BooginHead PaciGrip Pacifier Keeper Clip – Blue Pinstripe

BooginHead PaciGrip Pacifier Keeper Clip – Blue Pinstripe

No more lost or dirty pacifiers. PaciGrip Universal Pacifier Holder (formerly BinkiGrip) was created from the same company that brought you SippiGrip in matching colors and patterns. The PaciGrip is made out of washable and durable material with a clasp strong enough to hold against a child’s pull but gentle enough not to damage their clothing. Its unique loop attachment is easy to use and compatible with all pacifiers such as Soothie, MAM, Avent and more. All BooginHead Products are Parent Invented, Award Winning and thoroughly tested for safety. Please note this is an updated version of the BooginHead pacifier holder from what was originally listed on with a new and improved printing process for washable and durable fabric to eliminate any flaking of the design and a unique loop instead of the Velcro attachment in order to be compatible with all pacifier types. Some of the earlier customer reviews might reflect that of the older product version.

Main features

  • Washable, durable and non toxic
  • Strong clasp that won’t bull off but is gentle on clothes
  • Available in matching SippiGrip patterns
  • Fits ANY pacifier type
  • 2010 Top Choice Award

Verified reviews


Does the job

I definitely am happy with this product as it is much better than picking the paci up off the floor a bizillion times. The only reason I didn’t rate it 5 stars is because I wish the clip was made of plastic instead of metal. While the metal parts have never scratched my baby, I’m always thinking they might.

Kristi Joinerville, TX

practical, but the light blue gets dirty

great idea and convenient for little ones, especially when they begin to throw toys on the floor. highly recommend for pacifiers and toys.

Debora Fairview, KS

Keep Pacifiers at Hand’s Reach at All Times!

I take care of my 9-month old grandson a few days a week, and he uses his pacifier a great deal of the time. When we move from room to room, the pacifier that he has in his mouth almost always drops out, and that creates a lot of trouble. What I did was use these pacifier clips with a pacifier attached in every room of the house. That way, if you’ve lost a loose one, you can always go to the handy one that is in the room you’re in. Not many tears that way!

Nora Eland, WI


love this, the string on the end secures on pacifier easily and securely. nice snap. works very very well. great!

Elsie Malden, WA

Good Product

No complaints. Works exactly like it is supposed to. Easy to clasp on and doesn’t leave any marks on the materials you clip it to.

Nona Elmer City, WA

Best looking pacifier clip – works great, too 🙂

Thank you, BooginHead, for designing a pacifier clip with a basic, simple print! I’m not into the kiddie graphics used on a lot of baby products, so I was so happy to find a tasteful baby blue/white pinstripe for my dapper little guy 🙂 I bought two, one to keep attached to the car seat, and one to have on hand to use everywhere else. The clip is tight and adhere’s nicely to clothing without feeling like it’s going to damage it – WHY did I wait so long to get one of these?!

Aline Coopers Plains, NY