Boba 4G Carrier, Kangaroo

Boba 4G Carrier, Kangaroo

The ergonomic Boba 4g soft-structured carrier is designed to adapt, so you can better enjoy the adventure. From newborn into infancy through toddlerhood, the Boba 4g carrier moves with you and your baby. Packed with thoughtful features, like an integrated infant insert, multiple adjustments for a perfect fit, front and back carry options, convenient pockets for on-the-the go storage, and removable sleeping hood and foot straps. Wherever you go, Boba grows with you.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Free from any potential harmful materials or dyes
  • The 4G baby carrier will take your little one from infancy to toddler
  • Use as a front carrier from 7-25 pounds and front or back carrier from 25-45 pounds
  • Integrated infant insert with 2 positions
  • Removable sleeping hood and foot straps included

Verified reviews


A user-friendly upgraded carrier with unique, useful features!

This carrier is very substantial. It is well made, with quality stitching. It’s a brand new model, and there have been a few user-friendly changes from the previous 3G model, including changes to the strap positioning to decrease chafing under the arms (strap insert onto carrier body has been moved down a bit), more adjustment points on the straps, especially at the arms to allow for loosening for ease of breastfeeding, and most notably, a built in newborn/infant support pillow! I think the support pillow is what will set this carrier apart for many people. Most other similar soft structured carriers (Ergo, Beco, etc.) require an additional infant insert, while this carrier comes with one built in. The insert pillow is "M shaped" in its natural state for an older infant (> 10 lbs) and can be folded in half for a brand new baby > 7 lbs, so most people will be able to use the carrier from birth. I did not have this when my baby was < 10 lbs, but I can say he relaly loves sitting in the M-shaped pillow, and seems amazingly comfortable compared to any other soft structured carrier we’ve tried! Also, I love how high the body of the carrier comes up on his back, even when he is in the pillow. I think it will grow nicely with him.The reason I took off one star is even though my baby seems amazingly comfortable, I was not completely comfortable. The weight is very evenly distributed, but the straps seemed bulky on my shoulders and down my back, with the material a bit stiff against my skin. I’m 5’9 and slender build. I wasn’t even sure I’d keep the carrier because I figured I could continue to use my cotton stretchy wrap and get by well enough. However, as soon as my husband tried it, and I saw how comfortable he and my baby both were (baby fell asleep quickly!) I decided it was a good fit. Compared to our Ergo, it allows my husband to wear our baby from day one, easily, quickly and without having to add rolled up towels or fiddle with extra pillows or wrapping or tying, etc. Daddies like to keep babywearing simple, in my experience, and the Boba 4G allows them to do just that, and will likely allow us to continue to do this into the future!

Carmella Sawyerville, AL

Best baby carrer from birth up

I love this carrier and have used it since birth with my daughter, while I still prefer a wrap for a newborn my husband likes this better for babywearing little ones. It is comfortable for both mom and baby for long periods of time and is my number one carrier, I have tried over 8! My only drawback is the black color collects lint so I would get a light color.

Miranda Wabasso, FL

Edited: customer service is awesome

My daughter is 3 months old and after trying a ring sling and a baby bjorn and hating both I decided to try the boba. We LOVE it. she sleeps longer and is more comfortable than any other carrier I’ve tried. It is also very comfortable for me to carry her for 2+ hours in this. It does take a little to adjust the straps just right but after you have it down you don’t have to adjust it. The snap in the back that hold the shoulder straps in place was a little harder for me to reach.ETA: There was a problem with the dye running onto the print after washing even according to Boba’s washing instructions. You should try to spot clean when you can but occasionally babies are extra messy. Boba and the seller responded very quickly and the problem was taken care of. I’m super happy with their customer service!

Maryellen Grandview, TN

I really like this carrier

I’ve tried LOTs of different carriers for my infant. It has been an expensive habit trying to figure out which one would work the best for us. I purchased the Boba because it has the built-in infant insert, and I’ve found that to be a huge bonus for a small baby who loves to have his legs extended.(I HATED the Ergo Baby Infant Insert.)I use the Boba all the time, and my baby boy loves it. He frequently falls asleep in this carrier when we are out on a walk or grocery shopping. I like all the features this offers, including the neck support, the hood (and the pocket it tucks into), the cell phone pocket, etc. I will likely enjoy the foot stirrups once the baby gets bigger.The only complaint I have is that both the baby and I get really hot when using this on warm days, even if we just have a light layer on. Part of it is body heat, but I think part of it is that the carrier doesn’t breathe as well as I would like it to.Overall, though…I do recommend this carrier. It is better than the Maya Wrap, the Baby Ktan, the Ergo, and the Bjorn, in my opinion.Keep in mind that this carrier doesn’t offer a forward-facing option. The Lillebaby carrier does, and that one is also very adored by those who have it. I haven’t tried that one yet. It also supposedly has better lumbar support.

Sasha Perrinton, MI

A Necessity for a Baby!

After researching mainstream baby carriers, I was shocked to discover that they can cause hip dysplasia because it puts excessive stress on the hip joints by dangling the baby by the crotch. Then it came to a showdown between Ergo and Boba. I’d seen Ergo carriers everywhere, so I assumed that they were the best, but when I read more about them, I decided that the Boba would probably be better for us. Neither my husband nor I had ever tried on another baby carrier, so when we received this, we found it extremely comfortable. Our daughter is now 3 months old and we have been using this with her since she was 2 weeks old. She absolutely loves this carrier as much as we do and it is our go-to item for shopping, walking/hiking, church, and pretty much anywhere else that we go! She isn’t a huge fan of her stroller at this point, but as soon as she is in the carrier, she smiles, looks around, and always falls asleep at some point. Even when we are at home, if she is refusing to sleep, we can put her in this, walk around for a few minutes, and she will be out like a light! So far, she hasn’t gotten overheated even in 80 degree weather, which was a concern that I had.Reasons we originally chose the Boba 4G:
• Ergonomically correct position for the baby
• More adjustment points than the Ergo
• The highest back of any carrier on the market
• Infant insert is included, unlike the Ergo which requires you to buy the infant insert separately
• The hood and the footstraps are included and are both removable.
• EXCELLENT customer service. Just as good as Amazon’s service from what I have seen!Reasons we love the Boba 4G now:
• Baby LOVES this carrier
• Baby sleeps well in the Boba
• Baby doesn’t get too warm
• Boba fits both my husband and myself very well (because it’s so easy to adjust)
• Easy to spot clean (daughter loves to suck on the side of the carrier)
• High back gives our baby lots of support for her head
• EXTREMELY comfortable! We can wear this for hours and not get tiredYes, it may be a pricey item up front, but it’s an investment in comfort for both you and your baby. I have no doubt that this will last through multiple children and that the outstanding customer service will stand behind the Boba for the life of the carrier.

Sandy Eagle Rock, VA

Great Carrier

I only deduct a star because of the lint issue for Montenegro that others have noted. He’s 11 weeks old and loves it and so do we – I think it takes some work to get it adjusted but it’s easy to adjust so that’s no biggy. We’ve used it for day-long hikes and both baby and daddy and mommy have been happy so I recommend it!

Pansy Farmington, ME

Comfy, cute, and easy!

Easy to get on and off. Worked well carrying my 18lb baby through BDL, ATL, and PBI. Now she’s 25lbs and I still use it when I shop. She seems comfy and always falls alseep in it.Gorgeous pattern. Easy to wash. Would be great if it packed up small and into a little pouch.

Reva Elm Hall, MI

Great carrier for a small person

I was in a focus group of moms and dads trying out this carrier. The result was the smallest people found it great, the largest people found it cut in around the underarm area where the adjustable strap is. I was in the former group and found it pretty good and comparable to my Ergo carrier. It’s actually a little longer than an Ergo so it handles a taller baby a bit better. I really like the fact that it has the little cushion to boost a newborn in the froggie position rather than the insert that Ergo uses. I honestly think that’s the most important selling point for a new parent heading into hot summer months.The waist band is slightly less soft and squishy than the Ergo. My husband prefers to wear the Ergo for that reason. I use this one because I find it keeps my toddler closer to my body when he’s on my back. The construction is a bit more rigid.It washes easily and the hood is removable. The stirrups don’t work well for any size of baby so just chuck those. No one in our group was able to get baby’s feet to stay in them and it makes it easier for a toddler to get leverage to launch themselves upwards… great. So don’t use them. All in all I would buy this as a gift for a new mom/dad especially if they are in the summer months.

Janet Cobb, WI