Bobee Diaper and Wipe Dispenser Changing Table Nursery Organizer

Bobee Diaper and Wipe Dispenser Changing Table Nursery Organizer

From the Inventor: When I was pregnant with my second child, I needed something to move the diapers and wipes up and out of the way. My 17-month-old thought playing with diapers was pure fun! But searching for diapers on the floor and tracking down the wipes, while keeping a hand on my squirmy son made diaper changes a nightmare, even almost unsafe! There was not a good wall mounted diaper storage solution on the market, so I made one. I designed the Bobee diaper and wipe dispenser to make life easier for me. Having both diapers and wipes mounted above the changing table not only made the process easier and safer, the organizer gave me much needed extra room at the changing table. I know you will find the same benefits! Product Details: Diaper duty is neat and clean with the Bobee diaper & wipe dispenser. A wall mounted caddy saves changing table valuable surface space. Easily mounts to your wall just like a picture (mounting hardware included). Organize diapers and wipes up and out of the way, yet convenient to a diaper change. Keep one hand safely on your baby while grabbing a diaper or wipe with the other hand. Diapers and wipes are always within reach. Accommodate a childs growth as they move through the diaper sizes. The diaper holder houses all sizes and brands of baby diapers. Newborn size all the way up to toddler size 6. The roomy compartment holds up to 50 newborn diapers and 35+ size 3 diapers. Swim diapers and training diapers easily fit too as well as cloth diaper inserts. The baby wipes area holds a very large amount of wipes; a 100 quantity large pre-packaged bag of wipes easily fits in the wipe caddy. We recommend removing the snap-on cover of the packaged wipe bag and positioning the wipes to dispense out of the bottom of the wipe compartment. Decorative decals not included. Patent US008870022B2

Main features

  • CUSTOMIZE: Dispenser comes white, decorate your Bobee diaper & wipe dispenser with wall decals, paint for a custom color, or stencil for a DIY design.
  • CONVENIENCE: All sizes of disposable baby diapers fit in the Bobee dispenser, newborn to size 6, even pull-ups and swim diapers. The dispenser holds upwards of 50 newborn diapers (depending on size and brand) and an average of 35 diapers of all other sizes. Less refills means more time with your baby! And the largest size (100 qty) of prepackaged wet wipes are easily held in the Bobee. When you have those messy blow-outs, grabbing a bunch of wipes makes your diaper changing job a breeze!
  • EASY INSTALLATION: As easy to install as hanging a picture. The wall plate mounts to the wall (mounting hardware included), just add diapers and wipes, slide the cover back on and you’ll be all set to quickly and easily grab a diaper or wipe as needed.
  • ORGANIZE: Move diapers and wipes up and out of the way, yet convenient to a diaper change. (Professional organizers call this “use of vertical space.”) The Bobee dispenser allows for diapers and wipe to be easily reached during the messiest of diaper changes. No more fumbling in the middle of the night to access a diaper or wipe out of the box, Bobee adds convenience to the diaper changing process.
  • SMILE: Newborns go through 8-10 diapers a day! Make your life easier with a Bobee diaper & wipe dispenser.

Verified reviews


Perfect (except for one thing)…

We LOVED this diaper organizer–we were so excited when it came. It was a little bigger than we expected (we live in an apartment, so that was a consideration) but it was not so big that I would return it.Here’s why we (had to) return it…I can only use Lansinoh wipes (allergy to aloe vera), and Lansinoh wipes do not fit well into the wipes dispenser. That’s it. I hate that the wipes had to win, because this was really the first diaper organizer I could stand to look at and use. I loved that it hangs on the wall (again, space-saver despite it’s large size) and the stickers were adorable!Kudos to the designers of this product–it’s functional, durable and attractive.

Nita Lostine, OR

Up and out of the way!

The Bobee diaper and wipe dispenser really does get them up and out of your way during diaper changes, yet they are still readily accessible with only one hand. It holds a nice quantity of diapers, even for my twins, and holds a full pack of wipes of any brand. I also like that you can change the look of it to match the decor of your nursery using the included color dots. This is one more example of solving a problem that all parents of babies and toddlers face on a daily basis.

Hallie Ranier, MN

Diaper Stacker

This is a great concept and love they everything is out of the way. The only down fall to this product is the wipes compartment. I tried every type of wipe packaging and it about impossible to get the wipes out. it defies gravity and the weight of the wipes will not allow you to pull them from the bottom. This would be wonderful if only it worked to its full capability.

Jody Freeport, PA


I do like the fact that the diapers and wipes are right there, ready to go, and there’s no bending or turning away from Baby while she is on the changing table. It is handy, and I’m happy that I bought it.

Jeanine West Columbia, SC

Wonderful invention

LOVE this great product. I only wish it had been invented when my 2 oldest kids were babies. It is easy to install on the wall, no problems at all. It holds plenty of diapers and they are easy to grab and pull out. Plus the wipe holder is AWESOME! This is a real life saver and daddy loves it too! I will be buying more for gifts.

Bernadette Anna, TX

Bobee Review

For our first child our diaper caddy we purchased was flimsy, held minimal items and was basically useless. Luckily, with just one child I just stopped using it completely. Little did I know that my daughter would be very interested in the new baby’s diaper holder under the changing table. Oops! I couldn’t keep anything under the table without her taking it and hiding it around our house! Ouch. I had to find something that would stay out of reach of her interested little hands while still having the changing supplies close to the changing table. I was so relieved to find the Bobee Stacker that mounts to the wall (and my daughter can’t reach!) and it just happens our room is decorated with green and brown dots, so the stick on decals fit nicely into the décor. I was excited at how many diapers the stacker holds, I love the dispensing part of the product and the ease of use makes this a fantastic product. Now I just have to remember to refill with mommy brain!

Mia Mount Morris, PA

Love it!

The Bobee diaper and wipe stacker is brilliant. It was diaper changing time easy and efficient. I love the fact that you get to personalize the stacker and stickers can be easily removed and replaced.

Christa Clayhole, KY