Boon Animal Bag Stuffed Animal Storage,Blue

Boon Animal Bag Stuffed Animal Storage,Blue

Where the furry things go. The first five stuffed animals are cute. But when 100 are scattered like furry road kill all over your house, it’s time to do something like tossing them into an Animal Bag that doubles as a snuggly seat. All those plush bears and bunnies will be totally accessible, and much more manageable.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine wash, line dry or dry clean
  • 100% polyester
  • Toys not included
  • BPA free, Phthalate free, and PVC free
  • Approximate dimensions when full: 24″ X 22″ X 12″

Verified reviews


Great Product!

I pre-ordered this item for my son’s bazillions stuffed animals. I was not disappointed when it arrived. I just counted the actual number of stuffed animals in there and there are 44 (see the pictures to see the pile of them) with room for more. Like anything you’re stuffing full, if you really wanted to arrange the order you stuffed it, the more you can fit in there. As it stands I could probably stuff another 10 small-medium sized stuffed animals in there and still have it close without issue.The mesh on top is thicker and will be durable for little kid’s wear and tear. The zipper is also a good study quality and is a nice one that is very easy to zip. It also could stand up to a bit of over stuffing and wouldn’t instantly break open. Finally, the plush outside is also good ‘stuffed animal’ quality, the inside of it is just the raw side of the outter-plush, which is a bit unfinished, but I don’t see any reason for it to be lined so certainly not a negative. See the pictures for the added ones.

Joanne New Cuyama, CA

Not what I expected…

I ordered this for my little girl’s nursery that includes gray accents. I thought it would be perfect for all of the stuffed animals she’s already accrued. However, once I got it out of the box, it was a lot furrier and shinier than I expected. It honestly looked like I skinned an animal and put it in the corner, especially since we didn’t have enough stuffed animals to fill it yet. Maybe in another color it would look cute in a child’s rooms, but for a nursery it just didn’t match what I was going for and returned it.

Rosemary Moscow, TX

Wasn’t sure, but now I love it

Ok at first I wasn’t sure this thing was needed, or worth the price. I kept it a week or two. Now I’m quite sure I can’t live without it. It doesn’t look very big, but it holds an amazing amount of stuffed animals! Also, if it was any bigger, seriously what would I do with it?? As it is, when full, it’s quite heavy. But my toddler still rolls it out of her room and into the living room several times a week. This I find totally adorable. She then proceeds to unzip it herself, and remove and play with all of her animals, making a huge mess. Her baby sister then likes to climb inside and get buried in the stuffies. Then when they are done, we put them all back in, and my girl zips it up again herself. The zipper is very easy for her to manage, and strong. She likes to sit on it, and my baby likes to climb all over it thinking she’s big. We then put it back in their room, and it stays out of the way. The stuffies are all happy because they are getting played with WAY more often than they ever were before! And once it’s totally packed full, I can make a rule of "no new stuffies unless you get rid of one"! Perfect!!

Martina West Covina, CA

Great bag

I didn’t pay attention to the bag size when I ordered this so I was a little disappointed that it was smaller than the green Boon bag I have, but what I do like is that the netting seems to be a lot sturdier. The original bag I have ( the larger green one) has a hole where the netting joins with the fabric.We were still able to get quite a few stuffed animals in this bag.

Liz Smyrna, MI

It’s ok

Does what it’s supposed to do. I don’t love it but that is a personal taste issue. I don’t know if it is worth the price $$

Jodi Coalmont, IN

Love the extra pillow!

I got this in and filled it with toys and it is everything I expected and more! The kids have an extra pillow to toss around and the stuffed animals all stay put and are not all over the room! Great storage solution for the stuffed animal crisis. I would stay there are anywhere from 15-20 animals in mine and they range from tiny to extra large. Only two of ours could not fit in the pillow and that is an extra large Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore.

Eleanor Paradox, CO


My daughter isn’t here yet BUT she already has a ton of stuffed animals…this was a helpful item to buy early (18+ plus months on the pkg). I put a bunch of the stuffed animals that I didn’t display in her nursery in here and then put in my closet 🙂 The purple color bag is vibrant and it’s very well made.

Viola Lisbon, LA

Brilliant idea for storage

Sure you could use any beanbag cover to store stuffed animals. But the see through mesh window really makes this a better option, especially for smaller kids. I find that the ability to see toys means they are played with more often, and shoving stuffed animals in a regular bean bag cover would essentially hide them, perhaps too much.The newer Animal Bags are smaller than the previous ones, but Im okay with that. They are nice little chairs for my kids, who are 2 and 4, easy for them to manage, pull around and open. Already, we have filled our bags to capacity, so I see more in our future. So, I can see why people would want the larger size back and I can see in a few years wishing they bags came in a larger size as well–not only for stuffed animal collection growth but also to accommodate child growth!Boon, you should offer both sizes—if anyone from Boon actually reads this!

Jewel Oolitic, IN

Seating + Storage

Great for holding a lot of stuffed animals. Holds more than you would expect. Also extra seating. Nice bright color.

Chrystal Playa Del Rey, CA

Every Parent Needs One

This is the coolest invention I’ve seen in a while. It holds a TON of animals. The "pillow" is plush and very soft. My little one really enjoys laying on it, climbing on it, and using it as a stool. She also likes the mesh bottom because she can see the animals in the bag. Lately she’s started unzipping the bag and fishing out an animal and closing it back up. There is a thick rubber "tag" on the zipper, making it really easy for her to grip. The zipper is industrial strength; it hasn’t shown any sign of give even though this bag is stuffed to the max. And yet my two-year old can continuously open and close it with no issue. This product is outstanding; we bought two more. Highly recommend.

Kerri Ferdinand, ID

Great storage for stuffed animals!

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for, a creative way to store stuffed animals without putting another piece of hard furniture in my playroom! The last thing I needed was another hard toybox for my kids to get bumps from, but I needed a place to put all of their stuffed animals and this was the perfect solution! This animal storage holds a LOT of stuffed animals, is nice and soft and has a mesh see-through lid so your kids can see all their toys in it. I might buy a second one!

Courtney Riceville, PA

Not too small at all!

I was worried to buy this because reviewers said it was too small and more like a pillow than a bean bag chair but I was pleasantly surprised when I got it. It’s not huge like a bean bag chair but it’s not small like a pillow either. I think it’s just right for small children. I got the gray color and I love it! The orange and blue are too bright and hard to go with any decor but this gray goes with everything and looks great. It’s very soft and cuddly too. The mesh part is not soft at all but if you turn that part to the floor when resting on it then it is comfy. You can really squish a lot inside and make a nice cushion while decluttering your stuffed animals. We have a lot of stuffed animals that we don’t use but they have some kind of sentimental value like from a vacation we took and this is perfect for those!

Angelica Woodlyn, PA

what a great idea!

My son has all these tiny stuffed animals that he just has to have in his bed with him. . . or out of his crib. They were a mess everywhere in his room. I bought this, and it is very high quality and durable appearing. The first night my son (3 years old) put all his stuffed animals in it and dragged it around the house with him — now he just has it at the foot of his bed or on the floor and his room is finally tidy.

Sherri Hebron, IN


What a great idea! Why weren’t these around when I was a kid? Even as a toddler I hated that weird net thing in the corner of my ceiling filled with my precious stuffed friends. I always had to ask my dad to get them down for me… Anyway, this is modern looking and so functional, makes tidying up a breeze!

Mildred Gabriels, NY

Best stuffie storage solution ever!

This bag holds an unbelievable amount of stuffed animals! The fur is soft and the mesh and zipper seem sturdy. Also fantastic for storing extra yarn and fabric for crafters! I ordered 6 and will definitely be getting more – I have a LOT of plushies 🙂

Elba Cheltenham, PA


These bags are brilliant and so convenient! Finally my child’s stuffed animals are contained in a functional way. I especially love that the zipper is easy enough to use (large grip handle, stiff mesh fabric that doesn’t get snagged in the zipper) that my 3 year old can put away all the animals and zip up the bag himself with no help.

Carissa Fleetwood, PA


I have been looking at these Boon bags for years but thought a cheaper bongo buddy would be better.My youngest received a bongo buddy per my request as a gift last year.Well the bongo buddy is dangerous ( made out of crappy made wire and poses a hazard the wire eventually pokes through the material). This time I took the plunge and bought the Boon for my oldest who has more stuffies at this point in time . I absolutely love it well made fits a ton and it doubles as a bean bag chair.I just love multifunctional products this product is great.My son loves it too.I have to say with everything being made junky these days this bag is made very well.I am presently surprised and want a second for my other son who is fighting for his brothers as we speak.

Alisha Spring Hill, TN

Great stuffed animal storage!!

I would buy more of these if we had more stuffed animals. This is great for storage and to organize a playroom or bedroom. I am a little OCD and like things picked up. This is perfect and holds about 10-15 stuffed animals based on the size of them.

Kathie Clara, MS

An excellent way to herd all the stuffed animals!

I have 4 children so there is no shortage of stuffed animals in our home! I always tell my parent friends to NEVER buy a stuffed animal because your children will always acquire them somehow and they always multiply!That said, we have some stuffed animals that are important to my kids. They were gifts, favorites as babies, from vacations, etc. They were starting to take over and I was desperate for a solution. I debated over this storage bag for the longest time because of the cost but let me say that it is WELL worth the money!It’s a simple concept, the animals get stuffed into the bag, you zip the mesh netting cover, and all your animals are safely stored in a small area rather than tossed all over the room or piled in a corner.The best thing about this bag is that my 2 year old can clean his animals up all by himself. He just needs help to cram in the last few and to zip it closed.It is well made and will last for year and years. I only own one but will eventually purchase more for my other children.

Theresa New Berlinville, PA

Great for cleaning up all the clutter!

I absolutely love the Boon animal bag! My daughter has too many stuffed animals, but we’re able to fit around 20 of them in this bag. It gets the stuffed animals out of the way, and it’s also a great floor cushion for sitting on. I was worried that the animals would get squished and lose their shape, but they fluff back without a problem.We have the gray bag, and it’s an attractive neutral color. I had intended to put it in my daughter’s room, but we put it in the living room instead. It’s a nice place to sit while playing on the floor.Like most Boon products, the animal bag is also very well made. We stuff it full of animals, and the zipper has hsn’t failed. The mesh fabric on the top is also very sturdy. I would recommend this to anybody with a lot of stuffed animals!

Helene Dwight, KS

Great stuffed storage

Having read other reviews I was prepared for this to be much smaller than it is and was pleasantly surprised by just how many animals fit inside. You can really stuff it and the high quality zipper holds well. My kids love the easy access to their animals and enjoy climbing on the bag when it is full. Overall, I am extremely pleased and as our collection grows, I will definitely order another.

Mai Butler, IL

Corrals the collection

This is the perfect size for my daughters’ collection of stuffed animals. While some of the bigger guys don’t fit, I wouldn’t want the bag to be much bigger, otherwise it would be a monstrosity in the playroom and take up way too much space. As it is now, it stays in the corner and keeps the stuffed animals neat and tidy. We haven’t had any problems with the zipper and my 3.5 year old can even open and close it herself without issue.

Cassie Enoree, SC

Excellent toy storage and small child bean bag

This bag has answered my duel problems of not enough seating and too many stuffed animals. The cover is durable and very very soft. The zipper has a nice sized pull tab that small children can use to open up and rescue their stuffed animal friends. It fits dozens and dozens of stuffed animals. My five year old daughter can use it as a seat, and my 15 month old son loves to sit on it as well. Its machine washable and the price for a bean bag cover, is excellent. The only way it would be better is if it was slightly bigger.

Callie Willseyville, NY

Fits a TON!

I can’t believe how many stuffed animals you can fit in this thing. It’s like a game with the kids when cleaning up – to see how many you can fit!

Aline Fisher, AR

I wish I would have thought of this!

These bags are awesome! I was so surprised with how many stuffed animals you can pile into the bag…we have almost every stuffed animal ever created, ok, well, not that many, but it feels like it and I have wanted to get rid of them for so long, but every now and then my daughter will play with some…so this has been the perfect solution. She loves to put her stuffed animals into the bag and zip it up. And then you can use it like a bean bag.

Kristy Kanawha Head, WV

great storage for the ever growing plush collection

I just purchased one for the kids’ numerous stuffed animals. It’s amazing how many it can hold, much better than storing in a basket or a structured container. Looking to buy a second to store the remainder.

Emilia Beach Haven, PA

Must have item for anyone with kids

I have two daughters which means I have about 2000 stuffed animals. I have been fighting with the stuffed animals for years before I cam across the boon bag online. I bought one right away and my only regret is that I did not purchase one sooner. The boon animal bag is the perfect “bean bag” size for a toddler which means it is not giant and does not take up a lot of room. BUT- it holds twice the amount of stuffed animals that I anticipated. I_am_in_love. I’m so happy with the purchase I am ordering a second one in a different color. Not because I need the storage (the first boon bag took care of all those stuffed animals) but because I know my girls are going to keep collecting stuffed animals and I want to be prepared.

Lori Maple Hill, KS