Booginhead Squeez’Ems Reusable Food Pouches

Booginhead Squeez’Ems Reusable Food Pouches

Twist’Em. Fill’Em. Feed’Em! BooginHead Squeez’Ems are reusable food pouches for any pureed food that are easy to fill, clean and store. Squeez’Ems are great for on-the-go baby food all the way to yogurt or apple sauce in a grade school lunch. Squeez’Ems reusable food pouches will grow with your child. Squeez’Ems Features: * For ALL ages. * BPA, PVC & Phthalate Free. * One piece (cap is attached) to eliminate lost parts. * Freezer, microwave and top rack dishwasher safe. * Perfect for lunch boxes and travel. * Screw-top lid opens clockwise to prevent accidental opening. * Envirofriendly and cost conscious. * Reuse and save money. * 2 pouches – 6 ounce each * CARE: To clean, add warm soapy water, shake and rinse. Easy to clean with a bottle brush. Clean before first and each use.

Main features

  • High and low density polyethylene
  • Imported
  • 4.2 oz reusable food pouches for any pureed food ~ 2 per package
  • Flip it. Fill it. Feed’Em! One piece to eliminate lost parts
  • Perfect for lunch boxes and travel
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free
  • Dishwasher, Microwave & Freezer Safe

Verified reviews


UPDATE: Great money saver if you don’t mind the mess

UPDATE: I bought 1 set of EZ Squeezees Refillable Food pouches on Amazon. Than my husband came home with Booginhead Squeez’Ems Reusable Food Pouches cause he said the EZ Squeeze looked cheap to him. So he tested the Booginhead and I tested the EZ Squeeze with our son. So far I “accidently” threw out 1 pouch (I wasn’t thinking) so I’m left with 2 now and my son took to them easily. But the Booginhead is messy to fill without a funnel (Im not going to run out and buy there special funnel ) and were down to 1 of the Booginhead cause the one the top kept poppin’ off which defeats the purpose of the product. And it has the cap attached to it so my son spends more time playing and making a mess than actually eating. So after 1 1/2 weeks with both pouches the “EZ Squeeze” wins hands down with this mommy. No mess, no need to have a funnel fill it and for 3 at $9.99 + 2.00 shipping there way cheaper than the Booginhead. So do yourself a favor and buy the EZ Squeeze save a few bucks and the mess.EZ Squeezees Refillable Food pouchesThese are an awesome product if your looking for a economical way to give your little one there fruits, veggies or yogurt. But at $14.95 I passed till I saw them at Walmart for $7.99 so you could buy 2 paks of these for the $14.95 price tag here.Just a little FYI.

Margo Pelkie, MI

Needs improvements

I was looking for a reusable squeeze pouch. Saw this two pack at Walmart and decided to buy it. Waste of money. Wish I had checked the reviews first. Was hoping to use this on the go with yogurt and pureed food for my toddler. Unfortunately this is not travel friendly, and requires supervision. You can’t just toss the pouch into your bag unless you want a big ol’ mess inside your bag. The lid (the part you open to fill the pouch, not the cap for the spout) isn’t secure and once the food reaches the hard green plastic part where the lid is suppose to close on to, it’s hard to get that last bit of food out. So not only do you have to make sure that your toddler doesn’t pop the lid open while squeezing the food out, the food is trapped inside an area that is about an inch high and about an inch wide. A cubic inch of food trapped. How is a toddler expected to get all the food out when I can’t even help him squeeze it out. I’ve always had to open it up and scoop out the rest of the yogurt with a spoon which defeats the purpose of a squeeze pouch. Also, I tried filling the pouches with yogurt from a 6oz container and it doesn’t all fit even though it claims to fit 6oz of food in it. It seems more like 4 or 5 oz of food fits in the pouch. I’m not in search of a better product.Pros:–Reusable–Fairly easy to clean–Fairly easy to fill without a funnel.Cons:–Lids not secure and pops off. So not travel safe (can’t just toss it in your bag)–Once food reaches the hard green plastic part where the spout is connected to, it’s difficult to get the last bit of food out.–Does not seem to hold as much as it claims.

Florence Dutton, MT

Hard to clean. $7.00 at Wmart

I saw these at our local Wmart and thought they were worth a shot for $7.00.Great except that they are hard to clean. Food get stuck in between the side of the lid and the pouch and there is no way to get a brush in there to clean it out. I don’t like how the lid stays attached, it gets in the way and becomes a distraction when my son is trying to use it. Also, if squeezed with just enough force, the lid pops off easily and makes a mess. Don’t waste your $.

Summer Point Lookout, MO

New version is wonderful!!

I just bought these at Walmart, I think they must have just started carrying them, because I had never see them there before, and I just wanted everyone to know that the new version is wonderful – the company must have realized the complaints posted by earlier reviewers in response to this model, because the new version has none of the same issues! So it looks like this model is bad, but if Amazon carries the new one, it’s great!They have redesigned the product so that the large opening is now screw-on! So it is a wonderful wide mouth that screws on, and click-locks so you know it’s screwed on tight enough. I am thrilled to have found it, and am now returning my previously purchased "Resqueeze" Reusable food pouches. They were cheaply made, but this new Booginhead Squeez’Ems pouch is awesome and well designed with a tethered cap and top-loading screw-on cap. Just wanted to let everyone know. Hopefully Amazon starts carrying the new version!

Olga Saltville, VA

Works OK

These work OK, thr top that you put the food in does not stay closed very well though. The disposable ones work better.

Rocio Westfall, OR