BooginHead Squeez’Ems Reusable Food Pouches

BooginHead Squeez’Ems Reusable Food Pouches

Squeez’Ems are reusable food pouches for any pureed food. They are easy to fill, clean and store as well as great for those on-the-go families! Squeez’Ems reusable food pouches are perfect for all ages. For the on-the-go baby food all the way to yogurt or apple sauce in a grade school lunch, Squeez’Ems reusable food pucheswill grow with your child. They are designed for lunch boxes as well as easy travel.

Main features

  • BPA, PVC & Phthalate Free
  • One piece to eliminate lost parts
  • Freezer, microwave and top rack dishwasher safe
  • Environmentally friendly and cost conscious
  • Perfect for lunch boxes and travel

Verified reviews


Not for Kids too Young to Not Squeeze Themselves

I was disappointed in these because the lid/top is quite large, making it essential that a the person using it can squeeze the bag hard in order to suck out the food. My 15 month old son does really well with the normal squeezie pouches, but got frustrated when he couldn’t get the food out of these. I ended up buying a different type,, which I am hoping will work better. I’d love it if my son could enjoy with yogurt without me having to feed him bite by bite.

Kellie Cubero, NM

Not great, but does the job.

I bought these at a big box baby store on a whim. As in “I should try that” … but it wasn’t a well thought out decision. My goal wasn’t to fill it with fruit, but rather to use fresh yogurt, since I feel like the yogurt pouches you can buy are kind of gross. At the same time, my independent 14 month old daughter refuses to be spoon-fed but makes a huge mess when she tries to spoon feed herself yogurt. So on a whim I decided these pouches were a way to get yogurt back into her diet. I’m actually glad I bought them there, because the amazon reviews would have scared me off.Verdict:They work. I fill them with baby yogurt, and my daughter easily can empty 99% of the yogurt from the pouch, without a mess. I had basically removed yogurt from her diet, and now it’s back.Cons:Yes, these are hassle to use …- Not easy to fill … but I can manage it (I have a shallow spoon – actually it’s a cocktail mixing sppon – that does a perfect job)- Not easy to clean … but I can manage it (hand wash with forceful hot water)- Not easy to get the lid to stay closed … but I can manage it (triple check, and press it down hard)If you are buying these for convenience, I would suggest you think twice. They are a hassle. But if you’re buying them because you want to get food into pouch-form, these will do that job if you make the effort. Bottom line is that I am glad I bought these.

Marquita Savage, MT

Poor design

Bought 6 of these so glad I didn’t open all of them…washed 2 of the pouches, filled them with applesauce and the lid popped off and made a huge mess shortly after giving it to my 2 year old! Not happy to have wasted 8$ on 2 from Walmart but least at I can return the other 4

Justine Cowansville, PA


First I’ll start with what I like about this:Reusable. Less waste!Light and Easy for my toddler to handle (easier than the heavy silicone type).The small lid is attached so it won’t get lost or put in the mouth. Dishwasher safe although I think my husband washes by hand.Not too hard to fill.Clear, you can see what is in it.That it’s BPA, PVC and Phthalate FreeThe price.Dislikes/could use some improvements:Sometimes the lid does not close all the way or you don’t know if it has. If it gets dropped or thrown the lid opens and the contents splatter all over. If they fix this problem, I would give it 5 stars!There is still quite a bit of food left even if it looks empty compared to the disposable pouches, it kind of hides in the lid area.I wish it was a little bigger, maybe 5 oz or 5.5 ozs.

Brittney Stewarts Point, CA

Overall they have been worth it!

We’ve had these for a little over 6 months now, and love them for our 2 year old daughter. After mixed reviews, I decided to go for these. Personally, I think they are well worth it. If I want to pack a healthy snack for my daughter on the go (i.e. greek yogurt instead of a sugar-loaded yoplait gogurt), these are great.I do agree with the reviews about trying to get all of the food out; once it gets down to the final bit, I have to help my daughter get the remainder b/c you really need to squeeze up against the top to get everything.Filling them is a bit annoying too – it takes a while if you try to do it with a spoon, but I find that using a cheap plastic baggie (or an icing bag), you can cut off the corner and squeeze the contents in pretty easily.As far as the top popping off, you just have to make sure it’s snapped on securely. If you give it a good push and hear is click, it will not snap off. I could see where the screw-on cap might annoy a smaller child, but it hasn’t bothered my daughter at all.Finally, the cleaning. I rinse them with hot water before putting them in the dishwasher. If anything gets stuck along the top, I just close them up, full with hot water, give them a good shake and empty out before the dishwasher.

Lucile Santa Cruz, NM

Saw on Dr. Oz show

I saw this on the Dr. Oz show as a recommended item to buy for babies and children. I ordered it right away. We have really not been able to use it (9 month old) because my daughter seems to be a little young now. It washes easily and at first was hard to take the cap off.

Gayla Ocean Beach, NY

easy to use

I love the ease of use of these. They freeze and clean easily too. The plastic is a bit hard to ‘squeeze’ so they’re not as easy to use as the ones you buy in the store, but overall happy with the purchase.

Cecile Cisco, TX

Great idea…could use some fine tuning

I was spending a fortune on squeezable fruits, and thought I would give these a try for my 15 month old twins. I fill them with applesauce, mashed bananas, or yogurt and have been very pleased with the cost savings. I also like the wide spouts which make for easy filling right from the applesauce container. I have not experienced any leaking unless I happen to overfill them.I do hand wash them however. I’ve found that if I don’t wash them immediately, food gets trapped at the base of the lid, and I am unable to remove the top to clean in that particular spot. Mold can form in that inaccessible area if you are not careful. Optimally, it would be nice to be able to remove the entire top of the pouch for cleaning.Overall, a great product, it just needs a little fine tuning.

Nannie Seco, KY

They waste food

I actually like the materials of this product and the fact that the cap is attached. However, because of the prduct design, they waste at least an ounce (of the 4 total it will hold) is left in the pouch. The fill opening in the top of the pouch is made of a solid material and does not allow for the food to be sqeezed out. Even my 3-year-old can’t suck hard enough to get all of the food out of it. It ends up wasting about a fourth of what you put in.

Beryl Fredericksburg, IN

Mine are in the garbage now…

I love the concept of these, but after a few uses (I didn’t even get around to dish washing them), the tops would not stay sealed. They’d pop off and everything would spill. Total waste of money.

Alfreda Canton, GA

Lid won’t stay on = BIG mess

It amazes me how this product made it the shelves at all! The top literally just "rests" in place. The design could be easily rectified if the top actually "snapped" off and on. I wanted to love these because they are so easy to fill and clean (I used my bottle brush) but they are essentially useless because my one year old certainly isn’t going to sit and hold the top in place while eating. Booginhead: redesign the top and you would have a good product!

Celina Western Grove, AR

Great for on the go.

My little one does not like eating yogurt unless it’s from this. Brilliant idea to resure pouches with healthy options where you know what is going into your darlings tummy.

Debora Westport, SD

not all it’s cracked up to be

i bought this because it was pretty much the only thing available at either of our local baby stores that was refillable. i should have exercised some restraint and’s a good idea, and it’s nice that it’s easy to fill, but that’s where “nice” ends. if you’re dealing with a young child (my son was 7m when we tried it) they can’t keep even, constant pressure to keep the food up, and as soon as he lets off of the suction, the whole bag succumbs to gravity and fills with air. your average throw away pouch doesn’t do that. so…i’m getting different pouches.

Shannon Brighton, MI


We have loved these! They are very convenient when you know you’ll be on the go. I would recommend them to anyone on the go with young children

Dolly Indian Head, MD

What a mess!

My daughter found herself covered in pumpkin applesauce when the lid popped open as she was squeezing this pouch! Darn! I wanted to love this product. I should have read the reviews before purchasing. I have heard that they are changing the product design to fix this problem. Let’s see it!

Juliette Kneeland, CA

Difficult to close all the way

I did a lot of research on the different types of pouch styles and went with Squeez’Ems because they seemed like the easiest to clean. They are freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe. The 2 problems I have are that the flip top portion is difficult to close firmly enough to stay on and not pop off the more I use them, and the design does’t allow for the last portion of goodies inside to be sucked out. There’s enough left in to make me feel like I’m wasting what’s left and can’t be sucked out. If we’re at home when we use these, I open the top and spoon out whats left.

Amparo Madison, NY