Booginhead SippiGrip – Pink

Booginhead SippiGrip – Pink

Booginhead SippiGrip – Pink

Main features

  • Unique grip material for a strong hold on most brands of cups or bottles
  • Adjustable in length up to 12 inches to fit highchairs, strollers, car seats & more
  • Washable, durable and non-toxic
  • Available in various colors and patterns
  • Makes YOUR life easier

Verified reviews


Love this simple product!

I have a one year old daughter who loves to throw her sippy cup on the floor. The game of “pick up” that follows amuses her, but is not so amusing for me after the 3rd or 4th iteration. The Booginhead SippiGrip solves that problem beautifully! It attaches to the high chair with velcro and the other end has velcro and a non-slip rubber grip to firmly hold a sippy cup or bottle. I’ve also used it on her stroller and the grocery cart so that she doesn’t drop her cup on dirty floors.The velcro ends on this are great- it is so easy to attach to the sippy cup and the high chair or stroller. It is also easy to remove and easy to clean. Overall, a great product!

Maggie Andrews Air Force Base, MD

Does the job

Bought two for my son’s sippy cups. We use the Sugarbooger sippy cups and Sugarbooger flip top with straw. This fit on them with a little room to spare. Some people complained of those sippy cups breaking and denting so we bought these to avoid the problem. So far so good. Knock on wood. It could maybe be a little longer on the straps but it’s not a problem. Still love it. Also bought these because I love their pacifier clip. Other clips didn’t stay clipped so I’ve been sticking with this brand.

Cheri Munith, MI

a must have

this thing is great. keeps you from washing the paci a million times each day…i really don’t know how i would live without it!

Addie Skagway, AK

Life saver

great for bottles, sippy cups, snack cups and toys!!!! I have six of them. One on the stroller, one on his cart cover, one in each car so that the bottle does not end up in the floor while driving! Best invention ever! A must have.

Carolyn Reynoldsville, PA

This is a must have for an outing with a toddler!

This is a very simple, but valuable baby gadget. Since my son is in a throwing phase, this has recently come in very handy. We were sick of getting to the car after a trip somewhere only to realize that my son had thrown his sippy cup out of the stroller. We lost a lot of cups before we started using this on the stroller. (We’ve also used the Baby Buddy Secure A Toy Straps for the snack traps and toysBaby Buddy 2 Count Secure-A-Toy, Black/Tan). They’ve both come in handy, so we don’t lose the snacks when we don’t see if he throws them out of the stroller. They’re also great in the car, so if he drops the sippy cup, he can recover it without me having to fumble around and try to pick it up off the floor at a red light. I’ve also found this comes in really handy at the grocery store, as I can let him keep his sippy cup without having to pick it up a dozen times throughout the trip.The strap is thick and sturdy, with heavy duty velcro. So far, it’s been a great solution!

Cornelia Macatawa, MI

Another winner from Booginhead!

I’ve used this sippigrip just about everywhere- carseat, stroller, shopping cart- and it has been amazing. Even with different brands of cups, the adjustable grip stays strong and keeps it withing easy reach. I haven’t been disappointed with a Booginhead product yet.

Claudia Tivoli, TX

So handy!!!

This little thing has saved my daughter’s sippy cup from hitting the floor so many times. I keep it in my purse and then use if she has a drink while we are at a restaurant, shopping, or a walk in her stroller. Very easy to use and attach around the cup. It works great with the Nuby cups even though the middle of them is smaller. I still am able to attach the string securely. Highly recommend!

Louise Baggs, WY

What a great idea

These are great to strap toys or cups. Save some money and buy a few of these so you don’t lose toys on the street or have to pick up a cup that’s been dropped on the ground.

Robert Hoffman, IL

It works

Does what it says. Adjustable to different size sippy cups/water bottles. Also can be used with toys. Doesn’t take up much space in the diaper bag.

Alberta Aline, OK


This strap really helps to keep bottles under control. It’s easy to use, and you can attach it to just about anything. I often thread it through my daughter’s belt loop when we’re on the go. So handy!

Terry Coalmont, IN

Must have product.

This item works just as advertised. Very easy to use and comes in any color. We all know how little babies like to throw there baba’s and sippy’s overboard; Not with this product. Also works for toys. We tie up my daughters baby doll by the leg so it doesnt hit the floor. No more germs. Attach it to your highchair or stroller. Buy it today. Highly recommended!

Bridget Cuney, TX

A must!

Got a lot of use out of this one. It can be attached to pretty much anything and we used it to attach our son’s teethers, toys, bottles and sippies to his stroller. Highly recommended.

Andrea Phillipsburg, KS

Thought this would help but, not so much

Didn’t take long for my little one to figure out how to pop this off, and it left me in the same boat of picking up sippies and bottles off of the floor.

Penelope Lopez Island, WA

Wish I hadn’t waited so long to buy it!

Love this. My son is a thrower, so i hook his sippy cups, toys, etc. onto this and the other end onto the stroller. He gets mad because his cups dont end up on the floor where he intended but it sure saves me a lot of energy and grief! Works great, keeps the cups in place. I’ve also used it in the high chair at a restaurant. Im sure there are lots of other uses.

Lakeisha Ithaca, NE

Excellent sippy cup strap.

This strap is not only cute but workpeg rest on the cups it fits. It does not fit all of our sippy cups in particular the Advent brand ones.

Lilly Cunningham, TX

Booginhead SippiGrip

We couldn’t live without this! Our son throws pretty much anything and everything out his stroller so this has been a life saver. We use it for not only sippy cups, but also for securing toys. It has come in handy in the stroller as well as attaching to a high chair at a restaurant. I would buy it over and over.

Karla Nevada City, CA

serves its purpose, can’t complain

no surprises here. keeps the zoli cup from hitting concrete. i’m sure some kids learn to undo the velcro my my 14 month old is more interested in flinging his cup overboard.

Kitty Hockley, TX

Does its job. Great quality!

Works great. Life saver. Nice fabric. What else can I say about it? Great item! I sometimes use it to attach toys that the baby will most likely throw on the floor 🙂

Ollie Trumbull, NE

Good for some things…

I really wanted this because my 14 month old son keeps flinging his sippycup off his high chair. This unfortunately did not solve my problem, because a) he yanks this right off the cup and b) even when he doesn’t do that the rope isn’t long enough for him to drink from the cup. It does work well for toys and snack containers though.

Ma Haskell, NJ

its just ok

nothing to write home about but it works well enough. but it wasnt a product I made sure I had all the time. it just wasnt that amazing.

Sondra Killdeer, ND

Glad I Picked This Up

I bought this on a whim, but I am so glad I did. Before, I had a hard time keeping bottles and sippy cups from ending up on dirty restaurant floors.Now, I can strap in the cup and voila, it stays clean. It is easy to strap onto the bottle/sippy cup, grips well, and is adjustable for a longer or shorter strap.It has held up well to a washing yet is not too bulky that I can’t scrunch it up small and shove it into a pocket of my diaper bag.Definitely worth buying!

Lashonda Isle La Motte, VT

Works great!

I bought two of these to keep my son from throwing his sippy cup on the floor. Works as promised. He still throws it down but at least it just dangles from his highchair now, instead of banging the floor, possibly coming open and milk spilling everywhere.

Roxie Wheatland, IA

Kept pacifier/ toy/ snack trap in place

Especially while in the stroller or in the carseat, this grip thing was great for an extra toy, pacifier, snack trap that always seemed to end up on the floor beforehand

Cassandra Saint Paul, NE

Great strap

This strap is a life saver. My granddaughter likes to throw her sippy cup or bottle out of the shopping cart or stroller, not any more stay close at hand. Love it!!!

Alyce Reedsville, OH

Love this product, puts an end to flying sippy cups

This has been great to keep my son from chunking his sippy cup across the room. We have one attached to his high chair, his stroller and both carseats.

Penelope Feather Falls, CA