Boon Benders Adaptable Utensils, Orange/Blue

Boon Benders Adaptable Utensils, Orange/Blue

Adaptable Utensils When first-time eaters start using utensils, their motor skills are not fully developed. Benders adaptable utensils were designed to help make the transition to regular utensils a little easier. Parents can position the adjustable end to the perfect angle to accommodate the child’s grip. As motor skills develop, adjust little by little, until straightened. Details Can be adjusted to child’s motor skill development Helps children transition to regular utensils Adapts to developing grip-use a sharper angle for early stages, straight for advanced stages Soft, easy-grip handles Dishwasher-safe Recommended ages: 9+ months BpA-free Phthalate-free PVC-free  

Main features

  • Can be adjusted to child’s motor skill development
  • Helps children transition to regular utensils
  • Adapts to developing grip use a sharper angle for early stages, straight for advanced stages
  • Soft, easy-grip handles
  • Dishwasher-safe

Verified reviews


Maybe a little too bendy?

I got these for my 18 month old who was having some angular issues trying to curve his arm enough to get food directly into his mouth with regular kiddie utensils. I figured awesome – you can bend as much or as little as you need to. Well my problem is that 1) they bend way too easily and 2) the amount of food they can hold is pretty much the same as an infant feeding spoon. I thought portion size changed with age a bit? My son gets aggrevated cuz he can barely get any food on the spoon to begin with due to the small size, and on top of that it ends up bending even more while he’s scooping something up. Then it’s over compensated for, and counter-productive. The concept seems good in theory, but I don’t think I would waste my money on them again.

Naomi Fort Loudon, PA

Good idea but bad product

I thought this set would be perfect for my 1.5 year old. Unlike other reviewers, I don’t find the size too small — I think little bites are easier for my child. My issue is the materials — my son started chewing the handle of the spoon, and within seconds he had bitten off a chunk of plastic! Turns out the spoon is covered in a plastic material instead of being one solid piece. If you’re using them to feed your baby, fine, but for active toddlers who put things in their mouths, this is a real hazard. Please watch your child carefully when using these utensils.

Latanya Havensville, KS

Not our first choice

This concept is great, but in reality these just aren’t what we need. Like other reviewers mentioned, the small and shallow design of the utensils makes it hard for my 18-month-old to get anything to stay in the spoon. And the fork won’t spear anything – it’s basically a spoon with some tiny cutouts on top. I also agree with another reviewer that it’s a pain to have to take the spoon back from the child to rebend it in the opposite direction when she switches hands.We haven’t had any problems with the plastic coming off, but we use it so infrequently it hasn’t really had a chance to malfunction yet.I will say I do like the fork for feeding baked sweet potato to my daughter. I’m able to scrape the sweet potato easily out of the skin. Other than that, I have little use for these and just keep them on hand for when the rest of our baby utensils are dirty. Too bad, I love all of Boon’s other products. This one just doesn’t work for us.

Corina Connerville, OK

Great for a short period of time when baby is learning to use utensils

The unique feature of these utensils – that they bend to different angles – has been extremely useful as my 16-month-old twins master the art of feeding themselves. The size of the spoon/fork head is large enough to get a decent amount of food on them, but not so large that the kids have trouble getting them in their mouths. The ability to angle the utensil has helped them more easily hold the food on the end and get it into their mouths without having to stretch their arms way out. But as soon as they have a little more dexterity and control (maybe by 2-years?), I would prefer they use standard toddler utensils.

Reba Bloomville, OH

Not for Me

I bought these because I thought the bendable feature was a good idea. But now that I have them, I think that is the only good feature. The mouth of the spoon and fork is much too small for anything to rest on them. The fork, in particular, is so rounded that I don’t think it could stab anything, not even a bean. This is a bad buy, and the first time I have been disappointed with a Boon product!

Adela Hartville, OH

Waste of money for us 🙁

I had high hopes for this spoon and fork duo. I purchased it for my son when he was 8 months old … he is now 18 months old. He has never been able to successfully use these utensils. The fork is just not sharp enough to spear food. The area for the spoon is too small yet too circular to fit comfortably in his mouth. I thought we could make use of the bendy feature but he had better luck using non-bendy utensils. If anything, my son used these utensils as teethers – he really liked chewing on them – waaay more than Sophie! Hope this helps 🙂

Rosalia Clay City, IN

Super Spoon!

We’ve gotten quite a bit of use out of these spoons in comparison to other baby spoons. They bend to the necessary angle, whether that’s to feed our son or allow him to learn to self-feed. They have just the right amount of flexibility for staying put once you bend them, but aren’t to difficult to change positions. They’ll turn side to side and/or angle up or down. A great buy that I’ve already recommended to others.

Carrie Pomeroy, OH

too flexy & too small of a scoop

the spoon is too small to hold much and my daughter likes to play with the flexy aspect of this set which distracts her from eating. it is nice that it is BPA free but we prefer the Bjorn spoons — too bad Bjorn cost twice as much!

Laurel Taftsville, VT

Boon Utensils

These are perfect for those little ones who are just learning to self feed. These bend to an angle and you can also straighten them afterwards.

Elda Sweet, ID

Good for little ones learning to feed themselves!

We have only used the spoon so far, but it is excellent for little ones learning how to feed themselves. The ability to adjust the neck of the spoon to any angle for your kiddo sets this spoon far above the other angled spoon/fork pairs. The spoon head itself leaves a bit to be desired; it is a perfect circle with a lip all the way around, so it makes it difficult for the little one to actually get the food off the spoon once its in his mouth. I’d have given the set 5 stars if the spoon head were designed like a normal spoon. Still, its a great set, and the little guy was successful in feeding himself on the first try, thanks to the spoon’s design!

Darcy Dickey, ND

Fantastic Spoon!

This spoon is awesome. It really helps where my little one has the basic motion down but the wrong angle to get the spoon in her mouth. Just bend the head to compensate for how she holds it and voila! in her mouth the food goes. Also the shape of the spoon head holds the food in well.

Lilia Platina, CA

Love This!

My toddler has yet to figure out if he is left or right handed. These spoons can be bent to either the left or right. My only complaint is that the fork/spoon are a little on the small side, though the handles are a good size. But even with that being said, i will be ordering another set, my son loves them!

Flora Susanville, CA

Over all great product just wish the spoon hole was bigger.

Great product. I like that it adjusts. Just wish the spoon had a bigger hole you can only fit like 1 fruit loop on the spoon at a time.

Katina Ute, IA

Boon Benders

LOVE the bend-ability, baby was able to hold it and bring it to his mouth. The spoon was a little too “bowled” maybe, but all in all a great product.

Dionne Loreauville, LA