with the adapter connected, although the directions say it shouldn’t be left in the collapsed mode for more than a few days.

Deana Hershey, PA

Fits very well

This car seat adapter fits our BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller and Graco Snug Ride 30 (from the Graco Stylus Classic Connect LX Travel System, purchased in early 2013) perfectly. We purchased the BOB, and then realized after the fact that we wouldn’t be able to use it for several months on its own. We then found this kit and thought it would be worth the ~$35 to use the BOB now, especially since we both have been wanting to find a way to get some more exercise in. We are very pleased with our purchase. It allows us the freedom and flexibility to do things that we would not be able to do otherwise.

Nettie Seneca, OR

Works great, very solid, over-priced

Works great, very solid, over-priced. Pretty much all Bob accessories are stupid expensive but they do work well.One complaint: The stroller will not fully fold in to the storage position with this thing mounted. You have to un-clip it and remove it every time.

Dona Suncook, NH


I am happy with this purchase, it fits perfectly on my bob stroller and stays super tight! Easy to attach and remove.

Diana Yulee, FL

Easy to install and secure with carseat attached

We bought the Bob SE and this to use with the Graco Snugride 35. Fits securely and the carseat snaps into place.

Jami Turner, OR

Works as it should

Pretty simple – this works great for attaching my car seat to my BOB! Great way to use this with an infant until he or she can ride in it as normal.

Benita Phillipsburg, MO


This was easy to install and works perfectly for the Graco Snugride 30 carseat.The seat clicks in to this frame much like it does on the Graco stroller.My daughter really enjoys being able to see me while we are out in our utility stroller.

Elnora Boulder, MT

Works as Advertised

We like to have as many options as possible when shopping in general, and this is particularly the case when we shopped for all the accessories for our newborn infant. We wanted to get products that we liked regardless of the manufacturer, and had settled on a BOB stroller and a Chicco car seat. We were concerned a bit that the two would not be compatible with each other, but when we came across this adapter we decided to go ahead and make our purchase. The adapter is well built and sturdy, and was easy to plug in into the BOB stroller once we figured out the proper orientation. In other words, the installation is largely intuitive. The Chicco seat aslo snaps in securely, although you need to push it in a bit – it’s not as unobtrusive of a fit as the one with the car seat base. Once the seat is installed, the combined BOB-seat configuration is very sturdy and rigid, just as I would have hoped it to be. IMHO, the adapter is a bit overpriced, but given how much we get to use it, it’s definitely worth it. Highly recommended.

Elva Verona, PA

fits graco car seat

I wanted the bob to run but my baby was only 1 month old so I had to order this to fit my graco car seat. It fits great and she loves going for runs in it she falls asleep! I do not like that each accesory for the bob is extra for the price I think it should all be included but oh well.

Dolly Saint Charles, VA

Use it daily and easy to get on and off!

I seriously don’t know what we’d do without this car seat adapter for our BOB. We use it every day and it seems to very well made. It’s easy to get on and off. I was so thankful that another mom said that this fits the Snug Ride Classic Connect 30 as well.

Bonita Dayton, NJ

Safe, sturdy and easy to install

This car seat adapter works perfectly with my infant car seat, enabling me to easily pop the car seat in and out at will. It seems to be a sturdy, safe addition to my Bob Revolution stroller. Installation was a breeze. With a quick glance at the instructional materials, I was able to hook in the adapter within a matter of minutes.

Jayne Jay, FL

Easiest Accessory!

This is so easy to install and use! It was very quick to ship and arrive. So happy we purchased this, it will make it so easy to adjust to taking our baby out and about!

Annie Fort Davis, AL

Enable your newborn to enjoy the BOB!

This has been a perfect accessory for us. Our now 3 month old has logged many, many miles in the BOB already thanks to this very easy to install/remove product. I was so thankful to be able to start using the BOB right off the bat rather than spend big money on a bassinet-type stroller for the newborn weeks. The car seat feels very secure on the adapter frame. No problems at all. Definitely worth the money.

Lakisha Mulberry Grove, IL

just what I needed

it was the perfect adapter to use for my sons car seat and easy to install. I wish all the BOBs came with this

Hazel Lothian, MD

Works perfectly.

Fits into the BOB stroller and allows for an infant to use the car seat in the stroller. Very easy to install.

Serena Colorado City, AZ

Fits the New BOB

Works great with our BOB manufactured in 2012. Fits well with our Graco carrier. I has unsure when purchasing if I chose the right one. Works great. Love how it just snaps in!

Josefa Rosebud, SD

Highly recommend if you have a BOB!

I loved that I had this for my BOB when my daughter was younger. It is perfect and makes it so you can use your BOB when your infant it to small to sit in the regular seat. When my daughter was big enough to sit in the stroller, I continued to use this for travel. It was easier to sit her carseat on this attachment and load up the luggage on top!

James Java, VA


This works fine for the Bob and a Graco single. It is just nice that you can make everything semi-compatible with one another.

Whitney Cortland, IN

Simple, perfect

Great way to allow us to use our stroller for the first months of baby’s life. Could not be improved. It’s 100% solid, and confidence inspiring.

Jeanne Leesburg, GA