BOB Weather Shield

BOB Weather Shield

Made of waterproof PVC-FREE Nylon with clear PVC-FREE windows, the Weather Shield by BOB keeps rain and chilly winds from your children while still letting them see the world. Vents are positioned to allow proper airflow while keeping your child completely dry. Available for all stroller models. Features: Waterproof, windproof PVC-coated nylon shell Clear, waterproof, windproof Mylar window Stategically placed vents Elastic attachment is simple & easy

Main features

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  • Water resistant, windproof PU coated nylon shell
  • Elastic attachment is simple and easy
  • Compatible with all Bob revolution and stroller strides duallie (two seat) strollers

Verified reviews


great product with one flaw

major flaw is if it is sunny outside. you have to retract the sunshade to use it properly [both on the duallie and the single]. when doing so, the sun goes directly into your child’s eyes. i feel for the money, they could have designed it so the sunshade doesn’t need to retract or the opening is lower. i mainly use this when it is super cold, rainy, and clouded. if it is sunny i drape a blanket over the top portion of the plastic window. sometime i rig it so the sunshade remains down, the fit is awkward- but it saves the babies’ eyes. usually though, if it is sunny and frigid, i skip the weather shield altogether and just bundle them up.other than that, it is simple to use-on in seconds. seems durable and made well. and most importantly, keeps the kids toasty on those frigid days. they do not need coats when in there, a hat, long sleeves, sweats, and a blanket over their legs works just fine.

Dolores Longview, WA

Not worth the money

Are you walking or jogging your 2 kids in the dark? If you are, then this weather shield is for you. If you’d like to be in the daylight, then this thing is pointless. It doesn’t let you pull the sunshades down. There are 3 levels to your sunshade, and it lets you go 1 level which doesn’t do anything. The solution? Put a blanket over the top? Sure. But…isn’t the point of this to protect against the weather? That great idea to put a blanket over this weather shield is now kaput since the wind blew off your blanket.I live in Southern California. I am in the hills, so i needed this because: i have the Santa Ana winds against me, occasional rain, some chilly weather at times. During these months, this weather shield would be fantastic. But i don’t jog in the dark. I need my kids to be able to have shade while we jog. I used this for a week, gave it a good shot. It’s sitting in my living room. Now i just bundle my kids up. It’s too bad, i was so excited to have this.If you need something to cover your BOB from the wind and rain, it means you really need something to fare through the elements. This does great for wind and rain. This product is good quality and sturdy. That’s why i even gave it 2 stars.I’ve read other reviews also. It does have a funky setup. What a chore. I used to have a Baby Jogger single and also had a weather shield for it WHICH I ABSOLUTELY ADORED. It was a piece of cake compared to this stupid thing. Poor overall composition. Not user friendly. I think i spent more time setting this up than putting together the actual stroller.One more thing- do your kids sleep on your jog/walk? Do you ever take one out while the other is sleeping still? Not possible with this. Everyone needs to come out at the same time. It doesn’t have a handy zipper or opening at the top so you can be sneaky, you have to take the whole thing almost completely off in order to get the kids out and in.If this was $25-30, i would keep it just to have incase. But since i paid about $60 for it, it’s not worth just keeping around the house. I was thinking of returning this one and getting the sunshield instead. I think it may serve a similar purpose by protecting a bit against the wind/rain but with actual shading. Plus, it’s not like there are many other choices for weather shields. I wouldn’t suggest this product to anyone.

Effie Riga, MI

Warning! Temperature Limitation!

This is a typical rain shield. I have no major complaints about it’s ability to keep kids in a stroller dry. However, there is a big safety warning in the instructions that parents and caregivers need to know about. It’s limited to use when temperatures are under 65F! That makes it surprisingly useless most rainy days where I live. Ventilation should be improved; add a few holes in the plastic. When I have the kids out in the rain, I don’t need the stroller to be completely free of moisture, but I do need the kids to stay safe!

Inez Natalia, TX

A must if you live in cold or wet climates!!

Works great as a rain shield, but also for keeping wind and cold air off your munchkins! I love it and use it whenever it’s cold, keeps my little ones cozy

Margery Tahlequah, OK

Update 10/30/12: Not as good as I thought!

The more I use this shield, the more disappointed I am. I originally reviewed this item after one brief test application, during which I experienced no issues. Having used a weather shield for a single BOB stroller for two years, I wrongly assumed the design quality would be similar. However, during practical usage, I have found this to be poorly designed and of lesser quality than the older single model I own.My main issues:1. The attachment to the handlebars is not secure. This model uses two short velcro straps that secure around the handle itself. The velcro strips are only 1″ square, which doesn’t lead to a secure connection. These have come undone numerous times while running. The older single model has long, adjustable looping tension cord that not only didn’t come loose, but it was adjustable as well.2. The velcro is connected to the end of the flap that hangs over the back of the stroller (parallel to the handle). When you connect the velcro and fully install the shield, this flap is pulled into the gap between the back of the seat and the sun shades. So, there is an opening for rain and wind to enter just above your kids heads. If the rain is heavy, the water collecting on the top of the shade can drip directly into the stroller.3. The cover is cut to fit on the duallie with the sun shades half down. Unfortunately, because each part of the sun shade is a different size, the windowed half must be folded up. This isn’t ideal because, in this position, the excess shade is bunched around the heads of your passengers. It would be better if it were cut to fit with the windowed segment extended.4. Though not a difference between my singleThe rain shield should have a clear window that matches up to the window on the sun shade so that you can maintain visual contact while pushing the stroller. In the case of the duallie, you can’t install it with the windows in the proper position anyway, but it is a notable exclusion.I cannot say if these issues are simply differences between the single and duallie models or if design changes were made since the ’09 models, but either way this current duallie cover leaves a lot to be desired.

Tamera Shingletown, CA

fits perfectly

not so needed in Wash DC weather. But this went overseas to Europe where the weather is more fuggy and wet and absolutely needed

Eve Lake City, FL

Works Great!

I use this item when it is cold, windy and or raining out. It fits our Bob perfectly and the boys seem to be really cozy in the stroller when it is on. It is super easy to take on and off and the plastic is nice and clear so the boys still have a nice view.

Tamra Coffeeville, MS

I would buy it again but it could be better

I use this cover so that I can go running with my little ones in high 20 degree and above weather with mild winds. If it is raining we aren’t going, so I can’t speak to that.What I like-It keeps by little ones warm and is very effective in doing so. I can put them in the stroller with their regular clothing plus a bunting with a hat and even their cheeks aren’t cold in 25 degree weather. This positive far outweighs the negative.-The material is sturdy and seems like it will hold up for a long time.What I don’t like- It is a bit tricky to put on the stroller. I practiced without the kids in the stroller and happy I did. The velcro strips work fine as long as you attach on the correct sides ( I don’t know why they have two different sides but they do work).-It doesn’t seem quite big enough. I never get the back vent lined up correctly, but am able to get all of the front vents in place and just leave the back open as I would rather have more air flow than less.- It does stink like plastic when you first open it, but after being open and hanging in the garage for a week, the plastic smell completely disappeared.-You can’t pull the sunshades down all of the way, but since I’m using it in winter and my kids have full winter gear on, it annoying but not a huge deal.I gave it three stars because it seems like it would be so easy to make it better- make the velcro ties something other than velcro, make the fit slightly better and make it work with the sunshades.Bottom line- they could definitely improve upon this product, but if you want to be able to jog in the cold weather it is definitely worth it.

Cassie Greenwood, LA