Booginhead Pacigrip, Nautical Blue

Booginhead Pacigrip, Nautical Blue

No more lost or dirty pacifiers. PaciGrip Universal Pacifier Holder (formerly BinkiGrip) was created from the same company that brought you SippiGrip in matching colors and patterns. The PaciGrip is made out of washable and durable material with a clasp strong enough to hold against a child’s pull but gentle enough not to damage their clothing. Its unique loop attachment is easy to use and compatible with all pacifiers such as Soothie, MAM, Avent and more. All BooginHead Products are parent invented, award winning and thoroughly tested for safety.

Main features

  • Washable, durable and non-toxic
  • Strong clasp that won’t pull off, but is gentle on clothes
  • Available in matching sippigrip patterns
  • Fashionable, functional and affordable

Verified reviews


why didnt i get this sooner!?

This item worked perfectly. My baby would always spit out his binky when I was not looking. Unfortunately I would spend half my day washing binkys. Now everytime he tries to spit it out the binkys just hangs there and I pop it back in and now I need to find a hobby because of all the time I am saving. Thank you Booginhead!

Meagan East Greenville, PA

Firm but tough on clothing

I am impressed with the strong hold of this pacifier grip; however, it is rough on my sons clothing. I use it to clip a paci to his car seat straps and it works well.

Kelley Port Angeles, WA

Work like a charm

These are great pacifier clips – sturdy enough to stay put when a baby pulls on them but easy for an adult to clip on and off with one hand (which is usually all you have free with a baby around!). These have held up well and have even been sterilized a few times (as my baby tends to chew on them) and the color and fabric are great.

Dolly Newry, SC

Inconvenient packaging

The metal clip/grip that comes with this product had to be put together. It wasn’t intuitive at all and both me and my husband had to tinker with it for a bit to get it right.

Maria Ravenel, SC


this is a cute paci holder and functions well – has not fallen off what ever it is clipped onto.

Ines Eckerty, IN

Love this color!

This is nicely made and feels high quality…I love the color! My son doesn’t lose his paci anymore! Good product!

Chris Sinking Spring, OH

I recommend

It doesn’t damage clothes, it’s really gentle and fits a variety of pacifiers. Plus they’re really cute. I recommend 🙂

Cecile Hamburg, NJ

Holds pacifier securely

Very cute design and works as described. Holds pacifier very well and helps prevent if from falling on the floor.Update 7/19/13: After several weeks of use I wanted to come back to update my review. So this does hold the pacifier securely, but the color bleeds. My son sometimes sucks on the strap when I am not looking and the ink seems to be coming off!

Rene Nehawka, NE


this product is excellent. not allow the pacifier falls on the floor, and is attached to the baby being found easily

Jade Arcola, VA

Love these clips!

My son only ever liked the Soothies pacis (like the ones they give at the hospital). Most other clips were either A) bulky, or B) didn’t work with the Soothies. As it turns out, he didn’t cling to his pacis very long. However, we still use these. We have one on his stroller strap, and one on the carseat with teethers attached. We’ve used them attached to his clothes with a teether as well in church. This way, when he throws the teethers, they don’t get lost. Only downside is that they are slightly pricey for what they are.

Cathy Eleele, HI

I bought 3!

I love this bought 3!!! I have tried sooo many different types and this is the first thing I buy other new parents, even if the child doesn’t end up using a pacifier this can clip on to stuffed animals and toys and you can loop it around the stroller! Love this!

Jodie Milford, OH

Nice to have

Definitely not a must have item but they do make life with a binky lover easier. We use them to keep a pacifier attached to the carseat and the carrier so we always have one when we leave the house. Helps keep them from falling on the ground when you are out and about too.

Rachel Spring Grove, PA


My son always has this attached to his clothing! Helps us know where his paci is all the time. It has a good grip but is a bit longer than other brands, I tend to attach it on him at waist level to make sure he doesn’t choke himself with it…

Sylvia Dutch Flat, CA

Best paci leashes out there

I have two of these leashes, and they’re absolutely my favorite kind:1) No velcro (which loses it’s sticky-ness and doesn’t hold the paci)2) Strong grip3) Fits both soothies (through the little whole) or regular pacifiers with the handle.This is the only kind of paci leash I’ll ever buy!

Elda Palmerton, PA

Great find.

I love the soothie pacifiers and this was the only thing I could find that would work to keep track of them. I have two and love them.

Grace Natalbany, LA

looks great, works great

these are great pacifier holders and can be easily washed – i even throw mine in the dishwasher frequently and they stay looking great.

Hallie Cedar Rapids, IA


Cute, and works great with any kind of pacifier. Attaches to clothes well and is washable if it gets dirty.

Gwen Holy City, CA

So cute!

Love this pacifier clip. It attaches to pretty much any pacifier out there unlike the ones with the velcro ends. It even holds his Sophie teether beautifully.

Graciela New Germany, MN

Booginhead to the rescue!

I had purchased a few of the Booginhead pacigrips years ago for my daughter (now 4) and loved them. This time around with my son I went with them again and again was not disappointed.After a few pacifier attempts he took to the Avent Soothie and this pacigrip works the best for those. I lose so many pacifiers around the house that without this I am sure I would be out a lot of money from lost binkies.It is super easy to attach and remove to wash the pacifier. they come in all sorts of colors and I would suggest more than 1 if you are an active mom and running errands. I leave one in the car and one in my baby bag at all times.For the price this is a great item and a must have for a new mom!

Zelda Shelburn, IN

Simple Sturdy

Does the job. The ribbon is good quality (almost like a fine grade seat belt fabric) and the attachment cord is sturdier than other models I’ve seen. Fun colors too!

Carmella Cummings, KS

Great buy

In the beginning my son used both a Soothie and an regular Avent pacifier – he has since switched to strictly the regular pacis. But this clip was essential on our walks around the city. I clipped it straight to the carseat or the Bundleme and just leave it there. And it would work with either pacifier. And I’d move it over to the Bjorn when we used that. He uses the pacifier less now but I think i’ll start using it to keep his toys close now. Love it.

Ashley New Blaine, AR

Really cute

This paci grip is super cute and has two colors of blue giving it a nautical feel. Would definitely recommend

Carmen Litchfield, MN