Booginhead SippiGrip, Blue Pinstripe

Booginhead SippiGrip, Blue Pinstripe

899139001541 Color/Pattern: Blue Pinstripe Features: -Sippi grip.-Unique grip material for a strong hold.-Washable, durable and non toxic for little mouths.-Adjustable in length.-Attaches to high chairs, strollers, car seats and more.-Meets ASTM standards.-Passed all safety testing for any harmful components. Color/Finish: -Color: Black.

Main features

  • Washable, durable and non-toxic
  • Adjusts in length up to 12″ to fit high chairs strollers, car seats and more
  • Unique grip material for a strong hold
  • Available in a variety of patterns and colors
  • Winner of the iParenting Media Award and Creative Child’s Seal of Excellence Award

Verified reviews



I LOVE this strap. The inside of the strap which wraps around the actual cup is a rubber, so it can’t slip off of the sippy cup. the strap itself is adjustable and can be made extra long to not interfere with sipping. I am able to hook the end of this sippy cup strap to my son’s stroller, car seat, shorten the length to fit his wrist or his backpack.. it fits all sized cups. it is AWESOME.

Katheryn Tuttle, ND

Does the job

Looks cute and does the job; I use it to attach sippy cups to the stroller or restaurant chairs, sometimes even at home. The part that wraps around the cup has a grippy material that keeps it attached tightly to any shaped sippy cup!!

Bernadine West Danville, VT

Great but…

This is a great product and I love the idea, but I wish it were a tad bit longer so my son doesn’t have to lean over to drink from his cup 🙁

Pat Southgate, MI

Great for toddlers!

Works great with most sippy cups and keeps them from falling onto the ground. The strap is a little difficult to put around cups with handles but it still fits with a little effort.

Roslyn Grethel, KY

Great product!

Cute colors, great design. Keeps my son from breaking his glass bottles (we use this with his Born Free Wide Neck bottles – both 5 and 9oz)

Leigh Belzoni, MS

Great grip and adjustable length!

I love that this sippygrip has a rubberized side where the cup goes. It grips it super tight so that even bottles without an indent will be secure. This strap has saved us from a ton of sippy cup fetching and I also use it to attach toys to the stroller when my son needs a distraction. I often get asked where I got it because it looks very nice! It can be intimidating to figure out which loop goes where at first, but once you do it once you should have it down for next time!

Deann Lincoln, NE


It is all in all what I expected, it could have been longer so that the baby can use it more comfortably.

Paige Federal Way, WA

Love them!

These work great. We use it in the car, store and stroller. It saves me from constantly picking up my daughter’s cups.

Ana Onalaska, TX


But I do wish it kept the bottle in an upright position so it wouldn’t drip after he drops it. Perhaps I’m not using it correctly. But it still way beats loosing a bottle or getting it dirty. I definitely will continue to use it.

Melanie West, MS