Bob Single Stroller Travel Bag Black

Bob Single Stroller Travel Bag Black

The Stroller Travel Bag packs all BOB single strollers securely for easy traveling. Just fold the stroller, remove the wheels, and pack it into the bag; it all fits comfortably inside this 19″x10″x35″ soft case. Wheels, a handle, and a shoulder strap ensure that this package will be a breeze to travel with.

Main features

  • Fits every single bob stroller but not duallies
  • Constructed with premium materials
  • Made of black high quality material
  • Comes with heavy duty coated handle
  • Features roller wheels for easy maneuverability

Verified reviews


This works great! It protects the stroller, is easy to manage, and is very durable.

We purchased this for a 14-day trip involving planes, trains, automobiles, and a foot of snow. It worked GREAT.The first surprise was how very compact this made the stroller. As much as I love the BOB, it’s not any fun to pack into a car. Using the bag got it down to the size of a large duffel bag that was a heck of a lot easier to handle and stack with other luggage. Now we’re going to use it for car trips, not just airline trips.The BOB is easy to dissemble, reassemble, and put in the bag. Don’t be daunted. With a few practice runs, my husband got it down to about a minute and 30 seconds. (Side benefit: it’s also entertaining for your fellow airline passengers, especially if they are parents.) TSA agents were even better, breaking it down for the X-ray machine in 30 seconds flat.We gate-checked it for airline travel on Alaska, United, and Southwest, and it survived perfectly. The only downside was that baggage handlers seemed to not immediately identify this as a gate-checked stroller that needed to be brought up on arrival, so twice we had to say “Have you seen our stroller? It’s in a black bag.” and wait around for a couple of minutes while they found it and brought it up. I might make a bright “STROLLER–GATE CHECK” tag for it next time and see if that helps.The BEST surprise benefit was that having this bag also made it a lot easier to lug the car seat around in the airport. We put the baby in the stroller and put the car seat in the empty stroller bag. I admit that the bag didn’t close very well and looked a little odd, but doing that DID allow us to drag the car seat like luggage instead of hand-carrying it for half a mile down long concourses. Convenience wins over style. That alone made it worth the price.

Emilia Irvington, VA

Held up and protected our stroller

We’ve only taken it on 1 round-trip flight but I am so glad that we had it – I wanted to take our Bob but not potentially sacrifice the stroller with the way things get handled when they’re loaded into the planes. This protected the stroller and held up well.

Genevieve Coleman, GA

Fits Baby Jogger City Mini and then some

I have both the BOB Revolution SE & Baby Jogger City mini. I flew alone with my 8 month old so I checked in my stroller bag and car seat bag. The fit wasn’t snug as the BOB would be but my intent was to stuff luggage in there to avoid baggage fees. I stuffed our clothing in Space Bag 14 Bag Space Saver Set and used that to sandwiched the stroller inside of it for double protection. I was also able to pack shoes, some formula (my daughter was on RX formula) and baby food. It is great for traveling and protecting your gear. Pictures will be posted from our upcoming trip in March.I also used Britax Car Seat Travel Bag, Black to hold our Chicco Infant car seat and additional luggage. (Since I was flying United, it is free to check in your car seat and stroller and I avoided paying for luggage fees) To transport her from security to the gate I had her strapped in the Ergo Baby Carrier Black with Camel Lining since she was only 15 pounds at the time.

Colleen Rupert, GA

LOVE this peice of luggage.

NOTE: Item is backordered. Had to purchase thru another online retailer, and it was difficult to find anohter company who had one… BOB is working to fix this backorder problem (I called them) but it’ll take months.I flew my BOB in this with us and packed many items in the bag with it like diapers, baby food, extra baby supplies, shoes… it held a lot.Bag is a well thought out peice of sturdy luggage. Photos do not do it justice. The instructions were easy to follow.BOB stroller and bag held up great to Southwest Airlines baggage handlers!Well worth the price to protect your stroller. I will post photos I took later of the bag.I was hesitant about buying this due to the price but am glad I did. Really glad.

Luisa Hampton, KY

Yup, it’s pricey but you will make up for …

Yup, it’s pricey but you will make up for it by taking it on all flights for free. Quality product

Rosalie Delhi, CA

Bob Single Stroller Travel Bag Black

This bag did what it was supposed to do: protected my bob stroller.The quality is good, still in good condition after 5 flights :)It was a good buy, I would definitely recommend this product!

Esther Hoyt Lakes, MN

Good design.

Everything fits perfectly and the stroller has not been damaged…even with some rough handling by the airlines. We tried several cheaper bags, but this one is designed perfectly for the B.O.B. and has a thin plastic shell for protection. Once you figure it out it takes less than five minutes to pack and unpack.

Margery La Crosse, WI

Poorly constructed bag for price

This bag has broken twice by splitting at the seams. It is poorly constructed for the price you pay and the fact that you are trying to protect such an expensive stroller while traveling.

Cecilia Ray, ND