Boon Catch Bowl With Spill Catcher Blue/Orange

Boon Catch Bowl With Spill Catcher Blue/Orange

Your house and child’s clothes don’t have to resemble feeding time at the zoo. Catch Bowl’s built-in food catcher extends toward your child, creating a ramp to catch runaway food. What they’re eating ends up back into the bowl, so there’s less mess and waste. Bonus: It has a suction cup bottom so kids can’t pick it up and throw it at you. Funnels runaway food back into the bowl. Suction cup base keeps bowl securely in place. Flexible food catcher bends when bumped. Top rack dishwasher-safe. Perfect for first-time eaters. BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Funnels runaway food back into the bowl
  • Suction cup base keeps bowl securely in place
  • Flexible food catcher bends when bumped
  • Perfect for first-time easters
  • Top Rack dishwasher safe, BPA, Pthlatlate, and PVC Free

Verified reviews


Best baby bowl

Feeding babies and teaching toddlers to feed themselves is an arduous task. Until the baby has some teeth, or has serious resolve, most of the food is pureed and requires a bowl.That is all seems fine and you imagine yourself lovingly spooning the nutritious puree into the rosy mouth of your clean and cooing child.The reality is that most kids let you feed them about 5 times and then they learn to grab the feeding utensil and thwart our every effort. In combination, they lack the requisite gross and fine motor skills for feeding themselves until they are closer to 2 years old. You have to cede the spoon and the reality is that the bowlful of puree will end up on the floor/rug/chair/parental lap. Or, if your kid has a good arm, it will end up on all four things.The bowl needs to resist sweeping arm motions and stay in place as your cherub learns to scoop up their food with a spoon.You need a bowl with a suction cup. This is the right bowl. Buy more than one. Wash them well and push them onto the tray of your child’s high chair firmly. They will peel it off now and then, but most of the time they won’t.With this bowl there will be a bit less food on the floor/kid and high chair–this means 5 more minutes of whatever great activity you enjoy versus scrubbing down for the next meal. You may even achieve the lofty goal of eating (six or seven bites) with your child if they can’t immediately dump the meal you just prepared for them.

Eva Gladstone, OR

Stick well to the tray

Our 17 month old can’t remove it once I stick it to her tray, which makes it ideal from my perspective. At least I know that it won’t end up on the floor. Well made, and easy to clean. We don’t use the spill par of it .

Roslyn North Henderson, IL

Finally food stays put!

This might seem like it’s a gimmick but this bowl saved our dining room floor! Our little one used to dump almost every plate/bowl of food onto the floor on purpose – it became a game. The suction on the bottom of this bowl works very well with our high chair try and to date the bowl has stayed put! I’m sure as they get to be stronger more determined toddlers the bowl will probably be removable – but for now it has saved mommy from cleaning up sooooo many messes! I’m thinking of buying another just so I don’t have to wash it immediately! We use it every meal!

Gloria Westfield, NY

It’s just okay.

I had high hopes for the Boon Catch Bowl. Love the modern, clean look and happy colors. It is well-sized at the “catcher” feature does help keep things a bit cleaner for messy eaters. But there a a few drawbacks that ultimately brought down my review to three stars:1) The description is “dishwasher safe.” Be careful– even in the top rack, with heat off, this bowl will warp.2) The “flexible” catcher can work to limit messes– but the fact that is is so bouncy/flexible means that it sort of invites kiddos to play, flip food into the air, etc.3) The cather and bowl are two separate plastic pieces that are melded together. After a few washers (again, in top rack), I noticed some separation along the connection. This is an invitation for germs and looks very unattractive.4) The colors are BRIGHT. MUCH brigher than in the photos. Make sure you know what you are getting!5) The suction works well on a table, but not well on highchairs. It is very easy for most children to lift this bowl.Overall, its an okay bowl. Just okay.

Lucia Elkins, WV

Better than expected

This bowl sticks great to our OXO Sprout high chair, and the novelty silicone shield looked silly but works fabulously. The only downsides are that the shield stains and darkens with use (not a big deal since it functions great). I wish the shield were 1" longer to fit under my son’s chin – it’s flexible so I wouldn’t mind it poking up to his neck, but I understand that different high chairs have different gaps between the baby and the tray. I also wish the shield ended in a wider area – he often brings his chin to the side and spills a ton of yogurt just past the shield or off to the side a bit. Using this and a dessert spoon from IKEA, my son can completely feed himself a breakfast of oatmeal and then yogurt with minimal help from me.

Veronica Carrollton, MS

Does not stay.

It doesn’t really stick very well on my glass table because the sucker surface is uneven. It probably stays on for less than a minute. Poor and lazy design. They can easily change the molding gate to another place and use a softer material to prevent this.

Evangelina Gardiner, OR

suction works the best

We have many suction bowls, and this is my favorite. It still pops up during the meal once or twice, but not as frequent as those from other brands.

Rhoda Carrie, KY

good product for baby

this is too big to my baby, maybe he can use it later. Also the color is good,ma baby like it.

Jessie Bakers Summit, PA

Ok bowl

Better than other stick on bowls I’ve tried, but my son can still get this off if he wants to.

Ursula West Springfield, MA

All right

This bowl did not stay stuck to the tray of the high chair for very long.Will not buy and extra.

Melisa Argusville, ND

Sticks nicely

This bowl works great. It’s a good size, maybe even a bit big, and the suction cup works great. I’m happy with it.

Anne Hardinsburg, IN

Does pretty well on granite.

I’m not saying they’ve never gotten it off the granite countertops, but it sticks pretty darn well, prevents accidental knock overs. Only been a problem if I try to ignore the babies too long and they get bored. Also best if the granite is dry. If their is enough slipperiness, it gets easily nocked/pulled to the edge of the counter, where it then breaks the suction. I have no idea if the spill catcher actually does much… admittedly haven’t been paying attention, but I’m pretty sure i’ve washed yogurt off of it. No wear problems yet, but I’ve only used 10ish times, and I just hand wash so it’s ready for the next meal. Have used at 11m. and 12 m. with my twins.

Kathie Brantingham, NY

Boon bowl

This is a great bowl. It helps those little ones who are still learning to eat without spilling. I recommend to others to get this.

Petra Satartia, MS

Not baby-proof, but pretty good

All the suction cup bowls have the same criticisms: they are not completely baby-proof. I feel like if you’re a parent, you should have known better. That being said, you would hope to have some spill protection, and I think this bowl provides it.My son (11 mo) uses this bowl at his clamp on high chair on top of the tray. The suction on this surface is pretty good. If he gets curious and tugs on the bowl, it doesn’t give and tip over. It CAN be pulled off by him if he is very persistent. Usually he does not spend that much time trying to get it loose until he is pretty much done eating and is getting bored. So basically, the times when he has successfully peeled it off and tossed it on the floor were only when I was sort of not paying as much attention to him as I should have, or when the bowl was already empty so I let it happen.The spill catcher is a little awkward for my son right now because I don’t think he’s quite tall enough for it to be really helpful. It’s very close to his face because of his level with respect to the table right now, and because of that it kind of bothers him (leading him to grab and pull on it, and it can give some pretty good leverage on breaking the suction seal). Usually I don’t even face it towards him. It has saved a few things from falling, and I think it’ll be pretty useful as he gets older and taller.We have also taken the bowl with us when we go out to restaurants and things, and its usefulness varies depending on what kind of surface their tables and/or table clothes are. In most cases, just like at home, it CAN be peeled off, but if it creates any sort of seal, it gives us enough time to stop it from happening.Overall, I’m happy with this bowl. A regular bowl would take my son about .2 seconds to flip over onto the floor. This bowl resists occasional curious tugs and takes real effort to get off when on a suitable surface. On a textured surface or table cloth, the resistance is less, but usually gives me as a parent enough time to intervene before the entire bowl goes flying.

Kathi Baroda, MI

Sticks when it wants to – Didn’t work for us

I really thought that a suction cup bottom bowl would be useful to own so that my little guy could feed himself without risking dinnerware being tossed off the high chair.I have tried to make this bowl stick both with water and without (in an attempt to increase the hold). Although it seems stuck, my 8 month old son was able to get it off his high chair table in a matter of seconds each time.Thing is, for all of that, I would have just bought a regular bowl. Although I haven’t used it, I’m not convinced that the “spill catcher” is going to be very helpful in the future either. The rubber of the spill catcher has already discolored from use.

Lee Cedar City, UT

Great little bowl!

Love this bowl! It is used often!

Ida Calvin, OK

In the trash after 1 week

I had these bowls for a week and was hand washing them and they worked pretty well. My 15 month old could un-stick it, but it was difficult enough he usually gave up quickly and it ended up working pretty well. The "spill catcher" is gimmicky, at least for my kiddo…don’t think I needed that feature…but the bowl was working great until I put in the dishwasher (top rack of a three month old dishwasher, one time only) and now it suctions for about 20 seconds and then looses all suction.I contacted the company over a week ago and have not heard any reply whatsoever. I can accept products having problems…I’m sure there are lemons or whatever…but if there is ZERO customer service backing up the products then they are worthless. Its particularly annoying to me when I own so many products from the company and the products are higher end (more $$$).Now in the trash. Going to buy more of the munchkin super suction instead…works pretty much as well but has a cover so I can pack it and take it on the go.

Mayra Jonesboro, TX

Loving this Boon bowl

In love with this bowl. It can take a little maneuvering to get the bowl to stay in place but that’s ok. Once stuck, it’s so worth it. All the food that falls from my child’s mouth is caught on the catcher attachment. My child is learning to self-feed so this feature haves on a lot of stains and clean up.I would buy this again and again. Perfect size and setup for this family.

Deann Stratton, OH

Not as cool as you’d think

The bowl doesn’t actually stick to the tray/table well, and the lip is not really useful. I end up holding it and feeding my baby just as if it were a regular bowl.

Sheri Corydon, KY

Suction works okay

We use this bowl every day and the suction works okay – it does lose suction after a period of time and we have to push it back down (and hope we get to it before our son), but when it is suctioned, it is on tight. The suction on the bowl works much better than on the plate. We do not use the spill catcher as it just gets in the way with our setup. We have a glass table, for what it’s worth.

Tisha Tarentum, PA

Love this bowl!

This bowl is great. Dishwasher safe. The suction is great. Works well with my 20 month old (I’ve been using it for about 9-10 months))

Dena Cedar Crest, NM


baby like to use it and it could catch everything she spit out . the but trochal disc is not working well. She can pull it out of the dinner table.

Young Cropwell, AL

great baby and toddler bowl

This has been our favorite bowl for every meal for my daughter who is now 2.5. We haven’t had any warping issues in the dish washer like other reviewers but we always put it on the top rack and set it to air dry to save energy. I had another bowl with a suction cup that completely melted in our dishwasher though so I think this one is pretty tough. My daughter loves the bowl and the lip is great for catching oatmeal and pasta that falls off the utensils as they are learning motor skills. One of our most used meal items.

Judi Rutland, OH


At the beginning, we didn’t like this bowl. I thought it was a waste of my money.but you need to have a flat wide surface to use this bowloh yes!!! It works great!This is "Must have" item for us when we go out to eat for my little one.But Boon catch plate is much better than this one for us

Rosetta Moscow, TN

Works well

This bowl generally works pretty well. The rubber lip is great for when my daughter eats soup. She can eventually get the bowl off her tray if she’s really determined, but I try to always sit with her and eat along with her, so I can usually direct her back to her food quickly enough that she isn’t able to pull the bowl off the tray. We haven’t had any problems with this bowl and I would recommend it for toddlers learning to use a spoon.

Jamie Waltham, MA

Highly Recommend!

This bowl is great! I was looking for something for our daughter that helped with the sometimes overwhelming mess that beginning Baby Led Weaning can make and ithis bowl is perfect for that. Now that she is a little older, our daughter still uses this bowl as she learns to eat with utensils and it has saved so much clean up! It is very easy to clean, non-stick and I love that fact that it suctions down in front of her. Great for soups!

Cherie Village Mills, TX

Good idea

Bought for my grand daughter and it does what it is supposed to. A little pricey for what it is, but it works.

Jeannie Bates, AR

actually sticks!

I ordered this bowl when my daughter was around 1- she is now 21 months and still using it. I used the spill catcher in the beginning but now find that my daughter is annoyed by it so it is off to the side. The thing I love about this bowl is that it sticks to the table perfectly so its great when shes feeding herself. I put it in the dishwasher all the time and it hasn’t lost any of its suction. I think you can do without the spill catcher but for the sticking power this bowl is awesome.

Karyn Rock Creek, OH

Wish I could love it

I like boon products but this really didn’t work for my 9 month old. She could easily take it off her tray 🙁

Judith Moodys, OK

best bowl out there

i love this bowl! it saves soooo much more food that would otherwise be in your baby’s bib or on their lap! i use it as often as it’s clean!

Veronica Turner, AR