Boon Flair Harness/Buckle

Boon Flair Harness/Buckle

This replacement harness and buckle can be used with all Flair and Flair Elite highchairs to replace the original harness if it has become worn or if you would simply like to have a spare harness.

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  • Replacement Harness for Flair Chair

Verified reviews



Bought this to use with my boon flair from Craigslist but ended up not even using it. Within taking it off one time, already lost the tiny crotch piece, so now the rest of the harness has nothing to click into. If harness is on, must be worn or else the baby is sitting on it. Kind of dumb. Food and dirt collector.

Tia Earlton, NY

good product but wrong fit

this didn’t fit our Chicco high chair. The holes in the back were too big so the straps just slipped out

Lynette Campton, NH

Great replacements

My husband, in all his infinite wisdom, decided that the straps on the highchair were unnecessary when my kid was only 8 months old. He didn’t realize how dangerous it was to NOT have her in the harness and he had no idea that she’d try and STAND while in her chair with nothing holding her down. Yes, I was really mad and yes, he saw the error of his ways. Anyway I though I was going to have to completely replace my expensive highchair, but I was pleasantly surprised when I hoped on Amazon that there were actual replacement straps! I ordered these, paid the extra few bucks for overnight shipping, and my daughter was safely strapped down the very next day.

Adrian Stevenson, MD

works great little babies

My girlfriend loaned me her boon highchair and my kid loooves it. He stops crying whenever I put him in it, maybe because he knows he’s going to eat! She lost the straps and it was worth it to me to replace them because he was only 4 1/2 months old when I started feeding him.He’s six months now and these replacement straps fit perfect, were easy to install, and make me feel safe that my baby is not going to fall out of the highchair. I also love that they are easy to adjust and make looser, so when my 2 1/2 year old INSISTS on going in her brother’s highchair, it’s easy to adjust the straps to fit her.I would recommend these replacement straps for sure, they make the high chair much more useful.

Monika Osteen, FL

Good Straps, end knots don’t always hold

These straps wear well and have been washed a couple of times (not dried in the dryer). I like how they buckle and have a quick release button. They fit pretty well in the high chair that was given to us. The end knots don’t always hold in the chair seat holes. I put some clips on them and it worked well.

Dayna Twin Brooks, SD

It works with the gracco high chair!

After we moved, we lost the original gracco high chair buckle. The high chair was my oldest daughter and with baby number 2 coming, we needed to find a replacement buckle. This worked perfect for the high chair!!

Emma Big Run, PA


This is a great buckle for your child especially if he’s a big boy. Either way, its a lot better than any standard one.

Violet Vancourt, TX

Works for Peg Perego

We needed a replacement for our Peg Perego Prima Pappa Diner high chair. This fits perfectly. Be sure to check Boon’s website. It was cheaper to order this directly from their website than with a vendor on amazon.

Florence Huntingdon, TN


We had trouble with the harness that came with our chair, and this works great as a replacement. Very sturdy and he doesnt get out of it!

Sophia Claysburg, PA

Perfect to keep your child seated

Perfect buy for anyone who has a climbing child. They have easy slid straps to make a fast size adjustment.

Anita Blue Eye, MO

Straps slide

The harness works okay. Buckle functions as it should but we find that the straps slide out of position easily so we have to adjust the straps every time we put our son in the harness. This is not convenient.

Karin St John, VI

A Better Replacement for ~3 year old Boon High Chair

We got these to replace broken buckles on our ~3.5 year old Boon High Chair.PROS:1) Single push button release much better design than the previous squeeze clips2) Easy to install/replace on the high chair — took literally 2 minutesCONS;1) Clips in the new design sometimes get in the way of the tray when I’m clicking it in; adjusting it helps but always seems to still get in the way.Overall an improvement over the old design, and an inexpensive way to extend the life of the high chair.

Tanya Martin, MI

Better than what came with our boon

We have the orange boon high chair so these are not a perfect match but since the straps have to be washed every few days it’s nice to have a second set. I prefer this clip design and not having to use the shoulder harness is a nice change since out 19 month old no longer needs them.

Sara Leon Junction, TX

Perfect Replacement for Boon Flair highchair

We’ve had a Boon Flair high chair for 5 years. It lasted me through my first two kids. Over the years, the initial 5 point harness got a little grungy looking. This fit perfectly. They actually improved it a bit from the prior model. In the past, it was a more closed system on the actual buckle (on the crotch strap) and it has the word “Boon” imprinted on it. This was an easy spot for baby food/puree to get stuck and its was hard to clean. I was pleasantly surprised to see an improvement in this minor but somewhat annoying feature of the old Boon Harness. Anyhow, I absolutely love that Boon makes these essential replacement parts readily available so you can spruce up your highchair as needed. It’s been 5 years and I feel like I have a brand new high because I invested $20 in this harness and seat padding. Shop around for the best price though.About the negative reviews: I do not work for Boon or have any allegiance to them at all, but I think the vast majority of the negative reviews are unfair. Most of the negative reviews talk about how this doesn’t work for non-Boon high chairs. I completely understand buying something in hopes that it might work for an off-label use with a different brand, but if it doesn’t work, are you really going to give it one-star because it didn’t work for a non-intended use? I also understand that you want to write a review for future purchasers to let them know that it didn’t work with xyz highchair, but I don’t think it deserves one star. Off my soapbox.

Hester Natchitoches, LA