Boon Catch Plate With Spill Catcher Blue/Orange

Boon Catch Plate With Spill Catcher Blue/Orange

GRAB IT. DROP IT. CATCH IT. REPEAT. When kids miss their mouth, Catch Plate catches the food so they can try again. Less mess means less stress and less waste. Your dining room floor would thank you if it could. BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free

Main features

  • Funnels runaway food back onto the plate
  • Suction cup base keeps plate securely in place
  • Flexible food catcher bends when bumped
  • Perfect for first-time eaters
  • Top rack dishwasher-safe; BpA-free

Verified reviews


Have yet to find a surface that it’ll stick to

This is a nice idea and it’s cute, but so far I have not been able to get it to stick to anything for more than a few seconds. Kinda defeats the purpose when your grabby toddler can yank the whole thing right up and spill everything onto the table/floor.

Graciela Antimony, UT

Doesn’t Work

My son with Down syndrome figured this out in less than a minute. Just put a finger under the plate and pop it off of the table. He then proceeded to throw the plate and food on to the floor.

Alexis Dalton, MN


I really wanted to love this plate. I used it on several surfaces hoping for the perfect young toddler plate. Unfortunately the suction only works well enough for my son to get really wild pulling on it and rip it from the table and fling all the food across the room. If you have a very gentle, timid child perhaps this is the plate for you.

Judith Kewanee, MO

Boon Plate

This is a great plate. It helps those little ones who are still learning to eat without spilling. I recommend to others to get this.

Bethany North Sutton, NH

Decent plate

My little guy thinks waving his food dishes in the air is a good idea, so I got this thinking it would stay put and he would eat his food off of it- well, it only stays put if you get the suction cup on the bottom wet first. Otherwise my guy can rip it off the tray in a matter of minutes. And I don’t think the spill catcher is that great, it’s very flexible. Maybe this will be a better fit for us when our little guy is a bit older and eating more liquid-like things on his own.

Carissa Alva, WY

nice plate

durable and the kid loves to play with it and the silicone catch plate is nice so as he is learing he doesnt wear half of his meal;

Brigitte Mifflintown, PA

Great plate for dining out but…

Plate is small enough for a diaper bag and easy to clean. It doesn’t stick as well at the bowl does, but for the time that it does suction, it’s wonderful!! I think after a while my boy will learn plates are not for throwing… but so far so good. I do wish the suction was better though!Boon Catch Plate = B

Priscilla Castaic, CA

Suction doesn’t work well

As other reviewers have posted, the suction on this plate doesn’t work very well – however, it works for very short periods which is better than plates with NO suction, so we continue to use it. We have the Boon catch bowl and the suction on that is much better, so I’m not sure why this one doesn’t really work. As I said, it will work for short periods, so I can push down on the plate when my son starts to try to pick it up, but if I’m not sitting right there he can get to it after 30 seconds or so. We have a glass table, for what it’s worth, and have only hand washed it. We also turn the spill catcher away from him because he just plays with it.

Patrice Trexlertown, PA

great product

Looks very well made. The suction is awesome! I highly recommend it to parents whose babies love to try to feed themselves.

Rita Clifford, PA

Our favorite plate!

We really like these plates. And our twins love them too – sometimes, we find that they’re more interested in their food when they feel like they’re being served a meal on a plate like everyone else rather than having food dumped on their high chair tray.These stay in place really well with the suction cup, and the rubber is soft enough that they are easy to move and remove when necessary. If the plate doesn’t stay in place, it’s always because it’s been placed on an unsuitable surface, such as something not smooth.

Christina Bellwood, PA

Good product for little messy eater!

Heard great things about a lot of Boon products from many friends, so I bought plate, bowl and spoon/fork for my little messy eater. I’m satisfied with the product overall, especially with the suction part on the bottom of the plate and bowl, they work far better than most of the other so-called suction plate/bowls. I must say these plates and bowls can stay ON the table much longer than other brand products.Nevertheless, I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, because even given all the good things above on all the table or most of the surfaces, the plates/bowls still can’t stay too long on some surface. E.g., the IKEA toddler table, which is very popular among families with toddlers.Overall, I would love to recommend the product!

Wilma Vicco, KY

Perfect for your messy eater who likes to throw everything!!!

My little guy throws everything.I needed a solution to the bowls and plates flying.Plus he loves to eat so wears so much of his food that by lunch we have changed his clothes 3 times and give up and leave him just in a diaper.This works great because when it doesn’t lift up immediately he gets distracted by his food.His food falls back in the plate (of course he throws some just to mess with me!)I recommend and wish I had bought one sooner.

Mabel Poth, TX

I love it

This bowl is really much bigger than I imagined, value for money. Currently not useful, I hope it can be as described in said suction.

Mallory Belleville, MI

It’s good, but pulled up toooooo easily

Our kid could always pull this one up and then toss it. The suction parts just aren’t that strong. It’s ok.

Josie Audubon, PA