Booginhead SippiGrip, Black

Booginhead SippiGrip, Black

899139001039 Color/Pattern: Black Features: -Sippi grip.-Unique grip material for a strong hold.-Washable, durable and non toxic for little mouths.-Adjustable in length.-Attaches to high chairs, strollers, car seats and more.-Meets ASTM standards.-Passed all safety testing for any harmful components. Color/Finish: -Color: Black.

Main features

  • Unique grip material for a strong hold on most brands of cups or bottles
  • Adjustable in length up to 12 inches to fit highchairs, strollers, car seats and more
  • Washable, durable and non-toxic
  • Available in various colors and patterns
  • Makes your life easier

Verified reviews


Must have item

A must have item for parents with kids who like to throw things. It keeps us from running around chasing his stuff on crowded dirty floors.

Keisha Leon Junction, TX


Cute product. Great for when little kiddo’s like to throw their cup or bottle. My daughter tossed her bottle and it didn’t fall to the floor at all. Very nice.

Elisha Thorne Bay, AK


great product! helps A LOT, for baby bottle to a toy my son yanks around in the stroller…

Paulette Dublin, VA

A great way to not chase tossed sippys, bottles, toys, etc.

I get compliments all the time on this. It does the job well – holds bottles, cups, toys, snack trap, etc. The gripy surface on the inside of strap works great to keep cups/bottles from slipping out. The adjustable length is better than I expected it to be – didn’t think I’d adjust it as often as I do. The hook-n-loop on the strap to connect to stroller/high chair/etc. is also nice – I attach a link on it for when it is just not right. It packs in my diaper bag compactly, too!

Christian Roxbury, KS

GOOD purchase!

I have gotten so many uses out of this and it still looks brand new- and that says a lot! I also like how it has loops that open completely at both ends (where as some brands only velcro at one end, making you loop the strap around whatever you need the cup attached to- very annoying and it shortens the strap by quite a bit that way). Good purchase!

Pamala Woodford, VA

Does the job

Just tried this out today. For the first time I was able to let my son have his sippy cup without having to worry about him dropping it without my noticing. I was able to stroll the mall no problem, worry free. I just wrapped the other end to a randon area on his stroller. Works well so far.

Lorraine La Grande, OR

Life saver

These have saved us on many occasions. I use these for both of my kids when we go out, and even sometimes in their high chairs. These work great for sippy cups and for toys. They are very easy to use and to clean. They seem told hold up very well too.

Sierra Newport News, VA


These SippiGrips are an essential for every stroller. My daughter has a habit of dropping her containers when she’s done with them and these keep them from falling out of the stroller. I bought one and loved it so much I bought more, two for each stroller (one for drink containers and one for snack cups).

Amalia Louisville, AL

Simple yet Sensible

This product is so simple yet very helpful. It works just as I had hoped and prevents my son from tossing his bottle/sippy away on a dirty floor(or toward others =). Great!

Penelope Trenton, NC

Wow, this thing is awesome

Wow, I love this thing, can’t believe it’s not on every shelf in America, I need another one STAT. I’ve only had it one day and I just love it!! My daughters cup avoided hitting nasty floors about a dozen times in just one day of use!

Octavia Siloam, GA