BOB Sun Shield for Revolution/Stroller Strides Single Stroller

BOB Sun Shield for Revolution/Stroller Strides Single Stroller

Help protect your children from the sun, wind and flying insects. The BOB Sun Shield’s specially designed mesh screen reduces the sun’s harmful ultraviolet UVA/UVB rays. Compatible with all BOB Revolution and Stroller Strides Single strollers.

Main features

  • Nylon
  • Imported
  • Provides a barrier to sun, wind and flying insects
  • Elastic attachment is simple and easy
  • Compatible with all BOB Revolution and Stroller Strides Single (one seat) strollers

Verified reviews


Unfortunately, this sun cover still contains PVC.

Before purchasing this item, I did quite a bit of research into what material it was made of. I especially wanted to avoid PVC, a.k.a vinyl (which many sun- and rain-proof stroller shields are made of), because PVC usually contains phthalates and emits harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), especially when exposed to bright sunlight and/or heat. However, the most my research turned up was the product description on B.O.B.’s website stating that the sun shield was “nylon mesh.” So I went ahead and ordered it, thinking that it must by PVC-free. Plus, it’s made by B.O.B. specifically for its strollers, so there would be no issues with the sun shield fitting the stroller incorrectly, etc. Well, imagine my dismay when the sun shield arrived and I discovered that was made not only of nylon, but also of PVC. Granted, as B.O.B. states on the product packaging, it is phthalate-free PVC. But phthalates are only one of many reasons that PVC is a less-than-safe choice, especially for products aimed at babies and young children. Phthalate-free PVC/vinyl can still contain dioxins (a carcinogen), VOCs, and lead & other heavy metals. Worse still, heat and humidity can increase the release of these chemicals, which makes (even phthalate-free) PVC particularly ill-suited for a sun-shield! It practically goes without saying that I’ll be returning this product. The sun-shield was a wonderful idea by B.O.B. for its outdoor jogging strollers, but until they replace the PVC with a safer alternative, I’ll have to pass.

Lauri San Jon, NM

Bugs be gone!

I love this sun shield. I have to admit the first time I put it on it took me a few tries to get it just right but after that it works like a charm. I’ve owned this product for a few months and the elastic at the bottom is still as tight as it was when I first purchased it.I noticed at first that when I was using it my baby would get hot while we were walking, and we would walk in the mornings to try and stay away from the afternoon heat. I bought a small baby fan from Dreambaby, and clipped that to the side of the BOB it really helps to keep her a little cooler.Even though this sun shield does cover her from the sun I did notice that some sun would still peak through. For extra precaution I did apply sunscreen to her legs just to be safe.Another great feature is that she can’t toss out the toys that I have in the seat with her.I think this is a really worthy purchase. We use it everyday and I feel confident that the sun and the bugs are staying away.

Elda Fallston, NC

Helps but needs work!

Living in Southern Arizona, sun protection is a major concern. It doesn’t block everything, but it can help with shade, bugs, flying toys/sippy cups and so on.Pros:Fits the BOBBetter than trying to get a blanket to stay onHelps keep the rays/bugs/wind off of your kidHelps keep toys and suck IN the stroller!Cons:No window to check on your kid!Kiddos can get HOT because it also reduces air circulation. UV mesh would be better than the screen!Instructions are HORRIBLE! Someone needs to make a “for dummies” video on YouTube!No quick access to kiddo. A zipper would be GREAT on the side!Overall, there’s no other options for sun protection on the BOB. I guess I’m glad I bought it, but I may need to make a Pinterest link on how to fix some of the cons.

Bessie Cordova, NE

Leaves openings for bugs

This bug screen does a decent job of keeping bugs out as long as you are moving forward, but if you are standing still there are openings in the Bob stroller that let the mosquitoes fly right in. We found this out the hard way with lots of mosquito bites on our baby

Deirdre Worthington, KY

Best BOB accessory

A must have if you own the BOB! We use this for sun and bug protection!

Lauren White Swan, WA

works great

this is great to keep the bugs out and block the wind. i dont know why some people are having trouble with the fit as we all have the same stroller. fits our stroller perfectly.

Debra Mazama, WA

Bake Your Child at 75 Degrees

I returned this product because the label says that it I made of non-breathable fabric. You can also smell the chemicals from which it was made. I bought it primarily to use during our frequent trips to Miami. However, I didn’t want to further restrict the air flow in the stroller. I did not even unfold the thing, so I can’t comment on the ease of attachment. I ended up using a towel for additional protection and it worked fine and maintained a good airflow. I’m still looking for something that doesn’t smell like it has been dipped in a chemical bath and has more breathabilty. This should not be used in temperatures above 75 especially with humidity. I could have kept it to se at home in Maine, but we can get by here without out.

Nicole Georgetown, KY

This fits like the weather shield but it does not provide as …

This fits like the weather shield but it does not provide as much shade as I had hoped. It is a good bug shield however

Rena Oregon House, CA