Boon Bug Pod Suction Cup Bracket

Boon Bug Pod Suction Cup Bracket

Boon Bug Pod Suction Cup Wall Bracket This replacement wall bracket that mounts to the wall using eight suction cups. Not a toy. Do not allow children to play with it.

Main features

  • Do not load the Frog Pod or Bug Pod with more than 5 lbs. when using the suction cup wall bracket.
  • Use the square green wall bracket for the Frog Pod
  • Use the circular black wall bracket for the Bug Pod
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Verified reviews


Don’t waste your money

This thing held up GREAT… for like a week then it would never, ever stay stuck to the wall anymore. Which is a shame because the lady bug toy holder looked so cute and neat on the wall… but i refuse to drill holes. I WISH this would work like it says… but my lady bug just sits on the tub floor now after use.

Addie Green City, MO

Boon is a scam

The Boon Bug Pod is a complete scam. I ordered the Boon Bug because I thought it was so cute, but when I finally got it, the only way to attach it to my tub was to drill into the wall. So I had to make another purchase of the suction cup bracket so make it work. What a rip off.

Jacqueline Drewsville, NH

Works great.

I’ve used this on two different walls now. A fiberglass tub wall and a porcelain subway tile wall. It’s worked great both times by following the instructions. I think one of the mistakes that people make is wetting the suction cups. I’ve done that too and it slides. The instructions say to use alcohol on the wall to make sure it is bone dry. It also says the suction cups need to be dry. When all surfaces are dry and flat it seems to work very well.

Morgan Deland, FL

Worth the upgrade

I bought this at the same time as the lady bug toy holder because I knew I did not want to use adhesive. The suction cups work great. Follow the directions, clean them and the wall with alcohol, and make sure you get the cups fully on the tile not bridging any grout lines and you should be fine. It would be nice if this were included in the main product, but at least it is offered as an option and I think worth the extra few bucks.

Julianne Grammer, IN

Perfect for a non-permanent install of the Boon Pod, Ladybug

We got the Boon Pod, Ladybug and wanted it above our tub, without having to use adhesive to hang it. This is perfect. Followed the instructions to clean and let dry the surface on which it will hang. Works great.

Matilda White Oak, TX

Better than I thought

I had the taped bracket and it fell so decided to give this one a try. It has fallen once but that may be my fault (too much weight). It is great because even if it does fall you can just put it back up without having to purchase replacement tabs like the other one. I also like because we plan to move soon and I don’t have to worry about getting this out of the bathroom. Would definitely recommend.

Georgette Giltner, NE