BOB Revolution Duallie Weather Shield, Grey

BOB Revolution Duallie Weather Shield, Grey

BOB Weather Shields offer protection to the passenger(s) while maintaining a high level of visibility and air-flow. PVC coated nylon with a clear Mylar window with seams that are w

Main features

  • Water resistant, windproof polyurethane coated nylon shell
  • Clear thermoplastic polyurethane, waterproof, windproof window
  • Strategically placed vents
  • Elastic attachment is simple and easy

Verified reviews


works great for Alaska

I live in Alaska where is is colder and rainy often. With this, I can still get out and about with my toddlers. I’m not sure I’m even putting in on the right way and yet it still works great. My older toddler likes to look out “the window” and doesn’t mind at all when I use this cover. It completely keeps all parts of the kids dry. And it keeps them warmer, blocking wind. I guess you shouldn’t use in warmer weather, but I don’t have that problem. The hardest part is remembering to take it with me when it’s not raining, just in case.

Sybil Alkol, WV

Not Satisfied.

The more I use this shield, the more disappointed I am. I originally reviewed this item after one brief test application, during which I experienced no issues. Having used a weather shield for a single BOB stroller for two years, I wrongly assumed the design quality would be similar. However, during practical usage, I have found this to be poorly designed and of lesser quality than the older single model I own.My main issues:1. The attachment to the handlebars is not secure. This model uses two short velcro straps that secure around the handle itself. The velcro strips are only 1″ square, which doesn’t lead to a secure connection. These have come undone numerous times while running. The older single model has long, adjustable looping tension cord that not only didn’t come loose, but it was adjustable as well.2. The velcro is connected to the end of the flap that hangs over the back of the stroller (parallel to the handle). When you connect the velcro and fully install the shield, this flap is pulled into the gap between the back of the seat and the sun shades. So, there is an opening for rain and wind to enter just above your kids heads. If the rain is heavy, the water collecting on the top of the shade can drip directly into the stroller.3. The cover is cut to fit on the duallie with the sun shades half down. Unfortunately, because each part of the sun shade is a different size, the windowed half must be folded up. This isn’t ideal because, in this position, the excess shade is bunched around the heads of your passengers. It would be better if it were cut to fit with the windowed segment extended.4. Though not a difference between my single, the rain shield should have a clear window that matches up to the window on the sun shade so that you can maintain visual contact while pushing the stroller. In the case of the duallie, you can’t install it with the windows in the proper position anyway, but it is a notable exclusion.I cannot say if these issues are simply differences between the single and duallie models or if design changes were made since the ’09 models, but either way this current duallie cover leaves a lot to be desired.

Kaitlyn Tullahoma, TN

great for rainy or cold, windy winter mornings

I live in California and it doesn’t rain much, but it is cold in the mornings when I take the kids to school. I would bundle up my kids in a coat and a bugaboo footmuff, hat, and they would still have freezing hands. Not with this! When we arrive at school, they still have warm hands. I still think they need a coat and footmuff, but with this, I don’t have to worry about putting on ski gloves, which was difficult with the coats. Regular cheap gloves did not work to keep their hands warm, but this weather shield did. This is a must if you have this stroller. And it’s great in the rain, too! I used it this morning to walk in the rain to school, kept kids dry no problem. Fits great, and durable, easy to take on and off. I have used this for a few months now with no problem.

Jerri Morgantown, PA

Great Cover

Fits securely, very breathable. Huge window so the kids can see out. Attaches securely under their feet, so they still have plenty of leg room. Easy to use. A good investment if you use your stroller in the rain or snow. It is not recommended to use this cover if the temperature is more than 65 degrees though, so it does not function as a sun shield–although the BOB has huge sun visors, so I don’t think you’d need extra sun protection.*****April 9, 2012 update: This used to be a 5 star review. I changed it after several months of use as one of the elastics that holds the covers down on the side snapped today. BOB is replacing the cover since it is less than a year old. I use this cover every day and have been for about 4-5 months now. However, for $69, there really is no excuse for it to break after just a few months. I examined the other elastic after the break and noticed that it is in poor condition as well. We have cold, rainy weather in the forecast this week and I am now going to be stuck without a cover while I wait for my replacement. I will say that I still absolutely love this weather cover. My kids stay so warm inside that they can take off their hats and never wear gloves. They comfortably eat their snacks and play with their toys while I walk the dogs. They rarely have to wear thick winter jackets which can be uncomfortable. I would probably still buy this again, just because it is a nice snug fit and I like the way it’s designed, but I would be more aware of the quality. Not worth $69, but a great addition to the BOB duallie stroller.

Robbie Scott, AR


Pretty sure we couldn’t survive without this! We use our BOB almost everyday even if it’s raining. It’s so nice that the kids can stay warm and dry on our walks!

Cheryl Asherton, TX


I like the concept of this cover for my Stroller Strides edition of the BOB Revolution Duallie but I’m not in love with it. It is a beast to try and attach correctly and quickly-and let’s face it, when it’s misty or rainy who wants to stand around getting soaked while trying to attach this thing. I still haven’t figured out the correct way to attach this to my stroller even after watching video examples online. Also, when using the stroller I typically have my 3 year old and 3 month old riding. Although the cover fits easily with both of them in the stroller, it does impede the view of the riders which can aggravate my 3 year old since she loves looking around on our runs. Overall, the cover does a good job of keeping the riders dry and somewhat warmer in chilly weather but it could be more user friendly to install.

Angeline Edinburg, TX