Boon Catch Bowl with Spill Catcher, Blue/Green

Boon Catch Bowl with Spill Catcher, Blue/Green

Your house and child’s clothes don’t have to resemble feeding time at the zoo. Catch Bowl’s built in food catcher extends toward your child, creating a ramp to catch runaway food. What they’re eating ends up back into the bowl, so there’s less mess and waste. Bonus: It has a suction cup bottom so kids can’t pick it up and throw it at you. Funnels runaway food back into the bowl. Suction cup base keeps bowl securely in place. Flexible food catcher bends when bumped. Top rack dishwasher safe. Perfect for first time eaters. BpA free, Phthalate free and PVC free.

Main features

  • Funnels runaway food back into the bowl
  • Suction cup base keeps bowl securely in place
  • Flexible food catcher bends when bumped
  • Perfect for first-time easters
  • Top Rack dishwasher safe, BPA, Pthlatlate, and PVC Free

Verified reviews


just so so

The general. Baby she don’t love this dinner. Including supporting spoon, color and no picture. Can only say that in general.

Stefanie Greenwood, AR

Better than expected

We got gifted a plate with a suction cup. Unfortunately the seal was cracked, so it never stuck very well but I liked the idea. I did some research on Amazon and found this one. It sticks so well! I think we could’ve done without the extra food-catcher, but it’s great to give my 16-month old son his snacks in. They don’t all end up on the floor (some still do though, haha).

Mamie Skaneateles Falls, NY

easy to lift off table

my toddler figured out how to remove this from the table in less than 5 seconds. i like to think hes a smart kid but lets be real, it just doesn’t work as well as hoped. only effective if the kid lifts the bowl up and ignores the BRIGHT RED rubbery bottom with an appealing tab

Eva Chalmette, LA

Dont Do It

There is technically nothing terrible about this product but it sticks as poorly as any other product. Get a regular $2 bowl at target and call it a day

Lawanda Bonners Ferry, ID

Great bowl for little ones

I sticks to most tables we’ve tried and allows little one to get food from it easily. I haven’t used it in the dishwasher and probably would not try it – it’s easy to clean by hand so why risk messing it up. It feels like and looks like a great quality bowl.

Kasey Taylor, AZ

best suction bowl so far

We tried several suction bowl and this one is the best so far. My son loves the color and enjoy eating his meal with it. Very good buy!

Ina Southside, TN

Love the bowl!

My little boy use to use the silicon mats when we go out to a restaurant, then he learned how to peel it off and that became the end of that product. So we moved onto the Boon bowl at a suggestion of another mom – and I have to tell you it’s wonderful! The suction is strong and stays in place. He does try to rip it off the table and of course, if you REALLY try hard enough he can remove it, but he normally gives up before that happens! It’s a small bowl that can fit in your diaper bag also. So that’s a plus to transport to a restaurant.Boon Catch Bowl: A+

Ruby Enterprise, KS

Great, but

It’s great, but the suction wears off after about 10 washes on the top rack of the dishwasher. It was a great starter bowl.

Isabel Fisherville, KY

Superb bowl for 2 year olds

We bought these as presents at Christmas, but use them ourselves as well. We had a set of two bowls for our 2 year old now over a year and the suction cup still works solidly. Sometimes too well… as you lift and tug at the bowl, it won’t come off the hardwood table. We thought at first, we’d always hand wash to save the suction. But over time and general laziness, the bowls ended up in the top rack of our washer. So I can say in all honesty, that even through countless dishwasher runs, the suction is still fantastic.

Reva Penngrove, CA

i love it

I bought the red Sprouts divided plate and the Munchkin Stay-Put bowls at the same time, and the Boon ones have the best suction by far. In looking at the description for the green sprouts plate again, it actually says "non-slip" which I guess suggests that it doesn’t actually STICK, which isn’t so helpful with a young toddler learning to self-feed. The Munchkin bowls do claim to suction, but I’ve only gotten them to work well on certain surfaces. The Munchkins don’t stick well on our plastic OXO high chair or most restaurant tables, though I did get them to stick well on a metal table. I did, however, appreciate that they have a lid for each bowl. But unless you have a metal table in your kitchen, in which case any suction bowl will likely work, I’d recommend the Boon bowl. Plus it has a cute design!

Sheree Bronte, TX

Doesn’t work

My son with Down syndrome figured this out in less than a minute. Just put a finger under the bowl and pop it off of the table. He then proceeded to throw the plate and food on to the floor.

Dayna Perryman, MD

Love this bowl

My very strong toddler has yet to unstick this bowl. One thing he can’t stand though is the lip jutting out at him, so I just turn it around. It is great that it has the lip to catch stuff, but he gets more into bending it and trying to move it than eat, so once I turned it around, we were good to go. I bought two – one for one the go and one for home.

Sheila Revere, MO


My daughter is just using how to use a spoon. She likes to pick up the bowl and throw it and its a mess. This bowl is great and really suctions to the surface of whatever you need it to. We have tried it on a wooden table and then also the fisher price space saver booster. It works great on both. We plan to use this when we are out at restaurants.

Michaela Eagle Springs, NC

What a smart bowl

Love that it suctions to the high chair. Love that it comes on and off easy. There are color selections and shipped quick. The design for the catching the spills is a bit too over promising. It like everything else.

Carey Leroy, IN


Much bigger than I imagined, currently not useful, I hope it’s suction as described earlier, the baby will not be knocked

Fannie Lejunior, KY

A good idea in theory

I was excited about this bowl, because I was hoping it would prevent a lot of messes during mealtime as my daughter was learning to feed herself. The suction cup bottom works well to keep the bowl from sliding, but the brim doesn’t really catch the mess. Most of the food ends up on her shirt in spite of the brim. I wouldn’t describe the color as "purple", either–it’s more of a light blue color.

Tricia Marcus Hook, PA

Works well on some surfaces

The suction on this bowl works well on our wooden table, but not so well on our 1-year old daughter’s high chair. At first my husband and I thought we had found the grail of toddler bowls: a bowl that we even had trouble pulling up. Not so much on the plastic tray of girlie’s chair. She didn’t even have to experiment very long to be able to pop it up and dump it on the floor. It’s harder for her when she sits at the table – she does sit there and work at it until she gets it off. Even though this bowl (and the companion plate) have the best suction of any similar product we have tried, it is not proof against a strong, determined toddler.

Traci Bentree, WV

Works great!

I bought this bowl only because the reviews said the suction cup on the bottom works well (IT DOES) but I didn’t know how much I would love the spill catcher feature!! It catches most of my sons spills (he is 15 months and trying to feed himself, so it can be quite messy), and really helps make clean up easier 🙂 I recommend it to everyone! The suction works perfectly, we have a space saver eddie bauer high chair, the tray is slightly textured, and it still suctions well 🙂 i love it.

Chelsea Elgin, OH

Great training bowl

I love boon products. They are great quality, functional, and look good. The suction of this bowl is really strong, it is actually hard to remove it from some surfaces. I also like the spill catcher, but I wish it was removable. I recommend this bowl for babies or toddlers who are learning to self feed.

Cara Spring Arbor, MI