Boon DIVE Bath Tub Appliques, Dive

Boon DIVE Bath Tub Appliques, Dive

Tired of the endless ABCs and 123s on every single toy? So are we! These appliqués will spark creativity and ignite your child’s imagination. Stuff to know: Each set includes ten unique appliqués in five colors. Appliqués do not absorb water, reducing mold and mildew. Shapes float in water and stick to bathroom walls when wet. BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free.

Main features

  • Shapes float in water and stick to bathroom walls when wet
  • Appliqués do not absorb water, reducing mold and mildew
  • Set includes 10 unique appliqués in five colors
  • BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free
  • Shapes float in water and stick to bathroom walls when wet
  • Appliqués do not absorb water, reducing mold and mildew
  • Set includes 10 unique appliqués in five colors
  • BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free
  • Dimensions: approximately 4.5″ x 3″ x .25″

Verified reviews


Not what I expected.

These foam things are vibrant colors and are a large size. The problem I have with them is being called an “appliqué”. It’s mis-leading and gives the impression they could be used as a non-slip sticker for the bottom of the tub. They are indeed a nice size and will work out nicely as something different to play with in the tub. Another reviewer stated it could be a chocking hazard, which I will be watching for as my little guy puts everything in his mouth, and loves to chew. Children shouldn’t be left in the tub alone, anyway, but it’s definitely worth noting that they could be bitten through.My wish/complaint is that Boon uses the word ‘appliqué’. Call it was it is, a foam toy to play with in the bath tub.

Annie Palm Desert, CA

choking hazard!

These are so cute, and I wanted to love them. They do stick on the side of the bath, however, my son chewed one, and he didn’t chew it for very long at all, I think maybe it was in his mouth for 4 seconds, when a piece came off…. I’m not sure what happened to the piece, I think that he might have swallowed it… anyway, so I took them away from him, and asking for a refund. They are super cute though, I wish that they were more sturdy… I saw the other reviews in terms of other babies being able to chew on them and being ok with that, but this is what happened to the batch that I received…

Shari Weston, CO

Brighter Than Pictured

These bath appliques are pretty neat, and in real life are brighter, more vivid than shown. They do stick well to our bathtub, but because they are about 3/8" thick, they don’t do well on curves. For our garden tub, this means they’re limited to sticking to only a few select places; otherwise, they just slide back into the water if they don’t just fall off straight out.That said, they are constructed from a high quality foam, and are obviously durable. My daughter loves the colors and enjoys playing with them. They float, which she finds pretty cool. Overall, I’d recommend, especially if you have a more traditional tub with more straight sides.

Ila Ganado, AZ

Not that great

Not really impressed with them mostly because my toddler has chewed off tiny pieces of them already. I can easily see how one could choke on a piece. They are what they are…

Lashonda Stockton, IL

Bright and attractive, but description is not accurate.

The boon bath tub toys are bright and attractive. However, the description of this item does NOT match what you actually get. These are NOT “appliques.” They do not stick to the tub nor are they a safety bath feature.When wet, the toys will, for a few moments, stay stuck to the side of the tub. This does not last very long and it certanly does not qualify as “applique.”Lets call this what it is: bright, attractive, tub toys made of foam.

Justina Osage, WY

Good quality and cute

These are adorable and my son loves them in the bath. They stick really well to the tub and fairly well on the tile. I love how thick they are and very sturdy. His sister likes to mouth them and so far no dents or bites out of them yet. Boon continues to make unique great quality products.

Catalina New Suffolk, NY

Great bath toys

Fun colors, easy to grab and hold, sturdy. My 7 month old loves peeling them off the tub wall one by one to chew on them. They seem to be holding up well.

Tori Summit Lake, WI


my son has not noticed them yet but I think that they are cute. Vibrant colors and retro sea creature shapes.

Kaitlyn Norwood, NJ

Fun and colorful

We love bath toys in our household and these are no different. We love this funky shaped colorful set, by Boon, as we love everything by Boon. My daughter learned her colors from these! 🙂 They stick well to the wall too.

Cecilia Gold Bar, WA

Nice to play with @ bathtub

My baby loves to play with it, inside and otut his bathtub. Sometimes he chews it, but that’s not a problem. I’m Always around as I think we should be.

Kellie New Church, VA

like ’em

My 3 year seems to really like these whether it be putting them on the tile or using them as surf board for his cars or little people.

Hope Alameda, CA

Love them!

Kids love them, and they are easy to clean, and do not get the mold smell to them. Durable as well

Mia Three Forks, MT

Great bath toys!

My son loves these! They squeak when used like a crayon on the tub walls and he can chew on them when he’s teething. They also stick to the tub walls and are great overall.

Irma Silverton, CO

My 9 Month Old Loves These!!!

They float around in the bathtub, and they stick to the tub walls! If you get bored while giving you child a bath, they even stick to their backs! They don’t hold water and are easy to dry off. I really don’t think you can ask for anything else in an inexpensive bath toy.

Jocelyn Tipton, MI

great teething toy!

ok–these are super fun in the bath and i love that they don’t absorb water so won’t get mildewy and gross… but what i love even more is that she LOVES biting on these while teething. so we always have one with us.

Katheryn East Hampton, CT

Another great product from Boon!

I saw these recommended on a blog I read frequently and I decided to purchase them (especially since they weren’t that expensive). I love that they are a simple toy that isn’t a bath squirter (since those can get pretty disgusting after a while).These foam shapes were the first bath toy our daughter really liked since they were easy to hold (and chew on!). She still likes them now (she’s nearly 17 months) since she can stick them on the tub wall.Overall, super pleased with this bath toy! Another great product from Boon!

Elise North Aurora, IL

Great for the Bath!

These foamy tub toys are great. My 10 month old daughter loved them as soon as they came out of the box. She figured out how to put them on the wall or the tub itself and she likes to put them inside other containers in the bath. They are easy to play with and they don’t have any chemical smells to them.

Kasey Bay Minette, AL

Great for bathtime

I love these they are great for bath time and they are hard to rip or eat. I will get another set when i need too.

Beatriz Boody, IL

so fun and my daughter likes them

These are great colors, fun to mess with, and my daughter can gnaw on them and I don’t have to worry about awful chemicals or mold. They definitely float and stick to the tub wall great. Inexpensive fun in the tub!

Leila Herbster, WI

Baby loves bath time

What I like:- fun shapes for impromptu stories while bathing- stick to tile wall and tub wall – I stick them up and baby pulls them off.- float- cute colors- doesn’t seem to get slimyWhat you should know:On my computer, a couple of the shapes look purple. I think they are more pink/fuschia.

Marla Gila Bend, AZ

We love these!

My 17 month old loves these. They stick on the bathtub wall and to each other – they even stick on your forehead! I also LOVE that they are BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free, as it is so hard to find ‘foam’ toys free of all three of these.

Lori Verndale, MN

My daughter loves playing with these!

These bath toys were a Christmas gift to my 8 month old daughter. She has loved them since we opened them and plays with them often in the tub. Now, at one year old, she knows how to stick them back up on the tub and makes it her goal to take them off and put them back on. I have also taken them out of the tub and used them in a sensory table for preschool children. They enjoy creating ‘stories’ about the sea creatures during their play.

Nita Trenton, NJ

Fun bath toys!

These appliqués make bath time fun for my son! We line the bath tub with these and he likes to move them around while they stick to the sides of the tub. They are a simple design, and only stick when wet. They are also soft, small and brightly colored! I love the fun underwater designs!

Alice Starke, FL

so cute

my son loves these! they stick on the walls once wet and they float. I think I paid $10 for these and I don’t know if I would pay anymore considering Munchkins makes the same product, but its the alphabet, at half the price. I can’t say they are the same quality either. These are very good quality and adorable designs. They dry fast too, so I haven’t seen any mold/mildew buildup. The colors on the image are exactly accurate either. The purple ones are actually a fuchsia, the neon blue are a pale royal blue. I could go on, but the colors are actually much nicer than depicted on the image.

Valerie Satsuma, AL

bath time can be fun!

Really adorable bath time toys. I got these bath toys for my niece and nephew. My sister told me they are excited for bath time again!

Maryanne White, PA

My 1.5 year old still loves these!

I got them last Christmas and she is still playing with them in the tub. They are lots of fun and very easy to stick on and take off. I would recommend them to anyone – great for presents too!

Jennifer Pleasant Hill, OR

Great colors, Great fun!

We love the colors and I love the imaginative shapes; All in all a great buy for your toddler for bath time fun.

Thelma Gallion, AL

Good for toddlers

Cute and easy to keep clean. My daughter loves sticking these to the walls in the bathtub. I have no complaints with this pruchase.

Hillary Dietrich, ID

Bathtime fun

My son loves these at bath time. We stick them up on the wall and he plays with them in the tub too. He likes to chew on them too. He is very fascinated by the different colors and shapes. I’d recommend to others.

Tania Coyle, OK


Bought these on a recommendation of a friend and we love them too! They stick to the wall of the tub and my daughter got them on her first Christmas when she was 7 months old and still loves them at 2! Great Purchase!

Pamela West Lebanon, NY