BOB Warm Fuzzy in White

BOB Warm Fuzzy in White

Easily inserts into any BOB stroller seat, the Warm Fuzzy, with its thick fleece panel and padded quilting, ads warmth and comfort to your child’s stroll, making it more enjoyable for both of you. It fits within the seat itself so it works well with both single and Duallie strollers.

Main features

  • Padded fleece panel for comfort
  • Padded quilting for warmth
  • Velcro straps secure it to seat

Verified reviews


A must for cold weather!

This simple product is a must have for anyone using a BOB in cold climates. It is simple to install and makes a big difference in the warmth of your child. It is also very soft and makes the seat more comfortable. I have used a warm fuzzy and rain shield to keep my boy warm while running the past two Michigan winters. This combo keeps him warm and dry in all weather, including snowy/windy days as cold as 25 degrees. It’s also great for standard use due to the increased comfort.

Carole Valparaiso, FL

Warm Fuzzy

This is nice accessory, I’m happy that I ordered it. It makes the seat more comfortable, and also protects the seat, it’s easy to wash. The material could be better quality, it feels a bit cheap… And for the steep price, I would have expected better. Still, it’s the only one designed for this seat and it fits perfectly, for me it’s an essential with my BOB. Bottom line, I would recommend it.

Rosella Westdale, NY

It’s really warm and fuzzy!

The Warm Fuzzy seems to do two very important things for my 16-month old daughter: 1) It makes the BOB more comfortable for her. She fits better in the stroller and lasts much longer in it now that we have the Warm Fuzzy; and 2) It also seems to keep her warmer. The canvas material of the BOB can get quite cold during the early mornings and this does a fine job of blocking out the cold.My only complaint is that it’s so expensive. The BOB is already a high-ticket item and this warm fuzzy, at least in our experience, seems to be essential.

Adele Hiseville, KY

Expensive but I feel is a must have.

My son is so comfortable with this. He snoozed in his stroller today during lunch, something that just wouldn’t happen if this wasn’t in there! I like that it velcroes. I fold my bob up and everything with it attached with no prob, I just leave it in all the time. It’s May and we are still using it. I will probably turn it around for summer the extra padding is so great.I have seen other stroller pads but this one is SO nice. I get compliments often!Seriously though, it really is overpriced..Oh well. Maybe Bob knows i’ll buy it anyways because I want the best for my son..

Christy Brodhead, WI


I was disappointed to have to immediately buy something else after having spent so much on the stroller, but it has no seat padding and the Warm Fuzzy is necessary. We are in a warm climate and it doesn’t make our son too hot. Highly recommend the stroller and this accessory.

Tessa Gravette, AR


perfect! adds extra padding, protects the seat and is easy to wash! we have one on our single and two on the double…a “must have” for the BOB stroller

Mabel Luray, KS


Works well to pad our Bob Revolution SE for our 5 month old. It can be reversed for the quilted side as well.

Dessie Washburn, WI


This thing rocks!! My little man wouldn’t stay in the bob for too long before, now he looooves it! highly recommend.

Josephine Melissa, TX

Snuggly Ride

This is a must purchase for your Bob as the cooler weather approaches. We purchased this and the wind/rain screen. Both are excellent products; fit the Bob perfectly. Our son can enjoy the outdoors in snuggly comfort (and his mom can still exercise in the winter!).

Caryn Locust Grove, AR

Love it warm and soft, easy to install

Love it, fits perfect, warm, soft, easy to install. I would buy it again if needed.

Vicki Lakefield, MN