Booginhead SippiGrip, Blue Pinstripe

Booginhead SippiGrip, Blue Pinstripe

899139001541 Color/Pattern: Blue Pinstripe Features: -Sippi grip.-Unique grip material for a strong hold.-Washable, durable and non toxic for little mouths.-Adjustable in length.-Attaches to high chairs, strollers, car seats and more.-Meets ASTM standards.-Passed all safety testing for any harmful components. Color/Finish: -Color: Black.

Main features

  • Washable, durable and non-toxic
  • Adjusts in length up to 12″ to fit high chairs strollers, car seats and more
  • Unique grip material for a strong hold
  • Available in a variety of patterns and colors
  • Winner of the iParenting Media Award and Creative Child’s Seal of Excellence Award

Verified reviews


Buy multiples to give as gifts

Cute, adjustable and they work. The rubber grip on the inside holds the cups secure. I have different styles and sizes of cups and it works with all of them. I keep this in the diaper bag so I have it handy at all times. It is so nice not to have to crawl under the table next to us when we go out to dinner to retrieve a sippy cup. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because my mom said she had trouble getting it to stay on a cup that was wider at the top and tapered toward the bottom. I have not had this issue.

Dora Kahoka, MO

Works well, don’t get it in black

This is multifunctional…you can use it to keep anything from being thrown on the ground, including a sippy cup. My only warning is that I got it in black and lost it as it got buried in the depths of my plane seat, or under the seat in front of me, or somewhere. This is a good product so keep yourself from losing it and buy and obnoxious color you can see anywhere. My new one is bright blue and neon green.

Jasmine Long Beach, MS

Great addition for stroller

I love this item! I always hated giving my son a cup just to find it seconds later thrown on the ground. With this, even if he throws it, it stays attached to the stroller and I don’t have to keep picking it up. I haven’t used it for toys yet, but I am sure its just the same. No parent wants to continuely pick toys or cups off of the ground!

Lavonne Bush, KY

Every child needs 3 of these

These are perfect! I suggest everyone get one for your highchair, stroller and car seat! They’ve fit every sippy cup we’ve tried.

Irene Port Austin, MI

For younger babies

Great idea. Wish I bought it earlier. My thirteen month old used it twice, then figured out how to undo the velcro and throw his bottle on the ground. Sigh….

Magdalena Douglas, NE

A must for every parent!

We use these to keep cups from hitting the ground. Attach them to the high chair, stroller, carseat, you name it. They also work for toys. Super for travel when you may not be able to wash something right away.

Arlene Ilwaco, WA

Great way to keep toys, cups, etc from flying

We use this on our stroller, and it stays attached to the stroller all of the time so that we don’t loose it. It’s help up well for over a year. Good quality velcro and nylon webbing (unlike other brands we’ve tried). It’s saved many a cup/toy from being knocked or thrown from the stroller. Love these things!

Celina Ridgeland, SC

Poor quality

We used the product for about 2 weeks until it fell apart. I’ve probably should have sent it back but I have decided, not to bother.

Shannon Onondaga, MI

Works well

I bought this as my daughter was getting into the timeless sport of throwing her water bottle to watch dad or mom pick it up. Never have figured out the actual objective of the game, but I know it is not fun for me to play, so I needed a solution.What a lifesaver this is. It fastens easy and keeps the bottle within reach of my daughter while in the vehicle, so no more pulling over the find the bottle.

Nichole Salem, UT

sippy cup/bottle strap

great item! i have used mine for years now for my kids and can’t imagine not having it! keeps bottles/sippy cups off the icky floor and ground when we are out and about. does the job well and they come in cute colors or patterns which i also love. i highly recommend them. they are also easy and quick to clean.

Kathleen Kimball, MN


This is great for keeping the bottle or sippy cup attached to high chair, stroller, car seat, anything. Easily wiped clean, adjustable band with velcro to go around bottle with rubberized grip, end attaches with velcro loop/handle. Love it and have more than one.

Alice Mallory, WV

Would buy again

Bought this to keep the bottle from hitting the ground and also had one for the toys. It worked really well and didn’t have to worry about losing, bottles, sippy cups, or toys.Well worth the investment.

Marcia Merrillan, WI

Great Product

Very much satisfied with this product. I have tried other products with the clips but did not perform as expected. The major difference between this product and the others is that, the grip that raps around the bottle can fit any size bottle because of its unique strap whereas, with the other product, the clips are too far apart and therefore, cannot fit any bottle.

Raquel Forest City, IL

Booginhead sippigrip, black

I purchased this at “big name baby store” for $5.99, then had an additional coupon so it was even less… So I definitely wouldn’t make this purchase here.But I love this so far! My son just turned 1, and he received a small, lightweight umbrella stroller (Maclaren Volo) for quick trips/public transportation. The seat is much smaller (obviously) then his full size stroller he was used to, so when he’d drop his sippy it was falling to the ground instead of the seat. We use stainless steel sippys & I didn’t want them getting all dented/scratched so I went to pick up one of these ASAP. I’m not usually a fan of Velcro, but this seems to be pretty strong & secure. The grippy end stays securely on the cup without slipping. My son is not bothered by it being hooked onto his 5 point harness, & drinks from the cup without any difficulty. I like that it serves its purpose and keeps his sippy off the dirty ground. Hopefully he doesn’t figure out the Velcro for a little while longer…

April Saint Thomas, ND


Great solution for kids who love to throw their sippy cups when they are done. I no longer have to worry about the sippy landing in dirt or on a questionable floor. Love this product!

Lorie Montville, CT

perfect for the baby who loves to throw their sippy cup

my one year old loves to throw his sippy cup. This is perfect for when we go to restaurants to keep from having to clean the sippy. We hook the handled end up to his booster seat instead of his wrist.

Johanna Deerfield, MA

No more lost bottles or sippy cups

I bought this when my daughter was about 8 months old, so that I wouldn’t lose her bottle while we were ‘On the Go’. I used it for sippy cups when she transitioned. As she got older – 18 months – she would play with the Velcro, and then the purpose of it was pointless. I still carry it today and she is 25 months old – just in case we need it, but I think it’ll soon make it’s way in the bin for Child #2!

Faye Martinsville, IL

holds sippy perfectly

My daughter likes to throw everything over the edge. This works great to hold the sippy when in her stroller, or her highchair our out at a restaurant. Wish they were a little cheaper.

Celia Bluefield, WV

wonderful product and seller!

this is great for a bottle or cups!! just getting ready to have my daughter and i have already packed the diaper bag! this works great for putting it off to the side. it also is pink just like i wanted because it matches her passi holder straps and everything else she has 🙂 so i am entirly happy with how it came and how brand new it looks and smells. i will defenitly be happy with this product!!!! i think for the price tho we should have gotten two just like passi straps. highly reccomend it to moms with alot going on or simply germ freaks! so it will never hit the floor

Elda Galena, MD

It works!

We bought this to attach to an umbrella-type stroller with no tray. It has not loosened since we put it on 2 months ago, even when my 1 year old throws his cup over the side 🙂

Marcie Kosse, TX

Must have!

These SippiGrips are a must have. They have saved my daughter’s cup from many nasty floors. 🙂 Would definitely recommend!

Flossie Troy, NY


Stylish, keeps me from bending over so much from a child that likes to knock things over for attention. Would buy again if we needed it.

Dominique Jacksonville Beach, FL

Love this!

Saved many sippy cups from being thrown/lost. We also occasionally used it for pacifiers that had a wide enough ring and toys too.Bright Starts Lots of Links- Solid Colorswere also good for attaching things to the stroller.

Morgan Stafford, OH

Frays easily, but great grip!

This holder fits every zippy, and thermos cup that we own. The Grip is amazing and the velcro is strong enough that your child won’t be able to undo it. The only problem is that it frays very easily, not that I care about the vanity of the object because even with it fraying, it’s fully function. If you want your product holding up better, might want to go with a fabric style one over this one.

Tamara West Monroe, LA

Keeps bottles & toys off the floor

We have 4 of these straps – one for the high chair at home, one for the diaper bag, one for the stroller and one for the bag that holds the baby’s food-related items (e.g., restaurant high chair cover, travel bib, extra napkins, spoons, etc.). It’s great for a baby who insists on tossing items off the tray, so that it stays clean off the ground and is easy to retrieve (no bending required). Would highly recommend it to any parent.

Jenna East Galesburg, IL

Easy way to keep track of a bottle or sippy cup

This little strap is a great way to keep track of a bottle or sippy cup – velcro to the bottle/cup, and attach the other loop around the stroller, high chair, etc. No more picking bottles and cups up off the floor, and no more losing them while out and about.

Meredith Maryville, TN

Only thing keeps us from loosing sippy cups

My son loves throwing his stuff and this keeps it perfectly at arms reach to lessen tantrums when He wants it back. Wish it was easier to find locally.

Helga Fremont, NH

Awesome SippiGrip

My friend has a version of this, but I always thought it was annoying because she had to remember to put it around the sippy cup first, before she hooked it on to the stroller. Well, with this one, you don’t have to do that. It’s constructed much better; instead of looping the straps through each other, they are separate and use Velcro. This allows the cup to be held more tightly, and it eliminates the need to hook the cup in first before you hook it to the stroller.It’s very convenient for restaurants and rides in the stroller. No more bending over and picking up a sippy cup of a dirty floor! I love this grip in particular because of the rubbery side that doesn’t let the cup slip out of the grip. I have yet to have any problems with it coming undone, or the cup coming out.

Gertrude Oakland, ME

Not safe for teething toddlers

I purchased this item because I thought it would be better than the cheep drugstore bottle/sippy cup holders. At first, the product worked well and I loved the cute patterns. I even bought these as part of shower gifts. Now that my son has 4 teeth he chews on the part that attaches to the bottle or sippy cup I have found the rubber “grippy liner” in his mouth. This becomes a choking hazard. Overall, the product works but if you choose to purchase this item please remove it from your baby gear/stroller/car seat when you remove the bottle or sippy.

Lenore Altaville, CA

Works as intended!

The SippiGrip looks great and works well for keeping that sippy cup off the ground! I love all the different designs and the adjustable velcro. I was afraid it would slide around on the sippy cup, but once it’s attached it’s basically immovable. This and the Baby Buddy Secure-a-Toy are a mum’s best friends!

Lea Brooklyn, IN