BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller, Orange

BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller, Orange

With the latest innovative features, the Sport Utility Stroller is perfect for any off road strolling experience. Knobby tires and high impact polymer composite wheels maximize traction. A fixed front wheel provides increased stability hiking, jogging or when the trail gets rough. It’s durable, yet lightweight, easy fold frame makes it easier to transport the Sport Utility Stroller to wherever your adventures start. You’ll know your child is having a smooth ride with a state of the art suspension system, ultra padded reclining seat and adjustable five point padded harness. The Accessory Adapter feature quickly secures a BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter or Snack Tray. Also available in Duallie two seat model.

Main features

  • Fixed front wheel provides increased stability hiking, jogging or when the trail gets rough
  • Easy, two step folding, lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage
  • State of the art, adjustable suspension system provides an exceptionally smooth ride
  • Accessory adapter allows for quick and easy attachment of BOB Infant car seat adapter or snack tray, Compatible w/CS1001 Graco, CS1002 Peg Perego, CS1003 Chicco
  • Ultra padded, adjustable reclining seat for enhanced seating comfort, five point padded harness keeps your child comfortably secure
  • Stroller holds weight up to 70 lbs and height up to 44 inches (112 centimeters)

Verified reviews


Indeed, the SUV of strollers!

If you are a mountain bike rather than racing bike kinda person, then this stroller is for you!! Here’s what I love about it:sturdy but lighteasy to handle and surprisingly easy to turn (even in a store)generous shade for the childplenty of storage underneathit rolls oh so easilythe break makes sensecomfortable to walk, even better for joggingsmooth ride over bumps, sidewalks, etcattractive color (I have the ink blue)The only thing I don’t really like about it that it is bulky when folded and occupies most of the room in the trunk. If that’s not an issue, then you’ve got yourself a really, really fabulous jogging stroller.

Ila Dolton, IL

love love love!!!!!

we love love love this stroller. Haven’t yet figured out how to fold it to get it in the jeep but it fits in it without folding it. Such a smooth ride for our little man!!!!

Jane Barnegat, NJ

Exactly what we needed!

I am a huge fan of the stationary wheel. It preforms wonderful for exactly what we use it for. Many of my friends have ordered the Revolution with the swivel wheel and really like it and it fits their needs. We live on an unpaved hilly road and also enjoy trail hikes. I’ve only had the stroller since we’ve had snow on the ground, but it works great plowing through the snow as well. The larger tires definitely out preform the Revolution for off road capabilities. I do not find it difficult to steer the stationary wheel – but I suppose if you were used to having the swivel, it may take some getting use to. My 10 month old son really enjoys our walks now – and he’s never been much of a stroller fan in the past, so that itself is enough for me to love it!I do still need to adjust the tracking since it drifts slightly left… but, just haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe when it’s nicer out again :)If you need a stroller for awesome off road ability – then this is the one you want. If you want one that does well off road and does well for more confined space maneuverability – or predominantly paved roads – then the Revolution may be a better option.

Kaitlin Prairie Lea, TX

Don’t buy this one, get a Revolution!

I have own this stroller for about 4 years, two kids and I wish I would have gotten a Revolution instead. While the overall durability of this stroller is good (i.e. safety belts, handle, frame) the tubes in the tires are CONSTANTLY somehow losing air!!! This has ALWAYS been an issue. Pumping them up with a bike pump is practically impossible. I have only been successful with an air compressor or changing the tube (which is super duper hard to get the tire off to get to the tube~had to take to a bike shop for $12, even they struggled with it). Another issue, the rain guard in the front has always been loose and cannot be re-tightened at all. It is so big too, it does not travel well. While I do like the stationary wheel in the front for safe jogging, I don’t think the tire tread is anymore durable than a revolution. Their really is no purpose for this stroller to be called Sport Utility unless that is referring to the type of vehicle you need to cart it around in.

Myrna Monessen, PA

Worthy Purchase

We have been lusting after a BOB stroller since our son was born, and for his one year birthday we finally got one. Previously, we had a Graco Spree Travel System, Barcelona Bluegrass stroller, and while nice to roll in the grocery store, it’s a bit bumpy taking him to the park and of course running with it is not recommended. Enter theBOB Sport Utility Single Stroller, Orange. With the larger wheels it takes the curbs and bumps in Downtown Atlanta’s sidewalks with ease. This model does NOT have the rotating front wheel, which I sort of like, when running you can literally just give a light bump to the stroller and it will coast in front of you a few inches, and without the rotating wheel I know it will go in a straight line so I don’t have to worry. Baby seems comfortable riding in the stroller and passes out soundly while running if I run too late in the morning, and I can keep running for 30 minutes and he will be sleeping even with the slight bumps in the road and sidewalks. The top of the cover has a flip up see-through panel so I can check on him when running or velcro back down if the sun is too high overhead, nice feature. My only complaint is the lack of any sort of upper stroller pocket or tray. Their is no where to stash your phone or a cup of coffee if you are just casually walking with this stroller, making it a very specialized product (but it’s good at what it does). The tray underneath the stroller is pretty small, which lends to the aerodynamics I guess, but you can’t fit much down there. This is not your all-day stroller though I wish it could be because I love the big wheels and how easy it is to roll over surfaces. I even took this stroller inside the Georgia Aquarium and had no issues rolling around the exhibits, yes you just need to tilt the troller back slightly on it’s rear wheels and point it in a new direction for sharp turns (which it does easily, this thing handles like a dream). Overall very satisfied and will be looking to purchase another BOB stroller if I can find one with the accessories we need for more around-town walking.

Barbra Loganville, WI

Great for Rough Terrain & Snow

I received this stroller as a gift. It’s really sturdy and quite large. In fact I can’t really fit it in my car without putting the back seats down. I leave it at my parents since they are in an area where it’s more useful. It’s great in all weather including snow. The ride is very cushy for my son. He loves it when we take this stroller out. If you have a large vehicle and walk/jog in areas with rough terrain this stroller is perfect!

Andrea Lake Tomahawk, WI

Smooth ride but rugged enough to handle terrain

I was amazed at how smooth this stroller moves; it’s almost no effort to push while I’m walking.It has great safety features that are sensible and you can purchase accessories that make it even more convenient.This stroller is ideal for those that run or walk on sidewalks, paths or groomed trails – don’t expect it to steer like a standard stroller, it’s NOT a standard stroller and requires additional effort to turn corners and maneuver through things.If you’re looking for an exercise stroller that handles well and is high quality, buy this one.

Gena Adel, OR

Great Off Road Stroller

This is a wonderful off road stroller. We use it on the beach with no problem. I love the large wheels and the oversized sun shade. The storage underneath the stroller is also very good for a jogging stroller.Although it says that it is ok for 8 weeks+, I feel that it is better for larger babies. My little guy is 3 months old and 12 pounds and the straps completely bend his little ears and he is not very comfortable in the seat when harnessed in ( which is a must ). I do like the stroller but would recommend it more for babies over 4 months.I think that once he is a little bit bigger, he will like the stroller just fine.

Shelly Laddonia, MO

this is great stroller

we love this stroller. the fixed wheel has a more stable and safer feel to it. the area of the seat is roomy and is going to allow for a lot of growth. our baby looks comfortable. we have taken it on bumpy side walks, paved roads, slightly wooded areas and the ride has been smooth for the baby. we have not run with this stroller on any surface other than pavement. regarding the fixed wheel, one can simply rock the stroller back to lift the front wheel if you encounter something that requires a sudden steer or swerve. I would say this stroller if not for someone who will need to weave in and out of an area. The hand brake is very nice and allows for sudden stops. The wheel brakes are solid, that baby isn’t going anywhere. the tires are great. the basket is adequate for ready to grab items and a decent sized diaper bag or backpack. we haven’t reclined the seat yet. there is a warning about reclining the seat and the back of the stroller having weight on it and possibly causing tipping. this would mean your baby could land on it head?? does not seem very probable, maybe for babies reaching the weight limit of the stroller. all around, it fits our needs and our little one loves it.**UPDATE: still loving the stroller. basket still fits our ready to grab needs; not intended for shopping for more than and item or two while having some baby supplies in it. fits all needs for walking on any terrain. not suggested for avid runners. love the wheels and can maintain them on our own from regular bicycle wheel knowledge.

Joyce Kearneysville, WV

Very Happy!

Stroller is very well put together. Use it nearly every day. If I purchased this again, I would get the one with the rotating front wheel so it would be easier to steer. Little heavy.

Shawn New Hartford, CT

Love it!

I found a brand new 2009 version of the Bob sport utility stroller at a local store for 75% off and couldnt pass up the deal even though i really didnt need something so durablePutting it together- took quite a while (especially b/c i was missing parts) It took about 2 hours and i felt the directions were a little complicated compared to other strollers and things ive assembled.Use- I use this on regular paved roads and many uneven sidewalks- very smooth ride. As this has a front fixed wheel, i do have to pop a wheelie when making a sharp turn (i knew that before purchasing) and dont really mind having to do that. My 2 year old kinda freaked out at first, but she got the hang of it. Running and walking with this is fantastic and always a great ride.Storage- Very compact! I easily pop off all the wheels and store it in a small closetWarranty- Excellent! Britax now owns the company and the stroller was missing a couple parts- called the company, showed valid rcpt and sent the needed parts right away even that this stroller model was several years old.

Tanya Longstreet, LA

Absolutely perfect for off-road traveling or dirt/gravel road in country.

Absolutely very best stroller for our purposes. We purchased this stroller in addition to the Britax car seat attachment. We live on a dirt road which is made of road base and gravel. With rain and other elements, there are many ruts and holes that make it impossible for most strollers to go past. When using this stroller, my five week old literally slept the entire way and we had no issues whatsoever navigating the terrain. I was even able to take him through pieces of my yard where we have high ornamental grass with ease. My neighbor said she purchased a different type of Bob stroller that did not work in our area. The sport-utility version is perfect for people who need to get out on roads less traveled…

Krista Cheltenham, PA

Love at first run

I bought this to replace my heavy, cumbersome Graco Fast Action jogger and it lives up to its reputation. It is so light and easy to push. The fixed wheel takes a bit of getting used to for turns, but it really does make it so much easier to push on rough surface trails. With my previous jogger, the unfixed wheel kept getting stuck on ruts and rocks and it was really frustrating. I use this on grass, dirt, mulch, and large/crushed gravel trails and it is great on all of them. Although much more compact than cheaper joggers, it’s still pretty big so I only use it for running or walking on trails. I’d never use it as a multi-purpose stroller and have a cheap Graco one for the zoo, malls, and walking on paved surfaces.My only regret is that I wish the seat-back sat up more. My daughter likes to sit up and look around and she sometimes gets frustrated having to recline even at the most upright setting. I strongly suggest also getting the sun-shield for people who live in sunny climates as it has been a life saver. Best baby purchase by far, I use it every day.

Lashonda Keams Canyon, AZ

I love love love it!

I purchased this mainly to use at the beach. I was looking for a jogger that would be able to go on soft sand…so perfect. I did a,lot of research before choosing this one! The best part is that the jogger even fits in my little BMW trunk…so easy to fold up…can’t say how much I love it!

Lillian Woodgate, NY

Great, safe jogging stroller

I love my bob SUV, better price revolution and safety in knowing the wheel doesn’t pivot, I purchased weather shields and cup holder which I recommend. My son loves riding in it and falls asleep during runs and walks. Very safe and smooth ride.

Deena Prospect, PA

Best baby purchase!

We are incredibly satisfied with this purchase! We have used it on many trails and our daughter typically sleeps throughout our workout. I love how she can lay down peacefully as it takes on some fun terrain. It’s not for tight quarters or single track hiking trails, but we’re still very happy with this. It has a decent amount of room underneath for a diaper bag (not too large) and a pocket on the backside that we keep our water bottle, keys,and cell phone in. The cover is pretty nice. We like how we can see her if we’d like by pulling the fabric over and seeing the plastic window, or pulling it all forward to keep all the sun out. The set up was pretty simple and straight forward. Over all, we love this purchase and recommend it all the time.

Vera Tunnelton, IN

Great Stroller for older children

I bought this stroller as a gift for my BFF, so she could continue on her jogging routine with her baby. She absolutely loved it, however, she wasn’t able to use it until her baby was about 8 months old. One drawback is that it doesn’t take turns very well. You have to lift the front tire in order to turn.

Patti Ellinwood, KS

great off-road stroller

Pros:performs best on gravel straightawaysgreat for trail hikes and cruising through muddy spotsCons:I’d hoped that I might be able to use this on my gym’s indoor track, but it does not take the corners wellOverall:I would recommend this to someone who is shopping for an off-roading stroller rather than a standard jogging stroller.

Susie Ellsworth, IA

Great for running straight

Awesome for running, by far the best I’ve tried and good for walking too but obviously hard to turn. Tried running the neighborhood but the turns were brutal much better for a straighter course.

Misty Alamosa, CO

Great off road stroller

My husband is in the military and trains a ton. When he came home from his deployment after we had our first child he had to have this stroller. He has put over 1,000 miles on this stroller and it still looks like new. Our daughter has grown up in it and now our son enjoys runs with daddy when he is home. Things that bring this down are the lack of maneuverability and how it pulls to one side. I wouldn’t call this an “everyday” stroller but we do use ours everyday.I would recommend the stroller that has the swivel wheel for city runners, but if you are a trail runner, this stroller is amazing.

Leah Boyce, VA