Booginhead Pacigrip, Nautical Red

Booginhead Pacigrip, Nautical Red

No more lost or dirty pacifiers. PaciGrip Universal Pacifier Holder (formerly BinkiGrip) was created from the same company that brought you SippiGrip in matching colors and patterns. The PaciGrip is made out of washable and durable material with a clasp strong enough to hold against a child’s pull but gentle enough not to damage their clothing. Its unique loop attachment is easy to use and compatible with all pacifiers such as Soothie, MAM, Avent and more. All BooginHead Products are parent invented, award winning and thoroughly tested for safety.

Main features

  • Washable, durable and non-toxic
  • Strong clasp that won’t pull off, but is gentle on clothes
  • Available in matching sippigrip patterns
  • Fashionable, functional and affordable

Verified reviews


So cute

This works for all types of pacifiers. I was specifically looking for one for ‘soothies’ and it works great! It is so cute for boys or girls. We love our booginhead!

Trisha Billings, MT


Love this brand of pacifier holders. They work great with the Soothie brand pacifiers have a sturdy clip and wash well. While we don’t use them for our little guy around the house, we love using them when in public to avoid dropping the pacifier on dirty floors. The variety of colors is great.

Mercedes Three Oaks, MI

We use this all the time and take it everywhere

We originally bought the generic ones from Target and they are chunky when you clip it on to the bib or the onesie. This pacigrip has a metal clip that is small and doesn’t get into the way when you are holding your little one. It is compatible with every kind of binky too.

Anita Pittsboro, MS

Cute and does the job

I initially thought a pacifier clip was unnecessary but after venturing out in public with a small baby a few times I realized how wrong I was. I typically only use the clip when we are outside or in a public place that would be really gross to have the pacifier hit the floor and hard to find a place to clean it. I also use it in the car sometimes so when I am reaching back into the carseat I can find the pacifier quickly. The clip works well and has never come off or gotten pulled off. I much prefer this style with the loop end to other types out there because it can be used with almost any type of pacifier (we have the Soothie brand.)One warning: If baby likes to chew on the strap, be very careful to let it fully dry out. We ruined our first one by sticking it in a plastic case in the diaper bag one day after an outing only to pull it out next time we needed it a few weeks later and find that it had molded and rusted. Our fault but we did have to pitch that one and buy a new one.

Zelda Fellsmere, FL

Works great with MAM

We love these for our son’s MAM pacifiers. They clip on easy and remove easy as well. Great product for the price paid. The "Nautical Red" is very pretty in person. The fabric is easy to clean as well.

Marsha Lockport, LA

best pacifier clip

This is the best pacifier clip we’ve tried. Others we’ve used have been too easy for my son to pull off. The clip stays put and will clip onto anything.

Jessica Humboldt, NE

Best Pacifier Tether — especially for Soothie pacifiers

The Booginhead Pacigrip will pay for itself 10 times over as it is very well made and can be washed and will last through multiple children. It saved me scores of pacifiers from being lost and helped keep the pacifiers clean since my children cannot drop or throw them on the ground. The nylon cord is narrow enough to thread through very small openings on the pacifier and is very well secured to the super strong ribbon tether. The metal clasp closes firmly enough to keep the pacifier anchored to car seat and stroller straps (or your child’s clothing), but open reasonably easily with one adult hand. I wash my Pacigrips as needed inside a mesh bag and do not dry. Remove the pacifier first. Do not use Pacigrip for nap or bedtime as noted by manufacturer. Great product.

Anna Chattanooga, TN

Keeps the paci off the ground

I like the feel of the fabric of this pacigrip. It is smooth and a heavy weight. It should last awhile instead of getting dingy and torn up like others I have tried. My son constantly tugs on it and it doesn’t come free of his clothing, albeit he is two months old, so how much upper body strength does he really have? And the design is nice. Simple and cute. I would buy these again, if not for me, for a shower gift.

Rosemarie Aptos, CA

A must have

I bought 5 of these pacifier leashes for my son and I give them to all of my friends with new babies. They are awesome! We haven’t lost a pacifier yet.

Katelyn Faribault, MN

Totally awesome! Beware of the price

This is a necessity for any pacifier user! The clip attaches easily and firmly to any clothing but has smooth edges that will not catch little fingers. Beware of the price as it seems to vary greatly between patterns. I purchased another pattern on amazon and a week later the price doubled.

Kayla Wethersfield, CT

SO cute

Holds the pacifier just like its supposed to. I think its better than the other ones out there because it will hold a range of different types.

Paula East Ryegate, VT

Love this!,

I use this almost every minute of the day! I wish they had mor boy designs and I would buy more! Best one on the market by far I have tried them all and non of them come close!

Eliza Big Falls, MN


This pacifier holder is great! It’s universal, so it can fit most any pacifier brand. Good quality and cute neutral color.

Gracie Rock Island, TN

Served its purpose

I like this clip. It worked well while my son used a pacifier — we used it the whole time and I had a couple around the house in case I needed to run out. They’re useful for keeping track of the pacifiers and obviously useful when on the go. We never really clipped it to his clothing, more to something near us [ie, the Baby Bjorn, the stroller blanket, etc]. I didn’t really want the metal clip near him. I thought the designs of this brand were cute. I also got a PbnJ pacifier clip and it had a HORRIBLE clip. As in, it snapped closed on my finger while I was trying to pry it open and I injured myself. Needless to say, I didn’t end up using that one with the baby. I may have just gotten a faulty one, but I’d definitely recommend this brand over Pbnj.

Susanne Fort Branch, IN

Stays on

This clip stays on very well. We have tried several other clips so far, he could yank off every one. So far with several days of use he has not been able to yank it off.

Caroline Hansboro, ND

My Mom wishes these existed when I was a baby.

These things are a life saver!!! I have two. Just attach the Pacigrip to the binky (Pacifier) and…Pros:-Binky (Pacifier) is quickly accessible when baby starts to get upset.-No more picking up the now dirty binky for the 5th time as your baby screams in your ear and your back strains to make the trip back up!!!-Can’t lose the binky unless you lose the Pacigrip too which now makes the binky easier to find (but its unlikely you will lose it with the Pacigrip)-Clip a binky to the shirt of your baby and have another clipped to your car seat (never without the binky again!)-Helps with when in-laws are holding baby, bc they are not used to having to be ready to grab the binky if it starts to fall out of baby’s mouth and, again, its quickly accessible when baby starts to get upset.Cons:-The actual Clamp on the Pacigrip can be just slightly hard to open with one hand (but if you really need it off and can’t unclamp it, you can just pull it off and it will slide off with a good tug)I would recommend this to all Mom’s/Dad’s that have a binky dependent baby!!!

Tameka Arapahoe, NE


Bought this for my baby to match some of his outfits. this brand was the only one I saw that worked with the pacifiers we bought.

Agnes Greenville, RI


every new mother needs a few of these otherwise passies end up on the ground, lost, dirty, etc. they are easy to clip on too!

Beth North Dighton, MA

perfect for teethers, too!

my babe only likes lifefactory silicone ring teething toy and they are fantastic for fastening those to him, his car seat, and stroller.

Marcia Modena, UT

a must for parents with babies

These are a must for parents with children. Without these we used to loose or misplace a ton of nuks, now we always know where they are…strapped to the baby!

Josefa North Sioux City, SD

Clip broke QUICK

I bought a bunch of these and this one the clip broke quick – only on this striped style and I bought two of them. Bummer. and over time they rust but a major necessity in my house the first 3-4 months.

Alma Germantown, WI

Works well

The clip works perfectly well and matches most of our son’s clothing. The only reason it did not earn five stars is that he uses it all the time, which has lead the white stripes to turn grey. We tried washing it, and it did not improve much.

Freida Halifax, VA

So cute & so functional!

We LOVE Booginhead pacigrip’s. I have 5 or 6 & love every one of them. This red striped one is my favorite though, because it’s just so dang cute! 😉

Desiree Huntington, WV