Booginhead SippiGrip, Blue Pinstripe

Booginhead SippiGrip, Blue Pinstripe

899139001541 Color/Pattern: Blue Pinstripe Features: -Sippi grip.-Unique grip material for a strong hold.-Washable, durable and non toxic for little mouths.-Adjustable in length.-Attaches to high chairs, strollers, car seats and more.-Meets ASTM standards.-Passed all safety testing for any harmful components. Color/Finish: -Color: Black.

Main features

  • Washable, durable and non-toxic
  • Adjusts in length up to 12″ to fit high chairs strollers, car seats and more
  • Unique grip material for a strong hold
  • Available in a variety of patterns and colors
  • Winner of the iParenting Media Award and Creative Child’s Seal of Excellence Award

Verified reviews


Didn’t work for us.

I was so hyped to see this and get it in the mail. Then I was disappointed.This product totally didn’t work for us. Whether tethering a sippy cup or a toy, my son had the velcro undone within seconds and still ended up throwing the stuff on the floor.The idea was great. The design almost perfect. The construction was good. Strong nylon rope, nice grippy stuff on the inside loop so it holds a sippy cup, long enough to use, but not drag on the floor.It just wasn’t smarter than my almost 2 year old.

Joyce Dickerson Run, PA

Love it

My son has been tossing his sippy cup on the floor for months and months. I tried ignoring it, it never went away. I tried saying no, didn’t work, he did it more. I tried praising him for putting it on the table, worked half the time. I’m sure he will reach an age where that phase will have passed but it was driving me nuts and my blind dog was not loving getting hit on the head with a full cup of milk if she was in the vicinity of his chair. I strapped it to the chair using this product and finally the dog is safe from flying cups. I love the quality of bogginhead and the variety of colors. A must have in my opinion, along with a paci grip.

Michelle Saint Joe, IN

Love it!

Love this product, love the fact that it came in camo. My neighbor took one look at it and said she wished she had something like that when her son was little! Rubber backing works great with any kind of cup or toys….I’ve even used it to keep some toys wrangled!

Essie Sugarloaf, CA

Keeps drinks off ground

My son likes to toss things from the stroller, so this was a must have. It attaches easily to any stroller and has an adjustable strap to shorten or lengthen the slack. I think these work best with sippy cups that have handles. I find that our cups without handles (tommee tippee sport spout) tend to slip out of the strap.

Eugenia Ravenna, TX

Great for making sure sippy cup stays on the table, not the floor

This holds our sippy cup really well. The sippy grip is adjustable so that no matter what size cup you have, it’ll fit and hold it – thanks to the non-slip material around the holder.

Willie Salina, KS

For sippy and bottles!

I got mine when my son was only 6mo old because he liked to drop his bottle on the floor and then complain because he couldn’t reach it from his walker. So this came in handy with MOST (not all) of his bottles. He would throw them on the floor and he quickly learned he could pull on the strap or pick his arm up and get his bottle back.Now that he is going to a year old we are using it in the car because everything gets thrown when we are in the car lol

Fannie Marion, KY

Must have!!

These are great and a must have for any parent! I purchased one to start and ended up buying 2 more so I have one for each stroller and one for my diaper bag to use at the store with a cart. These are a good price same as Babiesrus.

Jillian Hermann, MO

Sturdy and does the job well

It is a good length, durable, and very sturdy. I also like the colors. It does the job well, attaching multiple items to the stroller so that when your kiddo throws it out, you can get it back. The Velcro that is on both ends are good quality/won’t lose the grip of the object.

Becky Government Camp, OR

Love, only wish it was longer

I love this product. Great grip on sippy cup/bottle. Only wish they came in various lengths. It’s great for stroller. But too short to attach to high chair, which was the main reason I wanted it (so he couldn’t throw a sippy cup on the ground). For the high chair, there really isn’t a great place to attach it to – the place that will actually work is too far away (and the length of the product too short) for him to get the sippy cup into his mouth.

Jeannie Allison, TX

good for kids new to sippy cups

I bought two of these for my son. He would always throw or drop his cup when we were in the car or out and about. This prevents that for the first few months until he figured out how to work the Velcro.

Sonya Malta Bend, MO


No more chasing down sippys/bottles!!! Well until my oldest learned how to unstrap it but from the time she was 4mo-1yr it was nice not having to search for her sippys/bottles.

Morgan Woodman, WI


I love this. I bought it for my daughters sippi cups but turns out it works GREAT for attaching my kids chew toys to their stroller or car seat so I don’t constantly have to buy new ones. Have been using it for almost two years and the velcro still does strong

Joan Buck Creek, IN

No more thrown cups from the high chair!

My son (1 year old) likes to throw things from the high chair all the time. This strap fits nicely around his metal insulated straw cup we use for water at meal times. The cup doesn’t have any sort of "waist" or skinny part to it to fit the strap around, but still the rubbery/grippy stuff on this strap holds it tight. Great buy and I’ve already ordered another one!

Angelica Covert, MI