Boon Benders Adaptable Utensils Blue/Orange

Boon Benders Adaptable Utensils Blue/Orange

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to get the food in their mouth. And Benders are your secret weapon. While your child is learning how to use utensils, Benders can be positioned to accommodate any grip in any direction. (Hello, ergonomics!) And that means food arrives at its intended destination. Can be adjusted to child’s motor skill development. Helps children transition to regular utensils. Use a sharper angle for early stages, straight for advanced stages. Soft, easy-grip handles. Dishwasher-safe. BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free

Main features

  • Can be adjusted to child’s motor skill development
  • Helps children transition to regular utensils
  • Use a sharper angle for early stages, straight for advanced stages
  • Soft, easy-grip handles
  • Dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free
  • Can be adjusted to child’s motor skill development
  • Helps children transition to regular utensils
  • Use a sharper angle for early stages, straight for advanced stages
  • Soft, easy-grip handles
  • Dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, Phthlalate-free and PVC-free

Verified reviews


too small

In the picture they look bigger, but the surface area is MAYBE the size of a nickel..and it’s really shallow. So by the time my lil one brings the food to his’s fallen off.

Sonya Brainerd, MN

Not as helpful as we thought they’d be

By the time we got these for our son when he was about 13 months old, they seemed too small lengthwise and the part that goes in his mouth. And he didn’t really benefit from the adaptable bending, since he was already starting to turn his wrist. So I hope to use these sooner with our daughter (maybe at 8-9 months) and see how these help her to learn how to feed herself. Compared to some other brands of utensils, the surface area of the spoon and fork are small. Difficult for my kid to get a sizable bite of food on it, considering some spills off at times on the way to his mouth. The fork/spork isn’t that functional to use for piercing food, like macaroni noodles. Would probably be more helpful for beginning independent eaters.

Irene Weissert, NE

Ok, but some glaring flaws

These are a good size as far as length and handle circumference. I also like that the ends are bendable to adjust to children who tend to eat with their left or right hand. Now for the flaws that make them a poor product, in my opinion…The size of the spoon and fork ends renders them almost unusable. The spoon scoop is so small and shallow that food doesn’t stay in the spoon. The fork has been designed down to be ‘safe’ so that it can’t actually stab anything. My son enjoyed carrying these around (they fit nicely in his hands). But he rarely was successful in eating with the assistance of these that they really didn’t do anything to advance his skills. We ditched them after just a few uses. Also, the soft rubber (silicone?) piece around the outer part of the utensils is peeling away. I don’t know if my son picked at it, but they weren’t used many times and are already showing signs of damage. For reference my son was using these when he was about 14-15 months old and really just starting to try to use utensils.

Eileen Argusville, ND

good product for baby

good, good product. maybe it can help my baby to study how to eat i baby like it too

Brigitte Roe, AR

Love these!

My baby loves to be independent and these are just the thing. These spoons allow you to bend the handle so that your baby doesn’t miss their mouth no matter what stage of motor skills (or lack of) they have! Nice so that you can tweak the angle of the spoon depending on baby’s ability and whether they are left or right handed or testing out both.

Margret Atlantic, IA

Fun and easy to use

These bend easily and are a great size for young eaters. I’m looking forward to seeing my kids use them to feed themselves.

Adele Crook, CO

Great for little hands/ more for feeding babies.

Not so great if they are trying to stab their food to pick it up. The fork is about as useful as a spoon. I do like the flexible necks and the soft cushy feel. More for feeding the babies not so good for a toddler who is learning to eat on his own.

Angeline Mallie, KY

Daughter hasn’t figured these out yet

I like the concept, but my daughter does better with regular spoons. Maybe it’s because you have to start them off with these bendy ones right away. My daughter is 16 months.

Lelia Leonard, TX

Love the size, safety, durability and bendability!

I bought a whole bunch of toddler-sized utensils for learning purposes. These are the favorite so far.- size: people complain they’re small, but let me tell you… my toddler can get a huge, messy bite onto this spoon and, slowly but surely, is successfully getting that bite to her mouth. The spoon is shallow, but we’re still working mostly with foods that stick to the spoon a little, like yogurt, applesauce and the like.- safety: she can explore fork function without any risk of actually stabbing things or herself. Mostly she places bits of fruit onto the fork part.- bendability: these not only bend left/right but up/down so they’ve been great for helping her figure out how to feed herself.- quality/durability: despite the low cost, they’re very nicely made and are holding up well. Once she figured out she could bend them herself, there were a few days when the spoon got very abused but it’s no worse for wear.She will grow out of them quickly, yes, because they are so small. But for a real beginner set these were worth the money.

Gloria Letohatchee, AL

Boon Benders Adaptable Utensils

•Can be adjusted to child’s motor skill development•Helps children transition to regular utensils•Use a sharper angle for early stages, straight for advanced stages•Soft, easy grip handles•Dishwasher safe and BPA free, Phthalate free, and PVC free

Bobbi Round Lake, IL

Boon Utensils

These are great for those little ones who are learning to eat on their own. My child loves using these.

Evangeline O Fallon, MO

So far so good.

I can tell about the efficiency of this ones vs regulars ones just yet, my boy seems to like them, but he doesn’t seems to take advantage of the bend feature.

Staci Artie, WV

Nice lightweight option for baby

These are great- ever since we bought them my little guy has taken more of an interest in using the spoon himself, since they are his size. I like that they bend too- nice option!

Lula Waskish, MN

Love love LOVE

I’m doing Baby-Led Weaning with my little guy, and he loves to feed himself soup or oatmeal with spoons, but he always seems to turn them sideways and spill the content when he grasps the handles on normal baby spoons.I watch his eating pattern for a few bites, then just twist the bowl of the spoon to match. My 8-month-old can feed himself with this spoon, and he’s absolutely thrilled with himself whenever he does.It’s run through the dishwasher several times now, as well, with no damage or loss of function.

Ramona Schuyler, VA

great shape, but discolors with normal use

My son really loves these utensils. The size seems perfect for him to learn self feeding. The spoon is smaller than what he normally uses, but he is not bothered by it. We had only used these a couple of times before the handles started to discolor. I think it was the mango that did it.

Cindy Old Chatham, NY

Spoon / fork heads are small

Some of the other reviews mentioned this but it didn’t click until we tried to use it. The eating surface of the spoon or fork is really small. Too small to be of any use. The prongs of the fork are small, so you can’t impale food either. While the fact that you can bend the head is really nice, the bad design of the actual eating surface renders this pretty useless.

Gilda Williston, ND

Too bendy; WEIRD fork

These spoons are a great concept! LOVE the colors! That’s the end of my positives.Negatives? The bendable part of the spoons bends too much, which makes it kinda worthless after the first couple bites. And the fork is not effective for poking things at all. It’s more like a spoon with a couple awkward slots on it.If your kid is a righty, we prefer the Sassy Less Mess Toddler Feeding Spoon. We haven’t found a good Lefty option yet, though!

Pearl Woodburn, IN

useful spoons to have

I like these spoons. We don’t use them all the time but my daughter likes variety so they are definitely in the rotation. She had a lot of success with them in the beginning of spoon feeding (10 months) and like them still (14 months). I don’t know if the bendy option has been that helpful but the size is perfect and the handles are easy to grip for little hands. The problem with the bend is that is dependent on her holding the spoon in the same way every time which doesn’t happen. I’ve had more success with telling her to hold her elbow up. It’s very awkward to spoon when your head is so big and arms are short (in comparison).

Lesa Holcombe, WI

My baby like using it.

It’s easy to use and my baby like to use it. My wife like the color so I purchased. so far so good

Darla Quinton, VA

just ok

My 1 1/2 yr old son insists on turning his spoon over when he puts it into his mouth. I thought it was a coordination thing and that these utensils would help. No such luck. He must just think it’s easier to get all the food off the spoon by tipping it over and getting his tongue in there. Plus the spoon has a really deep curve to it, so I can’t imagine how any child would be able to get all the food off in one try. I would save my money and stick with the regular less expensive utensils.

Eloise Deer Lodge, MT

works great!

this set is great. It bends well and really allows the baby to get the utensil in his mouth with very little mess since its nice and short and stubby for his chubby fingers to hold. Word of caution – hand wash or make sure it doesnt get lost to the bottom of the dishwasher — we’ve already melted the handle a bit 🙁

Marcy Jansen, NE


Good product, as described. We have been happy with all of the Boon products that we have tried. We recommend this set.

Essie Squire, WV

Great spoons

These are the best spoons and my twins love them. Wish I had more. They are pricy but totally worth it. I would. Uh again

Patrica Northfork, WV

i love it

I like the cookbook and have made many of the recipes for my baby. She loves them all! I also like the masher and bowl but only for soft foods. I use it for avocado, banana, etc. The containers work ok but I wish the lids snaped on a little tighter.

Lacey Southside, TN

Great First Utensils!

I was looking for utensils for my son who was struggling with feeding himself and his therapists recommended these! We have been so pleased with them and love watching our son eat like a big boy. They do a wonderful job keeping food on them and are great for assisting in scooping. I would recommend these for everyone but are really great for children struggling with their fine motor.[…]

Gussie Blairsden-Graeagle, CA

My son loves them

My son loves them because they are fun and they bend 180 degrees to accommodate for his first eating try outs.

Bridgette Saint Bonaventure, NY

They bend!

These are very cool utensils. I think they are even better when babies start feeding themselves. They bend, so babies can hold them any way that’s comfortable for them.

Nichole Barker, NY

cute, easy to use

they are cute and soft. I fed the baby by the spoon and gave him the fork for chewing fun. He loves the texture.

Chrystal Larchwood, IA

Easy to use for a 6 month old

My 6 month old son can use these which I find amazing. He is able to grip them easily and hold on to them like any normal spoon or utensil. They hold just enough food that he isn’t stuffing himself too much which I like. Plus, they are just really cool looking.

Jaime Mulhall, OK

Great spoons!

I love that they are bendable. For a one yr old who hasn’t quite determined if they’re right or left handed, it comes in handy. Good quality and cute!

Consuelo Shobonier, IL