Bonaco Caboose Travel Potty – The Diaper Potty

Bonaco Caboose Travel Potty – The Diaper Potty

The Caboose is compact, a mere 2.5″ tall when closed, and 4″ tall when ready for use. It is 8″ x 10″ and weighs just under a pound. There is room to store a diaper when closed. Any size diaper works in the potty. If you don’t have any diapers, you can still use the potty, although that defeats the genius of the Caboose. The carrying bag has a sturdy handle, it zips open quickly and has a small fabric insert to ward off odors.

Main features

  • It’s Convenient! With our patented diaper-catching design, give your toddler a clean , real potty that works. Because when you gotta go, you gotta go!
  • It’s Compact! So small, it fits on a standard sheet of paper. The top fits in the base for even more compact storage. It can fit in your diaper bag, or under the stroller, or on the floorboard of the car.
  • Teachable Moments Away From Home! Families today are busier than ever and potty training on the go is tougher than on our home turf.

Verified reviews


It could be better.

I used this product with biodegradable diaper inserts like Flip, gDiapers, and GroVia inserts. They worked well with this potty, but the potty itself could be better if the potty snapped together before use. The fact that the two parts do not snap onto each other before the child sits on it is unfortunate because it causes the two parts to move, and doesn’t offer a secured, stable seat for the child. I hope that the company takes notice of this request. Other than that, it is a super compact, portable potty.

Jewell Sharon, MS

A must have for anyone potty training.

We love love love this potty. I actually recommend it to ALL of my mommy friends. Yes, it has its kinks but nothing’s perfect 🙂 Our daughter was potty trained at 21 months but she was always afraid of public restrooms, mostly because of the accelerator hand dryers. I was even more terrified of my little girl using nasty public restrooms. Enter the bonaco potty… I love that we were able to use our unused diapers then wrap it up as you normally would and dump it or store it for future disposal. The other systems we looked at had liners that leaked, or just kept the waster until you could dispose it….disgusting. We also love the small size making it very portable to take with us every where including the train and plane. I really appreciate having this potty, and not having to force my little one to use a public restroom. GET.IT.NOW!

Ila Tallahassee, FL

not completely sold

I love the concept of this travel potty – a great way for easy clean up and also to use up those left over diapers. However 2 things Im not sure I love.. 1 it doesnt stay together well and 2 the diaper inside doesnt stay put too well. when my daughter finally used it (she was a little afraid to at first) the diaper shifted and we still got pee on the inside and had to clean it out. Who knows, maybe it was her. I like how small and light it is, and can still put it in my diaper bag in case i need it and she wont go elsewhere. I think it is worth purchasing to try out if you are potty training

Aisha Carpio, ND

Doesn’t fit all diapers but I still like it

This is great to keep in the car, especially for those times there is no bathroom nearby. I was originally drawn to this because I have so many newborn diapers left over…so I was disappointed that the newborn diapers wouldn’t fit. The seat is small and my daughter had an adjustment period before she would use it willingly. However….I would still recommend it and you can’t beat the portability!

Hattie Oneida, TN

Very small, but works pretty well

We bought this to keep in the "stow’n’go" compartment of our van. It fits great along with a small package of size 5 diapers. The website says you can use any size diaper, but so far the fours and fives are the only ones that are really large enough.For the most part, it has worked well. We’ve had a couple of instance where urine somehow ended up between the diaper and the potty, which is extra gross to deal with but doesn’t happen often enough for us to stop using the potty. You also need to wait a few minutes for the urine to soak into the diaper before you can wad everything up and pitch it.I have found that the diaper does NOT want to stay in place. It moves easily and slips out from under the side guards pretty often. It hasn’t really effected the performance of the potty, but I’m going to put the rough half of a piece of velcro in the bottom of it and see if that helps.As mentioned in the title, this potty is very small. It’s about the size of a thick, hardcover book. It’s also very sturdy, though. With some careful maneuvering, I have used it in an emergency with no issues (and I weigh close to 200 pounds). Sometimes if my daughters sit down too quickly, the halves of the potty slide apart, but, once again, it doesn’t happen often enough to be huge issue.Overall, we’re happy with our travel potty (and the gas station stops it saves us on long trips) and I expect we’ll get many years of use from it.

Mia Whelen Springs, AR

Works great with “Potette Plus Liners”

Purchased to take on our Disney Land Vacation as an "emergency potty stop." for my 2 1/2 year old and her older brother. I have a Cool Gear Travel Potty that we keep in the car which I use this one with potette plus liners. It’s too big though to take with us in our packing or carry on so I took a look for alternatives. This is indeed small and compact, which is awesome. We tried it with a diaper but as other reviewers have said it can be hard to get it to stay in place so you end up with liquid in the base. I then tried it with a Potette Plus Liner and volia, perfect! It sits inside and the edges turn out over the sides of the potty effectively covering most of the potty. NO leaks to be cleaned up. Carefully lift the liner away after use, tie it in a knot and throw away. Very happy with my potty!

Millicent Union City, TN


Super dooper handy. These are so small and work so well. Can carry in diaper bag if need be but we just keep them in the car for emergencies.

Della Troutville, PA

Almost perfect.

This comes in very handy when you are on long trips or at the beach, park, any place there aren’t bathrooms around. We don’t even use the diapers with it. Just rinse and wipe after. Took one star off only because it could be a bit larger. But can’t really complain for the price.

Linda Newington, CT