BooginHead PaciGrip, Black Flourish

BooginHead PaciGrip, Black Flourish

No more lost or dirty pacifiers. PaciGrip universal pacifier holder (formerly BinkiGrip) was created from the same company that brought you SippiGrip in matching colors and patterns. The PaciGrip is made out of washable and durable material with a clasp strong enough to hold against a child’s pull but gentle enough not to damage their clothing. Its unique loop attachment is easy to use and compatible with all pacifiers such as Soothie, MAM, Avent and more. All BooginHead products are parent invented, award winning and thoroughly tested for safety.

Main features

  • Washable, durable and non-toxic
  • Strong clasp that won’t pull off, but is gentle on clothes
  • Available in matching sippigrip patterns
  • Fashionable, functional and affordable

Verified reviews


BooginHead PaciGrip, Black Flourish

Great thing to help us out to one year and three months, until the son took a pacifier. I really was happy. Worth its price. colors are great, well washed

Lashonda Oak Creek, CO

Great little clip!

I bought this to go on our Gumdrops pacifier. I just got it out and started using it today, but so far I love it!The metal clip is strong, reinforced with some sort of rubber-like material inside the clip to prevent slipping. The string/loop that attaches to the binky seems extremely sturdy. The clip looks like it’ll hold well enough for its’ purpose. I mean, I wouldn’t use it to go mountain climbing, but it should be just great at keeping the binky from hitting the floor. Plus, I LOVE the fun colors the BooginHead clips come in! Purchase the Black Swirl and Pink Polka dots and love both prints.So, two thumbs up from me on this item. If I get a few months down the road and the product is a bust, I’ll update my review. I do NOT anticipate any issues though, and look forward to getting a lot use out of it!

Justine Cape Porpoise, ME

Fits hospital pacifiers

I ordered this paciclip before our little one was even born. Little did we know that she would only want to use the pacifiers given by the hospital. They have a small whole and it can be tricky to find a paciclip that fits it. Well, this one works perfectly and is stylish too! Love it!

Gilda Dupont, CO

Life saver!

When the babe was a few weeks old we took a trip to Portland for the day and 3 dirty pacies later we knew we needed a solution. This pacigrip is great because it is not made of cheap plastics that easily break like others. It has a strong grip that never falls offs, saving those precious pacies from the nasty floor. Now we can travel with just one pacifier! And the print on this one is super cute!

Colette Richey, MT

Great for soothies

I got the booginhead pacigrips because they attach easily to the soothie pacifiers which is the only one my child would take. The clasp on the other end grips easily, It rarely detaches on its own unless you really yank on it. Its better than some of the other plastic grips that break, or fall off easily. My child enjoys the feeling of the ribbon and rubs it while she has her pacifier, Its comforting to her. I got one booginhead at a yardsale and three weeks after my daughter arrived I ordered a few more! I love them!

Jami Pikeville, NC

Great product, Very cute design!

Love it! My daughter wouldn’t take a pacifier very long, so sadly I didn’t get to use it much. But I wanted to it was SO cute. And very well-made.

Leeann Murrayville, IL

No pink in strap

The item is not as pictured. There is no pink in the strap, just back and white. I would have rated it higher if the item was as pictured.

Tamera Bowbells, ND

Great Pacifier Grip

These pacifier grips are perfect for soothie pacifiers. They wash easily and dry relatively fast. The design is really nice instead of being the traditional baby color scheme. The best part is that they do the job, no more chasing after rolling pacifiers.

Kerri Davidsonville, MD

Booginhead pacigrips rock

I love this pacifier clip. It’s the only one I could find that was compatible with the Avent Soothie pacifiers. I have more than one of these and love the designs they come in. They stay attached to her clothes or car seat very well too. I highly recommend.

Laurel New Providence, NJ

Love this product

Used these for my previous baby and my new baby enjoys a binky as well. This is handy for when you’re on the go and need to know where baby’s pacifier is at all times.

Tammie Leckrone, PA

Clasp still solid (albeit a bit stiff) after three months

After searching for a pacifier holder that would work with the small holes on the Avent Soothie pacifier, I found this PaciGrip by Booginhead. The clasp is strong: it has never slid off nor unfastened on its own. Despite the good grip, it has not damaged any of my child’s clothing. (My child is only 3 months old, though, so I can’t yet comment on what will happen once he can apply some real force to his tugs!) The length is fine and allows the pacifier to reach my son’s mouth even when clipped about midway down his torso. Just to be safe, I do take this off whenever I put him down for a nap or the night.My one complaint is that the clasp is a little stiff. I sometimes have to work to pry it open, which can be frustrating. This is why I gave 4 instead of 5 stars.FYI: I bought this pattern at a local baby retailer for about $4, which is comparable to Amazon’s price on the other patterns.

Celia Oakland, NJ

Great product for newborn!

My newborn started using pacifiers and I wanted something easy, stylish, and useful. The quality is better than expected and looks very trendy. It is a little long for a newborn, however, I will be using this for months to come.

Amalia Flushing, MI

Works great!

This is the only pacifier holder that my daughter doesn’t know how to remove. All the other ones she figure out and pulls right off. But this one had a good grip and stays put.

Aimee Attica, KS

Great Product

Been using booginhead for almost 3 years and now using for our next child! Love the fabric choices and the grip is really strong!!!!

Kari Findlay, OH

Great !

Does what it suppose to and my daughter loves the pattern, is so entertained playing with it even when she doesn’t want her binky

Faith Talbert, KY

Five Stars

works great

Bonnie Braddock, PA

Great paci clip.

Love these clips, they really are the best. All the other pacifier clips are flimsy and bulky. These hold onto my daughters clothes very tightly but dont leave any stress marks when I remove them.

Adela Rockport, ME

Clip It & Don’t Worry About It

Thankful for the clip, stylish, but more importantly, it keeps track of the pacifier so I don’t have to worry about keeping up with it.

Nona Selma, NC

They’ve changed the color

I lucked out and got my Black Flourish before they added the pink. Thank goodness as it was for my baby boy!Product works great, I prefer it over the Ulubulu I got later on as the strap and nylon cord is sliiiightly longer. The longer nylon cord is easier for me to loop as I tend to use it for his toys instead.

Lelia Sturgeon Bay, WI

Does the trick

I have this one and aThe First Years Gumdrop Pacifier Attacher, Colors May Vary. Both are great for their universal attachment (unlike NUK)and overall solid construction. The great thing about this one is the clip is NOT going to come off! It has this clamping latch device that is not bulky and does not come off. The down side is because it will not come off, one handed operation is diffcult/impossible. The other brands clamp is great for one handed operations but is not as strong of a grip but does the trick most of time. The other brands clamp is also more bulky. Over all, I prefer this one out of the two

Yolanda Chippewa Bay, NY

Make Your Own

The booginhead works great, looks great, and is expensive. My wife was able to start making are own for one fifth the cost. I would suggest watching youtube to make your own as well.

Claudine Summertown, TN