BooginHead Pacifier Holder, Pink Polka Dot

BooginHead Pacifier Holder, Pink Polka Dot

899139001145 Features: -Paci grip.-Washable, durable and non toxic.-Strong clasp that won’t pull off, but is gentle on clothes.-Also great for holding small toys. Color/Finish: -Color: Pink Polka Dot.

Main features

  • Washable, durable and non-toxic
  • Strong clasp that won’t pull off, but is gentle on clothes
  • Available in matching SippiGrip patterns
  • Fashionable, functional and affordable

Verified reviews


Great pacifier clip.

I have the green and blue striped clip, and I like it a lot. The stripes aren’t painted on, but actually woven into the ribbon, so I haven’t had any problems with the paint coming off. I have been using my pacifier clips for several months, and I haven’t had any problem with the buckle breaking. These work the best for soothies out of anything else I have found.

Marguerite Inman, NE

Just another baby accessory

This might have been a better accessory for us if our son actually used his pascifier. It was really hard to find a pascifier holder for these hospital pascifiers, and once I did, I didn’t like the price. As far as I’m concerned, it was handy, but not “that” handy for us. If you’re baby likes pascifiers, it would be great!

Trisha Lathrop, MO

Too tight

this product can hold different kinds of pacifier but the clip is too tight so it’s hard to take it off my baby’s shirt when she felt asleep… Plus the price is rather expensive for this tiny holder! i bought another pacifier holder at Walmart for $2.99, it couldn’t hold the kind of pacifier I got from hospital (which my daughter loves to such), but all I had to do is attaching a strap to it & it works just like this BooginHead Pacifier Holder (& I saved $1 🙂 ) (Besides, I don’t want to throw away something I just bought, so it’s not too bad to add a strap to it)

Hazel Cincinnati, OH

Not worth the money

I got this attacher today and was pretty disappointed in it. It’s not worth paying even the 5 bucks but then tack on the 5 dollar shipping as well that they charged me and it’s definitely not worth the price. It’s a piece of ribbon attached to a clip. Not all that complicated. I would NOT buy this again for myself or a friend. I got a bink link off of and at least it’s got some style for the price. Don’t waste you moolah on this one!

Carlene Pickerington, OH

had I known…

The strap and all is fine and cute but I hadn’t noticed the clip. It’s really frustrating that I can’t unclip & clip with one hand. With baby in one arm and the strap getting tangled on something or stuck in an awkward place it would help if I could move it one handed. I wouldn’t buy it again knowing this. We let our toddler use is instead but that’s a disaster too. The metal clip just hangs and she scrapes it on my computer or the table. We’ve removed it as it’s too frustrating.

Maxine Gilmer, WV

Rubs my kid’s skin

I like finally having a decent clip for our soothie pacifiers, but the cord rubbed against his skin and left a slight red mark after only a short period of time. I will still use it when we absolutely need the clip, but not the rest of the time.

Ida Shirleysburg, PA

Little too long if you ask me

These do what they were made for but I feel like they are an inch or two too long. If this was attached to a bib it could be a choking hazard (so watch your youngin). My baby also chewed on these constantly, we didn’t feel comfortable with that so I made some organic fabric ones so he can chew to his hearts content.

Sophie Fagus, MO

for Booginhead and MAM pacifier combo users, i recommend…

I bought this booginhead as my MAM pacifier straps were useless. Unfortunately the booginhead and MAM pacifier dont work comfortably (at least for my son) together so I used the plastic circular piece from the MAM strap system and attached it to the loop on the BooginHead. NOW it is a perfect strap! I recommend trying this for any other MAM users!

Dominique Lisbon, ME

Suspender clip annoys

The suspender clip is hard to open! It also hurts sometimes when it get stuck under your nail as you try to pry it off your child. If you are trying to remove it while holding a baby, forget it, you will need 2 hands. Sometimes you have to wonder if people have kids when they “invent” stuff. I wish the end would be made of clips that operate like a clothes pin and velcro on the other end for easier paci removal. Save the money and just cut up an old pair of suspenders.

Tessa Westernville, NY

Good, but the clip loses strength

This clip works well for the pacis the hospital provides. I’m concerned about the length – seems a bit long to me so I never, ever let my babe sleep with it attached to him. The other problem is that after a week, something happened in the clip and now it isn’t as tight as it used to be. I’ve remedied the problem by folding over my little guy’s onesie so there is 2 layers of fabric in the clip instead of 1 and it holds fairly well that way. I just wish the clip was stronger.

Brandy Cambridge, ME

I didnt need this

I think this is a wonderful and useful tool for a parent with a children that likes pacifers. My son hates them and this was my last attempt to try to encourage him to use it. My daughter never liked pacifers either. I just thought it was a great way to calm babies.

Kaitlyn Santa Fe, TN


I have 4 of these paci clips. This green color is so-so. It’s kind of drab. I would recommend another color. I have the bright blue with polka dots and the bright blue with white stripes. Both of those are much more vibrant.Skip this color. Great brand though.

Araceli Mill Springs, KY

The BEST BEST BEST binkie holder EVERRRRRR!!! And very affordable!!

I have had quite a few binky holders after 3 kids and this one is by far the best I have tried. I have it in the blue/green stripes and find it cute, well-made, and easy to use. Others said something about the dots coming off of the polka dotted one, but I don’t know about that…they must made the striped one differently because it would be impossible for any of it to come off. You can connect it to any binky that has a little hole and it can’t come off unless you ripped the binky hole or tore the loop on the end of the connector (which neither can be done by an infant). It has a super easy to use clip that has little “teeth” like grabbers to hold onto whatever you clip it onto and won’t slip off…yet doesn’t damage the fabric it’s clamped onto. The “teeth-like” grabbers are a plastic material overlayed in metal, so the metal isn’t actually touching your babies clothes, but rather just plastic. I like this because some of the other binky holders I have used had metal teeth that were sort of sharp to the touch and ruined whatever it was clipped onto. And for less than four dollars on Amazon…soooo worth it!! Another complaint I have read about this clip from other people is that their child can pull it off their clothes easily…ummm, you’re not supposed to give a binky to a 3 year old!!!

Karyn Saint Paul, MN

Love it!

Great price, loved the nice selection of styles. I bought in the light blue stripe. In retrospect maybe I should have gone for a darker pattern because with all the handling it started to look dirty pretty soon. But I sprayed with shout and out through the wash and it came out looking brand new. The clip stays on any kind of clothing and does not seem to bother my 6 week old baby at all.

Nora Cuney, TX

Love it!

Her pacifier will never hit the floor again. Plus, easy to reach back into her carseat and find it. So much cuter than the ones in the stores.

Jennifer Mc Intosh, NM

a necessity for pacifier users

My baby uses these so he doesn’t drop his pacifier, and I use them so I can find the pacifier in my purse or diaper bag. I prefer the way these attach to the pacifier with a cord as opposed to others that use velcro. The clasps do seem to lose some of their “clipping power” after a while, or maybe my son has just gotten stronger and can pull it off his shirt if the fabric is thin. But at $5 each they pay for themselves, so can easily be replaced if needed.

Sherry Cascade, IA

Loved it so much

I loved the ease of use of these holders that I went out the BuyBuy Baby and bought 3 more. I can clip a paci anywhere. One of these holders is permanently attached to the should strap in my little ones car seat. Only problem is when it’s not attached to something nearby (shoulder strap, stroller, etc.) they are cumbersome. I tried giving my little one the holder and paci in her crib because it was easier to unclip the holder than it was to unloop the paci from the holder once when my little one fell asleep in her car seat and I was transferring her to her crib. My advice is to just unloop the holder from the paci… anyways!

Neva Ensenada, PR

Great Binky Clip – Has Lasted Nine Months – Be Mindful of Metal Clip

This is my go-to clip for my son’s binky. I have been using the same one for nine months now – it’s the only one that hasn’t become lost and one of the few clips that work with the Avent pacifiers (the round ones used by hospitals). I have washed it more times than I can count using Dawn dish soap and letting it air dry and it held up perfectly.However, now that my baby is a little older, he likes to pull the clip off his shirt and test out his teeth on the metal clip. I have solved this by attaching it to the top of his pants or the pocket of his sweater / hoodie – he seems to forget about it if he can’t see it.Overall, I would highly recommend this.

Kate Killarney, FL

Best out there…

I have two pacifier keepers for my 11 month old; this one is the best by far. I purchased one from Target and (at first) was happy to see the pacifier was attached via velcro. This made for easy switching of pacifiers, however it was easy for my son too. Since he was 6 months old he has been drawn to velcro and he pulls Target pacifier apart.This pacifier keeper is better since it loops through the pacifier and can not be easily removed by the kid. It is very well made and stays attached to clothing quite well. As another review says, this can be used for more than pacifiers…toys…blankets…Great purchase.

Sophie Pender, NE

Love it

My baby doesn’t use a pacifier but Use it for toys, bib, everything to hold so baby will not throw things too much.

Tamera Gheens, LA

Very nice.

Saves you from constantly washing your binky, since you know it’s gonna be on the floor all the time. Not with this contraption. Keeps me sane. you still have to wash the pacifier regularly, you know – common sense. I have four of these. You can get them a little cheaper if you look for the 3-pack. They make great gifts too.

Kaitlin Reidville, SC

Works as advertised but watch for scratchy edges

This is great but make sure you don’t clip the metal clip anywhere near baby’s face. We used to clip it to the shoulder of his onesie while holding him and carrying him around the house (not unsupervised) and one day he leaned his head over and scratched his cheek up.

Kayla Sabetha, KS

Wonderful holder, clip, and design!

Absolutely love this clip! We use it with our MAM pacis and it works great. The clip is easy to unclasp and clip but not not easy enough for my son to pull off. The fabric is soft and dries quickly! Love the narrowness of it in comparison to other clips. And also how it easily moves and folds up as he does; not as rigid as other holders.

Debora Leonia, NJ

Works great!

We have used this for many months now and it has worked great! But now that my son has figured out how to remove it from his shirt, it has become pointless! Guess it’s time to just get rid of the paci! I do recommend this product for infants though! Once they are over a year old, it is probably not necessary anymore!

Cora Avon, MS

Never Lose a Paci again!

We have used this SO much. It’s now starting to not hold well, but we’ve used it for a very long time and has gone through many washes in it’s life. Definitely worth the money. We’ve only lost one paci ever and it wasn’t being held by one of these!

Alison Sodus, MI

stays ON!

My other pacifier clip, by safety first, pulls off ALL THE TIME. Not boogin head! This one clamps on and stays on! I’m very impressed~ I can highly recommend it 😀

Laverne Greenleaf, WI

This was great for pacifiers AND toys that I didn’t want to …

This was great for pacifiers AND toys that I didn’t want to get tossed on the ground! Sturdy, strong clip…I loved this and used it often.

Betsy Cross City, FL

Love this pacifier clip!!!

If your kid uses a pacifier, a pacifier clip is a MUST HAVE to prevent lost & dirty pacifiers!!! (Nothing like it dropping on the floor constantly; or not realizing it’s been dropped until you’re back home!). I LOVE this clip- very sturdy and strong!!! I use one with both of my kids’ pacifiers!! Just be careful- you could easily pinch a child’s skin with it- and boy would that hurt!!!

Juliet Ryan, IA

Great for unlabeled use

Well, I purchased this when I was pregnant thinking my daughter would use a pacifier but she never did. Never liked them so matter what brand, size, type I purchased. So, I have gotten creative. I use this to fasten toys to her car seat, shopping cart cover, or even to baby herself. So many baby toys have loops or rings that this easily attaches to. Works great. Happy I got my moneys worth.

Maura Addis, LA

Love it!!! But….

~works great BUT it only gets four stars because:1) we’re on to our second one and already need a third2) clip gets loose after 3 months3) rusts easily from all the baby drool (our 2nd one rusted after a week)

Ellen Manitou, OK