Boogie Snatcher: Infant, Baby Nose Cleaning Tweezers. Cleans Your Infants Nose For Better Sleep!

Boogie Snatcher: Infant, Baby Nose Cleaning Tweezers. Cleans Your Infants Nose For Better Sleep!

Finally a gentle way to remove hard, dried-up mucous from newborn noses! Often baby’s nose gets stuffed up with annoying boogies and you have to use the bulb syringe that irritates the nasal cavity and baby. Just use the Boogie Snatcher to safely and easily remove the boogie! Simply squeeze it with the Boogie Snatcher and gently remove it so baby can breathe freely and comfortably!

Main features

  • Cleans your infants nose for better sleep. Cleans nasal cavity before using nasal aspirator.
  • Does not irritate the nasal cavity or baby
  • Short and rounded tips for safe use
  • Tapered & extra-wide grip prevents accidental over-insertion
  • Cap to store and seal the tweezers

Verified reviews


Overall it does work, but it could be better.

Where was this product when I was looking for it years ago for my first kid? It’s such a great idea…but it could be better.1. The plastic is REALLY cheap feeling. No, it doesn’t need to be surgical-grade stainless steel or anything, but it just feels really lightweight and cheap. I’d rather pay a few dollars more for a better product.2. The normal resting position of the tweezers is almost closed–which makes it a bit of a pain to use as you have to figure out how to hold the sides open while sticking it in the kid’s nose to tweeze. No, it’s not life or death, but why couldn’t a small adjustment have been made so that they are open wider? That extra step is annoying when you’re dealing with a fussy baby.Overall it does work, but it could be better.

Tracy Fontana, KS

Great at grabbing boogies, but take care not to poke your baby!

These DO grab boogies well, but can fit VERY FAR into your baby’s nose, so if they move suddenly while you are going after a boogie, you will poke them. Fortunately the ends are rounded so you can’t do damage, but still, I have poked my son when he jerked suddenly. Just take care to hold baby’s head as still as possible when you use these.

Minerva Hamilton, GA

Doesn’t work safely

You would have to have an absolutely still baby and super deft hands in order to use these without risking it fly up their nose. I would not recommend this for use on a baby.

Claudette Cuero, TX

Doesn’t open wide enough

I thought this product sounded great, but I have to agree with the other negative reviews on here. The tweezers do not open wide enough to be effective. You have to force them open in order to grab the boogies. The design just doesn’t make sense. Save your money.

Marcella Gunlock, UT

Much better than parent powered aspirator

I bought this because my baby would not let me near her nose with theBabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator (Blue). She HATED it! I needed to find something to get the boogers out, so I decided to try this. So far, so good! She lets me get the boogers and it is quick & painless! I use a regular bulb for the snot, but for the most part, this is all I use!

Celia Glenwood, AL

Not worth it!

I loved the idea of this product but it is not worth your money. I should have listened to the other review that mentioned that the tweezers are in the closed position. You have to figure out a way to open them up and keep them open to be able to get anything. It would be much better if they were designed like normal tweezers where you just need to squeeze in order to close the points.

Nikki Port Sulphur, LA

Best Boogie Product!

I LOVE the Boogie Snatcher! I had no way to get the crusty boogers out of my Son’s nose before this product. I hate hate hate the snot bulb and so does my baby. Boogie Snatcher is more comfortable and he doesn’t get so mad that I am getting boogers out of his nose. I found that using Boogie Snatcher while he is eating a bottle is the best covert way to get the crusty boogers out of his nose. He doesn’t even notice. I love it and I wish I would have had it earlier in his life.

Amanda Hardin, KY

So helpful

Never thought I’d like these so much but I do. My son hates getting his nose cleaned out. We often use the nosefrida but sometimes all you need I’d these. He’s not a huge fan but they are gentle enough that it’s usually over pretty quick and harmless.

Gayle Shelbyville, MI

Simple, but works.

My baby is so stuffed up that we have to suction out her nose everyday. Sometimes the snot doesn’t come all the way out but she gets so fussy you cant get the aspirator back in her nose before she cries and sucks it back up. These are great! They are blunted so they won’t hurt the baby but they grab the snot nicely and she doesn’t seem to mind them at all. I wish I would have found these weeks ago.

Fay Lawton, MI

Neat Nosey

These are amazing! I dont know about your kid, but mine hated the nose bulb, I dont know if it really hurts to suck boogers out with those things but I guess the sight of a big bulging ball coming toward your face can be quite traumatiing! But these are small and easy to use without hurting babys delicate nostrils. Totally recommend!

Josefa Wyoming, NY

It’s okay

I was very excited when I purchase this for my son, I have to say it I was a bit disappointed when I received it. I thought the tip was going to be a little bit wider, like actual tweezers. I hardly ever use this product. I don’t personally recommend it.

Juanita King City, MO

just what I needed

I was wondering if this would actually work on my preemies little nose. It works perfect. Only issue I have is that it is smaller than it appears(at least to me). But this really isn’t a problem. It comes with a great cap to keep it clean inbetween uses. Definitely recommended.

Rose Cardin, OK

So handy for Boogers

My daughter loved hers, so I purchased another for her dear friend and my adopted daughter. The baby doesn’t fight when you pull boogers from her small nose.

Brandi Woodside, DE

OK in Theory, Challenging in Practice

The theory of a pair of tweezers design to pull boogers out of your kid’s nose is great.That being said, these tweezers, leave something to be desired. Mainly rebound.What I mean is that the opening within the tweezers is fairly small and you’ve gotta be pretty precise on first try to nail the booger, squeeze the tweezers and extract, all while your child is squirming for dear life. I haven’t been successful yet. It would be helpful to have the tweezers act more like nail clippers with a spring in the middle.Some people have been successful with this product and while my kid continues to make boogers, I will continue to try.

Marcy Gary, WV

This really works!!

I had been using the traditional bulb to get the boogers out of my 4 month old sons nose from the time he was born and was so frustrated with how long it took to actually get anything out of his nose. Not to mention, that the entire time he was squirming and coughing anytime I stuck it in his nose. He hated it!! Fast forward to now that I’m using the boogie snatcher…this thing is just awesome!! It is so easy to get in there and grab wet or dry boogers. The baby doesn’t get frustrated at all while I’m using it. So happy with this product. If you’re on the fence at all, I hope this review helps to convince you to purchase this product because it really made my life easier and my baby a whole lot happier. I’ve even purchased it for a friends baby shower. A must!

Aileen Powderhorn, CO

I love this thing

Who knew I would ever love a product called the Boogie Snatcher but I do. In conjunction with a bulb, this keeps my son’s nose boogie free. Just spray some saline, wait a little while, and then go for it! Sometimes I still do need the bulb but most of the time this works great.

Lela Toccoa, GA

Meh…if you have the hands or a surgeon and a very patient baby.

If you are able to make it work….I am not always able to. Babies wiggle..they wiggle a lot more when they see something coming towards their face. I like the idea of using these safe tweezers to snatch those dried boogers that linger in my son’s nose…but..he really has to be asleep for these to work. By asleep, I mean passed out asleep because even then it takes a few tries. I no longer use this to remove his hard boogers. Saline drops and nosefrida all the way. *side note, you really need to have steady hands too, I once pushed a booger further into his nose…after that, these went into the trash.

Matilda Succasunna, NJ

works great!

obviously you should not stick this up your kid’s nose, but it is handy for the getting those boogies that are right on the edge.

Denise Ninilchik, AK

Great Baby Must Have

This is a very helpful item to have around to grab the hard to reach little boogies from my little ones nose. I wish it had more precision/grasp, but it is great none the less.

Theresa Brunswick, GA

great for getting those hard to reach ones out

My son is naturally a "boogery" kid. This boogie snatcher is easy to use and won’t scratch the inside of my son’s nose like regular tweezers would, when trying to "remove" the problem. Definitely a must have in our home.

Ethel Allenton, WI

Gently gets the job done

The soft plastic works well for snatching boogers. They are small enough that the baby will not complain if you are gentle.

Antionette Proctor, AR

Why did I not have this with my first child?

I know that the idea seems a little simple and cheesy, but these things are great! The tips are very small and rounded to keep from hurting the inside of the baby’s nose and they get the job done! I am one of those mom’s who goes crazy when there’s a booger in my baby’s nose, so this keeps me from being obsessed. Totally worth it!

Becky Santo, TX

Every now and then these come in handy

I like these, daughter not so much. Some boogies are just too obvious but hard to get, that’s where these come in handy. I don’t have to use these often, but when I do it’s a quick process and cuts the battle/struggle with little one in half.

Jordan Arcadia, OK

Perfect little snatcher

I love this product so much I have one for each kid. Helps me clean my 4 yr olds nose when he is not able to blow hard enough to get the boogies out. Perfect for my 2 Mona olds nose too.

Ashley Driscoll, ND

Easy to use

This boogy snatcher is great for pulling out stubborn and hard to reach boogers! Sounds gross but it’s a huge help.The tips are rounded for safety but that causes them to be a little slippery but not a deal breaker!

Helene Scottsville, KY


my wife likes using this. Makes it easy to pick your kids nose. No really anything else to say except we have used it for a year and it still working fine.

Carole Alviso, CA

Let’s you pick baby’s nose!

If you have ever looked at your baby’s nose and seen a booger that you could not grab with the tissue (out of reach) and that you knew was too dry to come out with any of the nose suckers, here’s where the boogie snatcher comes to play. It is a pair of tiny tweezers that let’s you snatch the boogies, yeah the name says it all. I have used this to successfully grab a few boogies, fits easily into my 4 month old’s nostrils.

Angelina Bergholz, OH

What a great invention!

Babies nasal passages are so small and it’s hard to get them cleared out when they are congested. That’s why we love this invention. It’s genius and it doesn’t cause the baby any discomfort (like a bulb syringe does). I actually had a pair that broke because we used them so often, but I don’t mind buying them again because they are totally worth it!

Gertrude Utica, NE

Does the job, but pictures look better than product itself

I got this to help me pull out crap from my son’s nose, and it does work when he doesn’t fight me when I want to use it. But I was a bit disappointed at how cheap it looks when I received the product.If you’d like a complete list of baby registry must-haves, a stroller shopping guide, what to expect at the hospital delivery, sleep training, etc. visit the website,

Emma Alto, MI

Gets the job done

I was nervous that these wouldn’t fit in my month-old’s itty bitty nose, but they do, and they work very well! Much better alternative to trying to fish them out with a kleenex or breaking out the bulb, which seems like overkill for boogers.

Hallie Fairplay, CO