Boba Air Baby Carrier

Boba Air Baby Carrier

Just fold, zip and stash. That’s the promise of our high-flying, far-roving, light-as-a-feather, there-when-you-need it Boba Air. With this perfectly portable travel baby carrier, there’s practically nowhere you can’t go. Just toss it in your diaper bag, carryon or glove compartment and you have instant access to a simple, supportive child carrier that unfolds or self-stores in seconds. A journey for two doesn’t get much easier than that.

Main features

  • Light as air
  • Folds up in seconds into self-storing hood pouch
  • Fits in small spaces for easy travel and storage
  • Lightweight yet durable nylon material
  • Weight range: 15 to 45 pounds
  • Light as air (just 0.7 pounds)
  • Weight range: 15-45lbs

Verified reviews


Minimalist soft structured carrier, implemented (mostly) successfully.

Our finicky son (14 lbs, 25.5 in), who prefers to face out and make us walk (carrier or not) found this so comfortable that he happily rode on my husband’s back, and even fell asleep.My husband (6 ft, 185 lbs, very barrel chested) and I (5’3″, 100 lbs pre-pregnancy, 105 lbs now, 28 or 30 bra band) can both wear this carrier comfortably, which I find amazing.My two nit picks:1. The waist band buckle is difficult to undo. Even my husband admits that it’s a difficult one (hoping this will resolve with use, but would keep it either way).2. In order to make the pocket reversible in a way that it can store the entire carrier, the (non-removable) sleeping hood is attached outside of the pocket. This means that you can’t zip up the pocket when you store the hood in it. We tend to just let the hood hang.Update: The lack of padding, as well as the way the chest buckle is attached, make this carrier uncomfortable for the wearer. The lack of padding was something we were prepared to deal with in return for the small size when folded, but the chest strap connects just inside of the edge of the shoulder strap and pulls itself to the edge of the strap, creating considerable bulk and digging into whatever body part it happens to be sitting on. After about five minutes, it’s extremely noticeable.

Marisa Bridgeport, NE

Nifty little carrier that is surprisingly comfy

I was in the market for a carrier that was lightweight for an upcoming trip to Asia. I ordered the ergo sport but it still felt hot and it wasn’t as light as I would’ve liked. The bjorn air was in consideration but I didn’t like how it hung the baby by the crotch. After reviewing boba air, I decided to buy it. It is really as light as they say it is and easily stuffs into a pouch without too much finagling.There is something about the design of the boba carrier that makes baby more wrapped around my body. LO looks a lot more comfy in it than the ergo. Also, I feel very well supported even though there is no padding like the ergo. Really surprisingly comfy. I am 5’6 and 180 lbs and highly recommend this. The only ‘issue’ if any is it doesn’t have the safety elastic buckles that ergo carriers have. They do use ‘military grade’ buckles but it still doesn’t prevent from dropping the baby should the buckle accidentally come lose! I actually contemplated sewing my own safety straps but I didn’t want to void the warranty on the product. Hopefully they will upgrade future models with some safety mechanisms. Once they do that, they will blow ergo out of the water.

Tamera Mount Sterling, WI

Cannot wait to use it!

Unfortunately my son is still a bit too small, but the wrap fits him great. I ordered this for my husband and I to use when we are going out quickly and do not feel like using the wrap. I think this is a great investment. I now use a sling, the wrap and I have this carrier for use – it will be nice to just quickly clip my son in for baby wearing during the day when he is bigger, as the wrap takes some time to get on (not long, but it takes more effort than a clip).

Felicia Caddo Mills, TX


I bought this carrier thinking it would be a nice alternative to our Bjorn but it seems I cannot use it with my 10lb baby? The product specs on the Amazon site say minimum weight recommendation is 7lbs. but the product insert says 15lb minimum. So which is it? Can I use this with a 10lb baby or not?Otherwise, I like the construction, the fact that it is so lightweight, seems comfortable to wear, and that I can eventually put my baby on my back. Will be great for hikes around our neighborhood (we live at the base of a mountain in Phoenix). Reasonably priced compared to an Ergo ($130? Yikes!).Update 6/26 – Returning this item. It gets super hot in the desert sun so black was definitely not a good choice of color for us.

Geri Amenia, NY

Not so comfy for mom or baby

I agree with other reviewers that this cuts uncomfortably into baby’s thighs (it left angry red marks on my son’s chubby legs), and it’s also not the most comfortable for the wearer. Definitely sort of a bare bones carrier. I understand that some comfort is sacrificed so that it can be lightweight and packable, but I discovered that there is at least one better carrier out there that meets those criteria but is also super comfortable: Bitybean. Would recommend that, hands down, if your goal is to get a carrier you can stuff in the diaper bag — it’s smaller and all-around better, in my opinion.

June Shoemakersville, PA

great carrier

I have a regular carrier that I use. This one is GREAT for travel. Some complain that it isn’t as comfortable but I thought it was fine. I used this carrier on a trip home where we went to a football game and tailgated all day. She was in this thing all day. I was worried that my shoulders would be hurting because it isn’t as padded but it was fine. The only discomfort is that is snaps directly in the middle of the back, I would prefer a side closure like my other one (it gets in the way when you’re trying to sit and is a little annoying). Now, sometimes I grab this carrier even around town because it is so transportable. This is a terrific travel carrier, lightweight, and folds into itself.

Elva Las Vegas, NM

Awesome price, awesome product!

The Boba Air is such a great carrier! Is super light and folds up into its own attached pouch so I can put it into the diaper bag or throw it into the car whenever I think I might need it! Plus my hubby will wear this one! There is no padding on the shoulder straps but it is so comfortable anyways. My daughter (3 years old and 35lbs) and my son (12 months old and 24lbs) both enjoy riding in this and I have not felt uncomfortable at all wearing either of them! LOVE IT!!!!!! Thank you Boba!!!

Samantha Lemoyne, OH

Perfect compact carrier for short trips – to the gym, grocery store etc

This is a perfect compact carrier that works for us for short trips where I just need to get in and out quickly. For example, with a toddler and his lunch bag, and a gym bag AND a 16 lb, 4 month old bay – this is perfect. It doesn’t create alot of bulk, and does a great job for the 5 minutes to/from the parking lot and I can easily stash it in my gym bag. If I used a Baby Bjorn or something like an Ergo I have to have a whole other bag just for the carrier which is just too much stuff to schlepp around.The Boba Air’s simpler design makes it super easy to use – even my husband is comfortable with it – even with a waist strap that he doesn’t normally like. (He doesn’t appreciate the versatility and complexity of some other baby carriers). With the Boba Air carrier we give up the front facing option of the Baby Bjorn and Beco Gemini, but that’s an ok trade-off for us.I usually put it on before leaving the house so it simplifies things – but even without doing that – there’s no super long straps like a Moby wrap or a BabyHawk MeiTei that end up dragging on the ground. Plus it’s more comfortable in the car – less bulky than other carriers while driving since I tend to keep it on while running errands with baby.I did have the same experience that someone else had – that it does seem to dig into his legs a little like socks that are too tight – but as long as his butt is lower than his feet, and for short trips like the grocery story it’s just fine and he doesn’t seem to care at all – even if it is for 2-3 hours. It is still a little hot in hot weather, but definitely a better option than any other carrier I’ve tried. I haven’t tried it in water or anything yet but plan to on our next vacation. Will update on that once we try it.Another reason we love it – is that it can easily be stashed in the stroller without taking up all the cargo space underneath. I don’t know about others, but for us – our kids have a preference for being carried, and many trips in the stroller usually end up carrying baby on the way back. This means we can go out with the stroller and almost always need a baby carrier on the way back. The Boba Air is perfect for such situations and still allows enough space in the stroller for other necessities – like a diaper bag, sand toys etc.Long story short – perfect compact carrier for short trips around town, useful as back-up plan carrier, cooler option than others.

Felicia Delton, MI


i got this thought i would love it turns out it hurts, the brand makes a good carrier for people past a size 10 unlike ergo loved the fact it fit and could fit a bigger person but do not think because it say air it is breathable baby ended up sweating allot unlike my ergo. no padding no support belt yeah its convenient but not if you want to be comfortable carrying your baby also it pushes into baby theighs my ergo does this too almost to the point of cutting off circulation. so this was not for us i have a 8 month old that is the size of a one year old very tall big baby not fat.

Anita Sturtevant, WI

Nice pack

This is comparable to our ergo baby, but it packs up much smaller. The ergo has more padding. I am able to wear the ergo a bit longer because of the padding, but I can easily carry both my 35 lb 3.5 yr old and my 24lb 1.5 yr old.

Jeanette Alamance, NC

Baby Bubbly in Boba

We purchased the Boba Air when my son was about two months old. I had used a hand-me-down carrier (something akin to a classic Snuggli) once or twice before we had the Boba and our little guy despised it (loudly). But with air travel imminent, we visited a local cloth diaper store to try the Boba and free up our hands for flying. I was sold in about a second when,1) The saleswoman handed me the .7 oz carrier, zipped up into its own pocket, about the size of three or four diapers stacked on top of each other – talk about convenient for travel (or just life!)2) It was straightforward and intuitive to put on (oh, and easy to put BACK into its pouch)3) When I put my baby into it, he immediately snuggled in and fell fast asleep. Oh my – felt like magic after two months of trying to figure out what works!And did I mention it’s about half the cost of similar carriers?Our baby is now four months old, and I use the Boba fairly regularly if he’s having a clingy day or if I need to free up my hands when I’m out and about. I do have some back and neck problems, and feel that it’s comfortable when properly adjusted. That said, we will have to see how the unpadded Boba Air works as Baby gets bigger and heavier. My sister and friends-who-are-mommies all want to know if it breathes in the summer, so that’ll be its next test in a few months!

Ronda Meservey, IA

Perfect carrier!

This carrier is amazing. Lightweight, easy to store, comfortable and durable. Don’t need another carrier! This one will be it for my family.

Emilia Bushnell, FL

Perfect for the price.

This carrier is easy to put on and take off. It’s comfortable enough for a run through Target or other errand like that. It does get toasty so I’ve only used it indoors so far. The first time I used it my baby fell asleep in it (on my back)… success.

Gilda Cameron, OH

Best baby carrier

This is by far the best carrier I’ve had. It might not be padded in every way possible but if you want a carrier that won’t make you and your little one sweat to death in high heat and humidity then this is a great choice! It’s also super convenient that it folds into a little pouch!

Matilda Smelterville, ID

Perfect for Older Babies and Toddlers

Pros:- Super lightweight.- Fits into a diaper bag so I always have a carrier with me now–comes in handy when on vacation or out shopping when our toddler wants to be held.- Surprisingly comfortable for mom and baby–I’ve worn our 15 month old for an hour or two at a time without a problem.Cons:- The shoulder straps aren’t padded so it isn’t quite as comfortable as the Ergo or Beco, but not considerably.- I’d probably stick with a wrap, Baby K’tan, or Ergo with an infant insert for a newborn/young infant.

Nell Riceville, TN

Like it a lot.

I wanted lightweight carrier for our trip to Hawaii. This one is awesome:- it packs into a storage pocket,- very lightweight,- durable,- easy to put on/ take off,- baby is comfortable in it,- no back pain for me,- love the hood for sun/rain protection,- fits in my diaper bag!Could be improved:- straps are not padded, I can feel the snap slide plastic on my arms, but it doesn’t hurt me; my baby is now 6 months 16 lb so we’ll see later. In worse case I can add stroller strap pads sold on amazon for longer walks maybe..?- leg opening could be made with robber band like a hood sides, but maybe legs would hang down more? I keep my baby’s legs up and she doesn’t have red marks and it doesn’t bother her.Other than that I love it. With my son I used Ktan and we both loved it, my baby girl doesn’t like it, and loved baby bjorn and boba. I also really like the hood, it helps in the summer to protect her still bold head from the sun, and since we live in a Seattle area it will be great during wet winter.I’m 5’6” about 132 lb and carrier is great for me. My hubby wore it 5’11” 165 lb with hoodie on and it wasn’t as comfy for him like for me, he max out the adjustment and he was relieved when he put it down;)My toddler son is a bit jealous about his baby sister and he wants to be carry in a carrier too. I did that a few times, he is 35lb and still fits and it’s easier for me too (instead of using arms to hold him). It looks ridiculous because he is big but whatever;)

Ernestine Holbrook, NY

light and compact

I bought two of these for each daughter when I seen a lady using it at Costco. I stopped and asked her about it because it looked comfortable and light enough of r hot days. She couldn’t say enough about it and she also had the ergo. I bought this and had gotten the ergo carriers earlier. They are very similar with the exception of the material they are made from. I got these so they can toss them into the diaper bags and whip it on as needed. ONE HUGE BONUS is when my daughter was at a mall and putting on the ergo she had to ask a stranger to buckle her up. The one point that was made was with these you can do it alone. I don’t regret getting both and it would be hard at this point to choose the bonus with the ergo was the infant insert. My daughters worse them with their new borns as they did house work, put on make up,…etc.

Penny Laketown, UT

Not a breathable carrier…

This carrier is made well and eased the burden of hiking and flying around the world with a toddler. But, the skin can’t breath in this and there is no padding or moisture-wicking ability…my child would sweat through her clothing whether we were walking through the airport or hiking in PA.One pro is that is dries fast enough on the clothesline.

Deana Bluff, UT

easy & light

I have 2 pouch slings, 2 ring slings and a mei tei. This is the best to take out of the house. Much easier to fasten and adjust than the mei tei and very thin and light weight to carry. This is the only carrier in 2.5 years that my husband actually wore in public. The hood came in handy as well. I will be trying it in the pool in a few weeks with my 9 month old as well.

Trina Bagdad, KY


I think,the could be a good idea, but I think I like the slightly greater structure that an ergo provides. So,far, I’ve used the ergo out front, only. Haven’t figured out how to get him on my back without assistance.

Jaime Vendor, AR

great for hot weather

I used this starting when our son was one month old. I would sometimes roll up a washcloth to put under his bottom to boost him up within kissable range. This is so easy to carry around (fits in diaper bag, under stroller, etc.) and pretty comfortable. It was great in hot weather–didn’t make me sweat as much as I thought I would. There are other more comfortable carriers, but they are also a lot bigger.

Sandra Friendship, WI

Not Comfortable for Heavier Child

My almost two year old daughter is 27 pounds. I am 5′ – 5" and petite build. The carrier was easy to put on and I was able to place my daughter in the back carrier position with little difficulty. However, the carrier was not very comfortable for me or for her. She kept saying – "it is tight" and crying. I only kept it on for about ten minutes, and it was tolerable. As others have mentioned, it does dig into your shoulders with a heavier child. I think this would be a great carrier for a lighter weight child, and wish that it had worked out for us.

Rena Muscadine, AL

Excellent for travel!!!

I have quite a few carriers and maybe a few too many since my toddler is now 25lbs! One of my favorite carriers is the ergo, but it takes up a lot of space and not great for travel let alone an day outing. I spent a month in South Korea with this amazingly light carrier and it was one of the best purchases I made for the trip. Like I said my tot is 19 months and 25lbs and I found this to be almost as comfortable as my ergo but so light and compact. It was so helpful having this for subways and sight seeing and I now keep it in the car for when have a lot of things to carry in from grocery shopping. If I had to buy carriers all over again…I would just chose this! Its a game changer!

Ivy Houghton, SD

Best thing!

I love this to keep in the diaper bag! It’s easy to use, light weight, easy to fold up and store. It’s simple and supports my back while I carry my little one.

Kristen Louisa, KY

I love them! I really do

Here’s the thing with Boba products, I love them! I really do. My bebe seems to enjoy the "ride" as well, and we use them daily. We have the 4G and Air. I got the Air for traveling, but upon test driving it, I found few lacks with it. And let me tell you, comfort isn’t one of them! This thing is still very comfortable!But it heats up like no other. It lets absolutely no air pass (ironically, since the name has Air in it….I know I know it is because is as light as air :), so bebe would be drenched in his own(and mine probably) sweat!The hood option is great and long! But again, when covered, bebe is boiling inside. I mean it got so hot I got worried. And it wasn’t a crazy hot day either, it is just that the material does not breathe, or let the air thru.While I didn’t try it, I imagine when washing it would dry in a jiffy! It is super compact, light and comfortable more than I expected.That pouch that Boba Air stores in, and is attached is basically useless as a storage pocket once the baby is in the carrier. It fits snug and I cannot imagine putting anything in it…The opening for legs does dig a little into the baby’s thighs, but it didn’t seem to bother my lil’ chubby.

Suzette Arminto, WY

Boba Air vs. Bitybean

I was looking for a lightweight carrier to leave in the car or diaper bag when we are on vacation for short wears as my baby is fearful in public of strangers etc.I am very much into babywearing and am a huge fan of Boba and tout the Boba 3G all the time to my friends. I use the 3G multiple times a week. It’s very comfortable and my 1 year old (25 pound) baby loves it. We have used it since birth and it has grown with us.I thought the Boba Air (BA) would be great for the summer since it’s more lightweight and we do get pretty hot in the 3G. I was so excited to get it in the mail! I also have a Bitybean (BB) and so I was excited to compare them. I was sure the BA would blow BB out of the water.NOT SO!The big thing to me was the straps. The BA has wider straps than the BB. This is the only improvement I see in it over the BB. FYI: The BA does not have padding in the straps and there is a thick wire in the seam closest to your neck. It’s horrible and I hate the wire. The straps pull down at the shoulders and don’t distribute the weight to the waist like the 3G. It could be that I have a chunky baby, but he is well within the weight limits for the carrier.My comparison of the Bitybean and the Boba AirStraps: BB has narrow and they are not super comfortable, BA has wide and they are not comfortable eitherFabric: BB is very thin and stretchy (almost like a wetsuit combined with a raincoat). It has breathable mesh. BA doesn’t have any mesh, but is a thin fabric.Comfort: BB pulls at the shoulders, BA pulls at the shouldersCompactness: BB wins by a mile. It folds up into a bag about the size of a waterbottle and can be stowed in the side pocket of a diaper bag. BA folds up into it’s own pocket and is about the size of a clutch purse or a 4 diapers stacked together.Design: BB comes in 4 colors and the design is more sleek. BA comes in black and blue on Amazon (I have seen white). I find black to be hotter in the sun.Getting Wet: BB can be used in the pool (needs to be rinsed after), BA can get sprinkled on but not submersed.Accessories: BB has a hood sold separately ($15) and a fleece insert ($19). I consider the hood to be a necessity. BA comes with the hood, no extra cost. Bonus for BA!Cost: BB is $60 + $15 for the hood, BA is $65 + hood is included.Overall, I feel like lots of thought has gone into the BB to make it wonderful and the BA was an afterthought of the 3G. The BA is getting returned to Amazon and the BB is the winner in our house. I hope in a later edition they will make the waist and shoulder straps wider, that would make a huge difference!

Latonya Raymond, MN

Love it as my backup carrier

This is a good carrier to keep in the car or handy as a backup. The lack of padding in the straps means it’s not super comfortable for long outings but it works great for grocery shopping or other short trips, 30mins to an hour tops. I wouldn’t have this as my only carrier but love it as an extra.The lack of structure makes it more difficult to get baby in if you’re not already familiar with getting baby situated in carriers.It is very lightweight and so it’s cooler than some thick carriers.If you only have $60ish dollars to spend on a carrier that you want to use all the time I suggest looking for a used carrier with more padding. But if you’re looking for a lightweight, easy to pack backup carrier this is great.

Lois Egg Harbor City, NJ

Light and compact!

I like how compact this carrier is. My 14 month old is 22 pounds. When I need to run a quick errand with her, I’d rather use the Boba Air than the stroller. It’s easy to put on, but it IS thin, so there isn’t much support. I also hate that it kinda cuts into my baby’s chunky thighs. Ive tried MANY carriers and this is the one I chose to stick with when my baby turned 10 months old.

Lola Mason, WI

Just “okay”.

Good: Very lightweight, compact. Bad: Found it uncomfortable compared to other carriers – not enough support on the back when baby is on the front, and when on the back, the straps pull and make it uncomfortable no matter how much adjusting is done. Max time using this product would be 30 min increments. Wish I had invested in the regular Boba, not the Air – as I think that one would have been way more comfortable and I would have used it more.

Shelley Sterling, NY

I would recommend this to anyone that has a child even toddler

My daughter bought this when she went to San Antonio, anyone that has a child needs this. The baby is 18 months old and very large for his age. It’s so light weight and so durable. I was a little sckeptic whether it would hold up, but it is still goign strong. I would recommend this to anyone that has a child even toddler.

Selina College City, CA