BooginHead SippiGrip, Blue/Green/White

BooginHead SippiGrip, Blue/Green/White

899139001350 Features: -Sippi grip.-Unique grip material for a strong hold.-Washable, durable and non toxic for little mouths.-Adjustable in length.-Attaches to high chairs, strollers, car seats and more.-Meets ASTM standards.-Passed all safety testing for any harmful components.

Main features

  • Washable, durable and non-toxic
  • Adjusts in length up to 12″ to fit high chairs strollers, car seats and more
  • Unique grip material for a strong hold
  • Available in a variety of patterns and colors
  • Winner of the iParenting Media Award and Creative Child’s Seal of Excellence Award

Verified reviews


Necessity for any parent of a toddler!

I have used the Booginhead SippiGrips for both my kids. They attach securely to a bottle or sippy cup and to the stroller. I purchased more for my second child, but the ones I used for my now 4 year old are still going strong! Extremely durable, they’ve been through quite a bit since I leave them attached to the strollers. I have started giving these as a part of baby shower gifts to soon to be moms and they all have come back to thank me for them.

Deloris Kekaha, HI

Okay, but cup still ended up on the floor

Seems like a great idea. However, the second time I used it, my 10 month figured out how to pull on the velcro, and it ended up on the floor. Might work better if it wasn’t so easy to unlatch.

Alta Dixon, WY

do its job

It grips well on both ends, and the length is adjustable. It does it job well. I have no complain.

Cora Wingett Run, OH

Works even with sippy cups w/handles

I really like this product! I was getting sick of having to wash off my 1 yr old’s sippy cup every time he was finished drinking since he seems to love to toss it to the ground. It has ADJUSTABLE velcro straps so that it fits all of his sippy cups no matter the size or shape. His are all hourglass shaped so I imagine this product works best for this type of sippy cup versus ones that are straight on the sides where the velcro loop could potentially slide off. The other end of the strap has generous amounts of velcro to attach it to a stroller or shopping cart no matter the size. I just wish his height chair was designed so that it could attach somewhere so that it actually reaches his mouth! It’s too short of a strap for that but any longer and it’d hit the ground in an umbrella stroller.

Melanie Harveysburg, OH

most brilliant invention ever!

Whoever thought of this should win some major awards. This item is brilliant and so versatile. We have twin boys who are constantly throwing their sippy cups on dirty restaurant floors and this product has saved them from a lot of germs! I’m now going to buy this for all my friends who are having babies. They don’t even know they need it but they SO do 😉

Alyce Saint Bonifacius, MN

Great item for the price

Great item! We attach our twins’ bottles or toys to the stroller and high chair. It’s a simple but necessary product.

Myra West Terre Haute, IN

Gets the job done

Exactly what I was looking for. I can strap this around a sippy cup or even a toy. My 1 year old son is at the stage where it is funny to him if he throws something in the floor and then I pick it up. This puts an end to that and certainly helps prevent a mess of a spilled sippy.

Deidre Rothbury, MI

Great “Rescue” Strap

Love these straps! Holds toys, bottles, or cups so they don’t hit the floor when thrown. They last along time too.

Claudine Kathryn, ND

Great product

I bought this because my son loves to throw his sippy cups on the ground. When we are out at restaurants, I attach the other side to the front of the high chair so if he throws or drops his cup, it doesn’t touch the floor. I’ve also used this to hold Sophie the Giraffe before! I always keep this in my diaper bag.

Angel Cynthiana, IN

Sanity saver!

What seems like a total gimmick becomes absolute brilliance after you’ve picked up a sippy cup from the floor for the 97th time. For kids who haven’t learned to undo velcro yet, this is a sanity saver. Since beginning use of the SippiGrip, I haven’t been chased down in a store by an associate carrying the sippy cup, nor have I had to apologize in a restaurant after my son pitched his drink at another customer. It can be a little difficult to attach to sippy cups with handles and you’ll need to upgrade to snaps once your child figures out velcro. But, for those just starting out in the “drop it on the floor” game, this is a great little investment.

Sheila Scituate, MA

use it to strap toys, cups, anything!

we use this to strap toys, cups, snack containers… we can use it on the stroller, carseat, high chair. I love the multiple ways to use it!

Isabelle Teeds Grove, IA

great idea

This is a great way to prevent sippy cups or toys from falling to the floor while baby is using them. Super idea.

Dionne Parker, SD

Velcro is not childproof

This thing became instantly obsolete as soon as my son learned how to undo velcro, way before his first birthday.

Gwen San Pablo, CO


Fits any sippy with a dip in the middle or with loop handles well. Seems like it may slip off of a sippy without handles or with straight sides. Great for stroller, also used for traveling in the airport. I put sippy in the cupholder on my son’s bag and strapped it in for additional security.

Candace Centereach, NY


I use this on the stroller and high hairs. It is brilliant. I wish I had come up with it myself!

Sharron Tower City, ND

Great item but won’t work for everyone

Like a lot of baby/toddler items, this will work really well for some people and not at all for others – it just depends on your situation. I love that the rubbery grippy material on the inside of the strap is great at holding onto a cup without slipping, and the velcro is pretty heavy-duty. But I wouldn’t use this on a cup that’s more than 8-8.5" around at the place where you want to hold the cup. There’s enough strap where you could put it on a 9" cup, but then there’s not enough overlap on the velcro when closed and it’ll be pretty easy for your kiddo to pull off. Also, if you have a highchair where you’d need to loop this around someplace on the side, or below table height, then this probably isn’t long enough to work for you. We have a clip-on high chair, and I attach this to the chair where the highchair arm meets the tabletop, and it’s the perfect length for my daughter to lift up the cup and reach her mouth — but that’s with the "leash" fully extended. If you extend the "leash" all the way, you’ll have anywhere from 12-14" of length to work with, depending on how thick the piece is that you’re attaching it to.

Christi Brixey, MO

Love it

i purchased one for my daughter a couple of years ago and now one for my son, so now not only do i not lose cups, they also don’t touch the icky floor

Christi Bainbridge, NY

Serves its purpose, works on most sippy cups

I didn’t really have a problem with my son ripping this off or figuring out how to undo the velcro like other reviewers have mentioned. I thought it did it’s job well and it’s a little expensive, but saves me from having to rescue a sippy cup and wipe off the mouth from hitting the ground.

Jannie Church Road, VA

No more throwing things!!

This has been a great addition to our sippy cups, as they can no longer fall and break or get all gross. My toddler can get the fastener undone, as it’s just velcro, but he rarely bothers. I wash these in the sink along with his sippy cups, and they’ve stayed looking new for a couple months now! Good stuff.

Estela Ruby, SC

good for a while

It is a very good item – strong, easy to use, wash and clean. It is a bit short once the cup is connected and the other end is secured. But I had to stop using it once my son figured out how to undo the velcro — at one year old! Exactly when I need to rely on this — I cannot use it. So I am going to look for another product.

Kathi Crary, ND

Better products are out there

This was an impulse buy, while I was waiting in line at BRU and my son was throwing his sippy cup. It does what it claims, holding onto sippy cups, bottles and toys. *BUT* my main complaint is that it uses velcro – and my son has already caught on about how to rip it off – and he’s only a year old.I think for securing toys and pacifiers to my stoller, theBaby Buddy Secure-A-Toy, Orange/Goldwould have been a better option, just because they use snaps (which I think are a little harder to get off). I’m not sure how well they would hold onto bottles and sippy cups.

Freda Prescott, WI


This fits around all sippy cups and does not slip off. The inside of the strap has rubber which keeps it from slipping. The velcro is industrial and my child cannot open it. Most velcro toy tethers, etc she can easily open and pull off. This works well for sippy cups and toys. I have a suction cup toy on her high chair and the cup leash attached to it. So, the sippy cup stays off the floor.

Kayla Aumsville, OR

Does the job, good for toddlers who like to throw

I use this for my sons sippy cup with the stroller and shopping cart. I wish it was just a few inches longer so I could use it with his carseat and wagon. Does the job.

Chelsea Salkum, WA

A must!

If you have a baby this is a must! They reach and age when they throw everything! This sippi grip saves the day and works for bottles and toys too.

Rosa Montezuma Creek, UT

Great SippiGrip !!

These are a great item for baby who loved throwing the cup over the side, especially at the restaurant. This product saved us from picking the cup off the floors. It’s a must have item, once your baby thinks it’s hysterical to throw thing. I highly recommend.

Nicole Yoder, CO

Bungie Cord:O)

Babies can throw hard and far and it happens so fast. With this I feel it will save the sippie cup or bottle because of the built in grips and because it seems well made.

Tricia Barnstead, NH

They almost have it right

I bought this for my son. It fits around his sippy cup great and it’s fairly difficult (though not impossible) for him to undo. As he gets older, it’s getting easier for him to undo, especially if I don’t secure it well in the first place and only have a small amount of the velcro touching.Pros:Much sturdier than other products I’ve triedDoes fit around his sippy cupHarder for son to remove than othersCons:The “grabby” part of the velcro for the loop that goes around the stroller/high chair is sewn so that when it’s loose in your diaper bag, it faces what would become the outside of the loop when it’s connected to the “soft” part of the velcro. If they had put the velcro pieces on opposite sides, it would be much better since right now, the “grabby” side will catch on the outside of the loop when it’s in the bag. This makes the outside part of the loop get frayed.The velcro is beginning to peel off in one corner, but this is after several months of hard, every day use.I’m going to buy another one of these for toys. It’s better than the Baby Buggy Secure-a-Toy I had for toys by FAR.

Josefina Lake City, CO

Must Buy

I use these while jogging so my son cant trough his toys, let me tell you it has saved me having to stop and run after toys and bottles. He is at the age where throwing things is funny so I can just reach down grab the string and pull the toy back up and never have to stop my run to get a toy off the ground.

Sheree Roswell, GA

Worked great for a while

These work really well for a while until your child figured out how to open the Velcro. I’d buy them again. Great for the little ones at home and o. The go. I’ve given these as gifts as well

Leta Greenleaf, WI

gotta have this

is a great help when you are at the supermarket strolling your baby and he needs a bottle but you cant stop so you latch the bottle in this and the baby can hold by itself without dropping the bottle on the floor, fits any shape of milk bottle or sipping cups

Lucinda Jakin, GA