BOB Single Snack Tray, Black

BOB Single Snack Tray, Black

Exploring can really work up your child’s appetite, attach the snack tray so he can snack and sip on the go. It will easily and securely attaches with the BOB Accessory Adapter.

Main features

  • Easily and securely attaches with the BOB accessory adapter
  • One sippy cup holder and tray carries drinks, snacks or toys
  • For single BOB strollers

Verified reviews


Cool Tray

I gave this tray four stars only because I have not used it yet. It seems like it may be a hassle to unclip when putting your child in and out of the stroller but we will see. It snaps in well to the BOB Stroller and seems to be sturdy. It is pricey online, however I received mine for free as a promotion Amazon was running when I purchased the BOB Stroller so I am very happy with that. I will have to leave a second review after I use it on a regular basis.

Melinda Avonmore, PA


This is probably a fine snack tray… for the people who actually get to use it! The description more clearly needs to have the compatibility model years listed.Only after not having an accessory piece to attach it to my 2008 stroller, I found out through Britax that there is no way to attach this tray to my stroller. I am so disappointed. Sending back.

Lois Gerber, CA

Positioned poorly

What were they thinking? The tray is so high it blocks my baby’s view. Duh. He can’t even see or reach the snacks.

Alice Old Zionsville, PA

Great product, but the tray sits way too high.

Great product, but the tray sits too high. My 2-year old has a hard time reaching it considering the seat back doesn’t allow the rider to sit straight up. I am not sure there are other tray options, so this may be the only choice – a high tray is better than no tray.

Tabatha Burr Hill, VA

It’s a tray and it’s easy to use…what else do you expect out of it?

Those who gave this a negative review either have an older model stroller or don’t know how to use the stroller. This tray snaps on and off in literally 2 seconds. You snap it into the accessory adaptor and if you want to take it off you press the red button on the stroller and it pops right off. You can leave it on to fold the stroller if you want. If you leave it on it’s easy to pop off to put your kid in or just pop off one side and swing it up. Also, my kid is 7 months old and has no problem seeing over the tray. I have a feeling people aren’t adjusting their seat back to the highest position. I do agree with others that the snack part could be a little bigger, but it’s not, so either buy the tray that goes with the stroller and make the best of it or don’t bother buying it. To those who commented they were disappointed a tray didn’t come with the stroller-it didn’t, you knew it didn’t when you bought it, so either you should have bought another stroller or you shouldn’t complain about it. You already spent $400 on a stroller, what’s another $25 for a tray that will get years of use. I recommend this tray.

Nelda Mayking, KY

Too high up

I thought it would work when I looked at the stroller and the height of the holes, but my daughter can’t even reach the top of it to get food out. I am not sure it will ever work, but I am going to keep it to find out. The quality looks good and the way it fits into the holes seems like a great idea. Just wish I could actually use it.

Stella Cedarville, IL

Sits Too High

My son is not quite 2 years old but is as tall as a two year old and this tray is still too tall for him. When he’s sitting in the stroller and the tray is snapped on, he has to reach UP to get things off the tray. Maybe this is better suited for kids 3-4 years+?

Nicole Tisch Mills, WI

Basic but the only thing that I’ve found to work

This is a very basic tray. You can’t attach toys to it, and it’s hard for the baby to reach. However, it’s the only option that I found B.O.B. offers so got it anyways.

Mina Toledo, IL

Too high

The tray sits too high for my tall daughter – she is 16 mo about 24lbs and 98 percentile for height so she is already a good size little girl. It is still better than nothing and keeps her sort of in place, but I can’t strap her down if she wants to eat. I’m disappointed in this part of my bob because otherwise I love the thing. When she is bigger this will be great as you don’t want to strap them in all the time.

Adeline Petal, MS

Love this snack tray! Easy to open and close.

Love this snack tray! Easy to open and close. Plus it has good proportions for holding a sippy and cheerios to grab.

Rosalyn Poultney, VT

Works great!

Works as designed, but why so expensive? I understand its a BOB and we get what we pay for, but this should be in the lower $20 range.

Freda Lohn, TX

I didn’t even use, returned the item.

I ordered this item and realized it was the wrong one so I returned it. it was perfect when i got it. Looked durable.

Magdalena Richfield, OH

Bad design.

blocks my child’s line of vision. Bad design.

Helena Deepwater, NJ

Expensive again is all I have to say for BOB products.

All BOB accessories are overpriced. Yes it works fine, but I wish someone would make BOB equivalents at a price anyone can afford. After you buy the stroller it is all downhill for your budget.

Ophelia Cheyenne, OK

Good, but sits high

I am glad there is finally a tray for my BOB. It sits kind of high for my 16 mo. old who is tall. He has to reach forward and up for his treats/cup. Overall it gets the job done.

Kimberley Cherryfield, ME


This was a really great find. I love my BOB stroller and this made it even better. My daughter can snack or take along some small toys while we go out and about. It is very easy to operate.

Britney Geraldine, MT

Fits perfect in stroller

I needed this for my stroller. Works and fits perfect. I can now add her drinks and foods on the snack tray.

Esmeralda Cope, CO

I love BOB!

Another great Bob product! I have the Bob Duallie + tray, and recently purchased the single Bob and this tray is great! Easy easy installation and it is at the right height (compared to older Bob models). Very happy!

Callie Yoder, KS

Excellent Add-On

I have a BOB Revolution SE and this was a great add-on. Very easy installation and removal, very sturdy. Overall very pleased.

Leann Mesopotamia, OH

Works great

I don’t know why people are complaining about the height. Yes, it’s a bit tall for my 11 month old but he will grow and it will be just fine. Holds snack and sippy cup just fine. Easy to snap into the stroller and remove.

Jo Fredonia, PA

Fits perfect easy to use

Great for the BOB single, love the little cup holder and the other part is deep enough to hold a toy while running with the stroller.

Maggie Coffeeville, MS

Never use it

I bought this tray for our 12 month old and it sits too high for her to really reach. Hopefully we can use it when she get’s taller. I wouldn’t recommend this for small children.

Morgan Cherry Hill, NJ

Use long toy-keepers

This snack tray is easy to fit into the B.O.B. and works well. Due to the depth of it, make sure you get long toy-keepers that can wrap around the feel plastic to keep your toys from falling on the ground.Also, I’d recommend only using cups with lids, as the cup holder is shallow.

Marisol Stonewall, OK