Boba Hoodie, Charcoal Grey, Large

Boba Hoodie, Charcoal Grey, Large

Like your favorite hoodie, made for two. The Boba hoodie is designed to fit over your Boba wrap, Boba carrier or any soft structured carrier to keep you and your little one warm. Works with your baby either on the front or back, and has a hidden zipper for easy on and off. Thumb holes keep sleeves down for easier cool-weather layering. Made of a soft terry blend of cotton and spandex.

Main features

  • 95% Cotton/5%Spandex
  • Imported
  • Designed to fit comfortably over your favorite Boba carrier
  • Hidden zipper for easy on and off
  • Just like your favorite sweatshirt, but built to accommodate company

Verified reviews


Confusing and Weird

I have no idea why it got such positive reviews. It’s just a long long piece of elastic cloth (like 8 ft by 2 1/2 ft), which I could have easily stitched myself. It’s not something where you can put a baby in right away and be on the go. Each wrap session takes like 5 minutes and if it becomes loose or undone, you have to unwrap to rewrap it with both hands (and the baby might fall out while you’re doing this).

Katina Stovall, NC

Not all that I had hoped. 🙁

I wanted to LOVE this. When I got it, I did love it. I loved the idea of it anyway. It is a little bit of a pain to put on because the piece of fabric is very long. I find myself carrying Zoe around more than I do putting her in the wrap. I did go to flea market determined to wear Zoe in the wrap and had to put the wrap on at home before I got in the car, because I didn’t want to fumble around with it in the parking lot, dragging the looooong fabric all over. Anyway, I’m sure that this is wonderful for people with more grace and patience than I.UPDATE!!! Had another baby and this time am out a lot more due to having a toddler who would not like sit at home all day. I have already used my wrap 5 times and baby is not quite 2 months. I still don’t use this at home, but am so happy to have it when we go on outside excursions! I’m giving this more stars.

Inez Bethel, AK

Sleepy wrap is Boba wrap

This product is the Boba wrap! Nowhere in the online description does this say so! The wrap is too large for a small woman with a small baby. Dad can use it, but only when the baby is no longer preemie size.

Jo Florence, AL

A must have sling

This sling is the best purchase I made. They come in a range of colors, I am sure everyone can find at least one color they like. As far as I can tell it is like a moby although I have never owned one. Once you know how to wrap it using it has never been easier. It frees up your arms and allows you to carry out chores without anything holding you back. Also you are able to nurse hands free and discreetly. I also like that the sling has no pressure points so you can keep your baby in it for as long as you want to. My Little one will stay in the sling for hours when out although he can get tired and fussy in the stroller. The way the wrap goes round means that the weight of your little one is spread across you back in hips. In many ways I feel as though I am pregnant again. I truly cannot say enough great things about this sling. A great price and you will be the envy of all. I have had friends buy one because they have seen me use mine. I would recommend to all.

Eileen Tracy, CA

Strange contraption… just a long piece of stretchy cloth

I placed this on my registry because of the great reviews and because I felt like I needed some type of infant carrier or sling that would hold my daughter since she is so small. The conventional slings like Baby Bjorn or similar ones are too big for her right now. While this wrap holds my 7 week old securely, it takes some real skill to get this thing on in a way that your baby will fit in it securely and not sag or slide out. Once you’ve got it on securely (I would try practicing several times and carry baby around the house before going outside with it) your baby should fit nicely in it. Still, I have mixed feelings about this cloth contraption. I feel like it is way overpriced for what it is (again a very long piece of stretchy nylon type cloth that wraps around you several times), it takes at least 2 people to adjust the wrap properly AND place your child in it, and it is definitely not for summer months unless you live in Alaska or Canada. I live in Virginia and even in 75 degree weather, this wrap makes my 7 week old daughter sweat a lot and that is just with a diaper and nothing else on! I don’t think the fabric breathes well. Perhaps when fall comes, it will be a more comfortable (temp wise) fit for my babe, but for now I am not all that impressed with it. I’ve used it maybe 3 times and only 1 time outside of the house. It also looks really strange on in person (lol). Just my opinion…

Jacqueline Lambert Lake, ME

I wouldn’t buy it again

It was useful a few times but in general – it is complicated to get on and you have to continuously readjust it. I used it a few times to go to the grocery store and a few times out to eat but mostly it was too much of a hassle. The reason why it gets two stars? Since I used it with my infant he sat pretty far into the thing and when you ran into strangers in public – they never had enough gall to touch your baby when they had to basically reach down your shirt to do it. Soooo…. it kept the old ladies away. I liked that part.

Lucia Lake Forest, CA

A lifesaver

I received the Sleepy Wrap as a baby shower gift, and it has proven itself to be a fantastic product. My son is currently 4 months old, and he is a frequent eater (breastfeeds every 1-2 hours) who takes very few daytime naps. He also wants to be held constantly and cries if laid down or left alone too long. The Sleepy Wrap is the only way I can get him to nap longer than 30 minutes during the day! He will often sleep for 2-3 hours in the wrap, waking for a snack and then back off to sleep. I’m a full-time student taking classes online, and I can study and surf the internet with baby wrapped against me! It’s the only way I can get things done during the day. If you are a fan of Attachment Parenting, this product is perfect.I also use the Wrap when going out and about. I simply put the wrap on at home, then transfer him into the wrap from the car seat and carry him with me in stores, at the mall, etc. He either looks around happily or sleeps peacefully. A much better alternative than carrying a carseat, lugging along a stroller, or finding a shopping cart to place the carseat into. The Wrap is extremely comfortable when standing or walking, and I have no problems with back or neck pain while carrying my son, who is currently 15 lbs.My son was developing a flat spot on his head, and one of the ways I helped treat this was by keeping him in the Wrap. There is no external pressure on his head, so it’s much better than laying him in a swing, bouncer or crib.I can even breastfeed my son in the Wrap. The website says no repositioning is required, but I find that I do have to reposition my son, from side to side and sometimes further down my chest, in order to feed him. It is not a completely discreet way to feed, so I use my Jelly Bean nursing cover over it.If you have a fussy or needy baby, I highly recommend getting this wrap. We also have a Baby Bjorn, which my husband often wears, and he prefers the Sleepy Wrap for both his and baby’s comfort.The only con of the Sleepy Wrap is that it takes practice to put it on just right, but after about a dozen times it becomes second nature. Also, as I mentioned above, I do have to reposition him to nurse, which often leaves the Wrap stretched and I have to re-wrap it in order to get the snug fit I desire.

Evangeline Munds Park, AZ

Love the sleepy wrap!

I’ve used this wrap MANY many times now and love it. So far I’ve only tried the newborn hold but plan on trying some new ones now that my son is older. I have it in brown and found its a nice neutral color to wear anywhere.The cons:
• The fabric is quite long, so it will drag on the ground while putting it on. I suggest putting it on before going out to avoid it dragging on the ground outside.
• It can get HOT! It’s not surprising since you have extra fabric wrapped around you plus the body heat of the baby, but this can make you sweaty. Even during the fall in Boston it was a little warm (which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing).
• Keeping the baby in this long-term can be a little tiring on the shoulders, even if you do spread out the fabric to distribute the weight.
• When in the newborn position, you can get spit up on down your shirt. I advise putting a cloth below their chin just in case!The pros:
• You’re hands free! Hooray!
• Travel is a breeze. I wore this in an airport (didn’t have to take him out going through security). I wore this on a plane (he slept in it the entire time). I wore this walking around Boston — a little tiring, but who wants to bring a stroller on the subway??
• You can wash it easily!
• It’s comfortable. My son loves being in it and has never had a problem — sometimes he’s a little warm, so in Florida that was more of an issue but not here in Boston.While walking through stores, I often see parents pushing around strollers looking my way enviously. My son almost always passes out in it as his ear is right against my chest listening to my heartbeat. I’m able to move easily and have both hands free. Plus, he looks cute as a button in it and people often stop me to peek in at him.

Hazel Holliday, TX

Like stretchy fabric..just gets hot.

The stretchy fabric of this is great. It wasn’t too difficult to get on, the instructions were very good. This is good for cooler temperatures. It gets really hot where I live, and I think this would be too warm for the little one.

Nell Elizabethtown, PA

Not plug-and-play

I don’t think it’s as much an issue with the product than it is with us… We didn’t have enough patience to learn all of the different wrapping methods and we just found it much easier to use a strap and click together carrier. We ended up almost always using the Ergo carrier at first, then moved to a Britax one later when our son much preferred outward facing.

Geraldine Kilsyth, WV

Baby wouldn’t ride anywhere else.

This is so cozy for baby. My daughter is almost a year old and still loves it. I have to make it really tight because it does stretch after a while (she’s 23lbs). This works especially well while shopping because you don’t have to use the dirty cart or push a stroller around. I didn’t find it hard to tie. There are lots of how to videos on you tube. I didn’t like dragging it on the ground (it is very long), so I tied it on at home before leaving and just wore it in the car.

Anastasia Pointblank, TX

Can’t be without it!!!

My baby loves this. I put it on once and it was so easy I didn’t even need to look at the directions the second time. She falls asleep in seconds and stays quiet until I take her out. Now I can eat without her screaming to be held at home and at restaurants and family functions. The dark green is great for mom and dad use. I also have an ergo baby, but ended up with a c-section so I couldn’t use it. This was great for the incision… no pressure on the incision and you can place the wrap wherever you need to.

Sheree Loyalhanna, PA

Nice wrap

I was is plus sizes right after my son was born and this still fit me great. He loved being in it and it was super comfortable for me.

Carmella Coppell, TX

Doesn’t get any better!

I bought this in the royal blue and loving it! After a few months of “infantino” baby carrier, the sleepy wrap is a god sent.My 2mo old would twist and scream in the infantino, she was clearly uncomfortable and would never stay in it more than 10 minutes. With the sleepy wrap molding to her and my body, I feel it’s the perfect fit for the both of us. She is comfortable, I am comfortable, no more screaming. Best thing – I can’t feel her weight!!! My back doesn’t hurt anymore, which I think is a huge bonus on top of my baby being happy. I would reccomend this a 100 times over!!!P.S. My husband finds this wrap extremely comfortable too, super easy to use.

Alicia Matthews, MO

Love it

This was a great buy for us. Our new baby pretty much desires to be held constantly when she is awake, and I’ve been using this since she was first born (now 6 weeks old). I use it to carry her around the house and always bring it on trips out of the house (grocery store etc). I feel very comfortable putting her in the wrap and can even use it to carry a burp cloth or even tuck in a bottle in case she gets hungry or upset while we’re out. I’ve even been able to use it to nurse her in public without really anyone knowing!

Germaine Western, NE

Love it!

The Sleepy Wrap is the best; my baby loves to be wrapped in it. I recommend it to everyone I know who has a baby!

Eva West Point, NY

My favorite baby carrier for my newborn

For my first baby I had the maya ring sling and I decided to try this one with my second child and boy am I glad I did! This one is MUCH more comfortable than the ring sling. The ring sling digs into my neck whereas the sleepy wrap stays evenly on both shoulders. I have nursed my son while walking around a store and nobody new what I was doing. I don’t think I’ll be able to nurse him descretely for much longer as he grows but for a newborn its perfect. The baby can face in and out and only up front. The maya ring sling can be used all over: front, back, and side. But for the new baby stage I prefer the sleepy wrap and my son likes it too, he will sleep in it for a long time.

Lucile Fair Haven, VT

Ok Baby Carrier

I really wanted to like this product but I just can’t say I do at this time. I have to start out by saying that I have the organic bjorn baby carrier. I think that might have to do with why I am not so happy with this one. I wanted a cloth carrier that was more basic & lightweight. One good thing is that IF you get it on right, it is practically weightless and comfy. I have a 20lb 6 month old (BIG BOY!) who loves to be in the bjorn facing out looking around. The main thing that I don’t like is that once you get it on you (not all so difficult as some might’ve mentioned), it’s hard to get your baby in right. In this wrap, he has to face me so he is always trying to turn around and because of the way he is in the wrap (not so sure if it’s the way I get him in- he is uncovered from his shoulder up & his arms are out) he is practically leaping out. Unlike the bjorn, where he is clipped & secured in, I feel that I HAVE to keep one or 2 hands on him at all times to make sure he doesn’t throw himself out. Again, I only have the bjorn to compare this to- I don’t know how this compares to other cloth wraps. I will continue to use it, just not when I need my hands free.

Bernice Chaptico, MD

Great for smaller babies.

Our daughter was born on the small side and the bjorn was just not safe during the first couple of months. This was the answer. Its remarkably easy to get the hang of, soft and washes easily. She loved it and we loved it. Even when she got to be a few months old this wrap worked beautifully at calming her down or soothing her when she was irritable. Great value.

Nan Long Beach, MS

Highly recommend

Tried several carriers – ‘backpack’ styles, ring sling, and this one, and this is hands down my fave. I didn’t use it much, but the times when I did it was AWESOME. Definitely saving it for having a new baby. Wish I could use it past 18 months!! Only negative is that it would be hard to put on outside the house, so when I planned to use it I would have to wear it before leaving the house (didn’t want germs on it from dragging on the floor.)

Claire South Paris, ME


As my little guy is only 7 days old we don’t have YEARS of experience with the wrap, but I can tell you we’ve used it everyday since he’s come home!!! It’s wonderful. It also IS NOT HARD TO FIGURE OUT once you play with it for a few minutes. Basically I handed it to my Hubby who took 10 minutes and then came and showed me how it works. DONE! I use it all day around the house when he’s being fussy. LOVE IT!

Lucille Alpha, OH

Love my new wrap!

I do love this wrap, I didn’t give it all the stars though because it does still hurt my back when my baby is in it. I have a big baby though 6 weeks old-12lbs. Easy to use if you watch the videos on youtube. I had to do it several times but now I have it down. Make sure you put it on tightly!!

Celeste Blaine, TN

A baby wrap

I bought this for my wife to use when cleaning because my daughter didnt like to be left alone in her pack and play.

Michell Shiocton, WI

Love this wrap!!!

I’ve had a variety of wraps with the three of my kiddos, and by far this one is my favorite! I love how easy it is to put on and comfortable it is! It is one of the best! Love it!

Wilda Sedan, KS

Too much material

I’m 5"2" and was 145 lbs post baby when I started using this. It’s made for amazon women not petite ones. There was just too much wrap for me. I got really hot after I got my baby all snug in it and was ready to rip it off immediately. I guess if you’re outside in the Winter it’s a good wrap but I didn’t get anything out of it but a bad mood. Giving it away.

Susanna Lucas, KY

Very good wrap

I bought this wrap when my baby was about a month old- I was on the fence about babywearing and didn’t know where to start. This wrap is an excellent introduction! The fabric is cotton and thick- it feels strong and slightly stretchy. The reason it is 4 stars and not 5 is that now that my baby is older, I have to make the wrap REALLY TIGHT before I put her in or else it starts to sag after about 20 minutes, which doesn’t happen with the Moby wrap or probably others that have no stretch to them. I’m pretty petite (5’1″) and making the wrap so tight means I have to wrap this around myself a few times, and that also gets hot. However, on cool days or for general use, it is very secure and my daughter does tend to go to sleep in it, so it does what it says!

Susie Monroe, MI

Wish I had bought it when baby was newborn

It is called sleepy wrap for some reason, it would have been great for my newborn, but now that she is more active she prefers her BabyBjorn. Nontheless I like this one better because you really dont feel like you are carrying a 7 kg baby, it is really confortable and I love how you can hug your baby.

Myra Scott, AR

Easy to adjust but too hot

This wrap is great, easy to adjust, but it is simply too hot if you live in a hot weather like I do. In 2 minutes baby and I get so sweaty that I have to put her down. Maybe in winter time ?

Angela Lomax, IL

great stretch to the fabric, soothes like nothing else

I got both the Sleepy Wrap and Moby Wrap and have tried them both out to see which one I liked better. They both seem to be the exact same concept and you can do all the same holds with them but I will be keeping the Sleepy Wrap because the fabric has more give and stretch to it which makes it easier for me to tuck the baby inside and then adjust it to support her head. At first I wasn’t sure if I would like the wrap style carrier because all the fabric seemed cumbersome but after a few tries I learned how to do it and I can get it on within a few seconds. I prefer the wrap over my traditional front carrier because it is much easier on my back and because it provides newborn head support so you really can have your hands free.I have to add that of all the baby gear we’ve bought this is by far the best investment (and ironically the least expensive) because it soothes like nothing else. The baby is right there against you feeling the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe, hearing your heart beat, feeling your body heat, etc. This is a wonderful and easy way to ‘wear’ your baby.*Update*It’s been well over a year since I purchased this wrap. My baby was a preemie and I found the wrap was a very good way of having skn-to-skin contact. When the fabric was pulled to it’s full width it would cover my back and shoulders, so I could carry the baby in just a diaper right against my skin while we were both covered, and yet have my hands free to get things done around the house. I used this method a lot in those early weeks and felt it was very beneficial.Around 8 months I found that I wanted a carrier with more structure that I could easily click on and off and I graduated to an Ergo Baby carrier (which I’ve also reviewed on Amazon and cannot recommend highly enough). But this wrap was ideal for the newborn stage, and so affordable that I felt I could have both types of carriers without breaking the bank.

Ora Dunlap, CA

Same concept as Moby carrier but MUCH BETTER!

For all of those thinking the Moby is the greatest thing ever, the Sleepy Wrap takes things up a notch. It works just like the Moby, there are no buckles to dig into your chest or back. However the Sleepy Wrap is 5% spandex!!! What a difference a little spandex makes. You never have to guess how tight to wrap it to make room for your baby. Just stretch it snug around your body and it will stretch more for your baby! There is always more stretch to it but it never gets “worn out.” You also never have to rewrap or readjust when you take your baby out to ride in the car, change their diaper, etc. The quality and comfort of the Sleepy Wrap is amazing as well. It is 95% cotton, so it still breathes well, and is soooo soft. It washes very well, and after a year of use it still looks new. I washed it when I bought it and it did shrink a little, but it was perfect because it is very long. The little bit of shrinking it did made the “leftover wrap” that hung not so long. I used it almost daily the first year. We chose to use a convertible car seat instead of an infant carrier. Studies are showing that wearing your baby instead of leaving them in the car seat is far better for their spine. Not only that but they love to be snuggled next to you! My daughter always slept in the Sleepy Wrap, which made grocery trips and dinners out much nicer for us. She felt safe and secure, and I knew she was as well. I loved how you can place some of the shoulder strap over the back and sides of their head and that keeps strangers from wanting to touch your newborn. I was also never worried about her falling. I always kept a hand under her just incase, but there are just those moments when you have to have both hands and this was wonderful! She is now 20 months and I miss this thing! It comes with a handy carry bag and a booklet to show you the basic wraps. However if you find time to play with this you will find infinate ways to wear your baby. The Sleepy Wrap is the best by far in the baby wearing items, and just the right price too!

Mariana Providence, RI