Boon Dish Edgeless Stayput 3 Pack Bowl

Boon Dish Edgeless Stayput 3 Pack Bowl

Dish it out. Dish is our ingenious edgeless bowl with a non skid base. This translates to “flip resitant and throw resistant.” You better believe that’s good news for your walls and floors.

Main features

  • Three color set; blue raspberry and tangerine; grape and kiwi; cherry and berry cream
  • Unique edgeless design
  • Slip resistant base
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA free, Phthalate free, and PVC free

Verified reviews


Good if you like you baby to eat out of a dog bowl

So online this looked kind of cool, and the “stayput” seemed like a great idea. But realistically, these look so much like dog bowls that I felt bad even letter our son eat out of them. And anyone with a child knows that some little piece of rubber will not prevent them from picking up the bowl or flipping it over. The best the “stayput” could do it maybe hold the bowl in place if you child blows on it.Bottom line, stay away from this expensive dog bowl.

Sharron Blockton, IA


I honestly can’t find a use for these. They definitely DO NOT stay put. Aside from putting things in them and holding the bowl in your hand away from your child these have no benefit for feeding a child. If you put them in reach of a child they will simply push it around or just pick it up, I would definitely not buy these again.

Nanette Adair, IL

They do not stay put!

I will use these for extra bowls but they do not stay put on the highchair as described. Bottoms are sticky tacky rubber but the baby just picks us the bowl! Lol

Lana North Star, OH

Great for learning to self-feed

I had been spoon-feeding our baby pureed/soft meals from Gerber Graduate Nuk bowls since he didn’t he didn’t yet have his pincer grasp. When he started grabbing the spoon and trying to scoop his own food at ~10 mos, I thought it was time to switch dishes to support his foray into independence.I wanted dishes large enough to accommodate more food for his growing appetite, could be used for oatmeal as well as table food, dishes that wouldn’t slide around as he attempted scooping. I didn’t want cutesy or branded designs.These bowls fit the bill.I think these bowls also helped him practice his pincer grasp as well. I started to introduce bite-size pieces into his bowl, He worked at it, and in a matter of several days, he was a master pincer.Yes, after a while he figured out he could pick-up the plate and dump his food, although he discovered this accidentally–he picked it up the bowl to look at its underside and dumped his food as a result. I don’t dock a star for the fact that he can pick it up since nowhere on the description nor the packaging does it promise a stay-put or suction base.We’ve been using these for about 5 months now. They’re very easy to clean. I only ever handwash these, but they are dishwasher-safe. I don’t think they are microwave safe; I only ever use glass or porcelain wares in the microwave anyway.Yes, the shape is awkward so it does take more cupboard space than I’d like, but I haven’t seen a better design option, so I live with it. There are some bigger dishes out there but are more expensive AND look even more cumbersome to store and wash. One Boon Stayput Bowl does fit perfectly in the top section of my JL Childress 6-bottle cooler.Bottom line: Form and function of these bowls perfectly fit our family’s needs.

Paulette Owendale, MI

These are great

I know a lot of people have been disappointed with these plates, but they work really well for us. Older toddlers may find it easy to flip these bowls over, but for younger babies learning to feed themselves these are excellent and we had no problems. Perfect size for little meals, too. I have the Boon knife/spoon sets also which match perfectly and have been excellent for teaching my little one to feed himself.

Maura Atoka, OK

Pretty good

Bought these for upcoming travel plans. They are sturdy, easy to clean, and stackable. My little one will sometimes daintily eat out of the bowl, but usually picks it up and dumps it’s contents, which is what babies do. Calling these “stay put” is pushing it a bit, but I would still recommend this item. As always, great style by Boon.

Melinda Hyrum, UT

good bowls

My daughter can still pick them up but they are a good shape and size and they do not tip over which is very nice. Also they don’t slide around the table which be very frustrating for a child that is just learning to use silverware

Florence Swampscott, MA

These bowls are just fine.

These bowls do just fine. Don’t be fooled into thinking baby can’t pick them up – they can. My little one was able to pick these up when he started solids at 6 months. They are only meant to "stay put" when baby is using a spoon. I like them, though they are a little bit awkward for storage, but I have made do with them.

Rachel Whittaker, MI

It’s fine

It is NOT no-slip. I bought this after The Baby Guy reviewed it as being great for not slipping around the table. I figured it would be really challenging for my daughter to pick up/throw. It’s not. She picked it right up and threw it on the floor (along with the food in it). Once she gets over this throwing phase, it should be fine, but it’s definitely not worth the cost compared to other similar items.

Charity Lenoir, NC

Great for little fingers

These bowls are really nice for little ones learning to eat. The bowl is a little more shallow, and wider, than some other baby bowls so when baby reaches in it doesn’t tip the bowl over. They hold a good amount too, so I know they will be our go to bowls for a long time.

Ethel Andover, KS

best plates for toddlers

I love that these are weighted. My toddler doesn’t throw these off the table. GREAT BOWLS. FYI they look small at first, but you have to keep in mind who is using them. I love all the Boon products!

Deborah Erie, MI

Nothing special

I bought these for my 21-month old daughter, after she broke yet another Corelle plate by chucking it off her highchair tray. These Boon bowls might be hard for a younger baby to lift, but my daughter figured out how to pick this up in about three seconds. The “edgeless” design does make it harder for a child (or even a grownup) to pick it up or carry it with one hand. Because the underside of the bowl is hollow, the product has a cheap, flimsy feel, although I am sure that it would survive many drops from a highchair.I also purchased an OXO toddler plate for my daughter, and I am much more satisfied with it. So check that out before you buy these!

Graciela Glengary, WV

Use these daily

We use these everyday to feed my son. We love all things boon in our house and these are just another great product from them.

Tommie Rose City, MI

good bowls but easily picked up

Wendy Woodruff, SC

Good bowls

I really like these bowls. My son can tip them over but I have rarely noticed him doing so, and he throws everything!! My husband teases that they look like dog dishes but I think they are the perfect size for my son. They do well in the dish washer and are bright, fun colors.

Nola Snelling, CA