Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair with Pneumatic Lift,White/Orang

Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair with Pneumatic Lift,White/Orang

No cracks. No crevices. Therefore, no abyss full of crumbs. This one-piece seat is the sleekest, smoothest thing going and it makes cleanup unbelievably easy. Its dishwasher-safe tray cover actually fits in a dishwasher. And the continuous height positioning with pneumatic lift is just a fancy way of saying you can pick the exact height you want to fit your table. Two tray covers included. Removable waterproof pad. Five-point harness and safety post. Single-step braking system. Six urethane casters to protect floors. Glides smoothly in all directions. Effortless continuous height positioning. Fits easily under tables with pedestal base. Child’s recommended weight limit: 50 lbs. Maximum age: 4 years. Seat height range: 21” – 26.25”. Tray height range: 26.25” – 31.5.” Base diameter: 23.5.” Chair weight: 28 lbs.

Main features

  • Fits easily under tables with pedestal base
  • Glides smoothly in all directions
  • Five-point harness and safety post
  • Six urethane casters to protect floors
  • One tray liner included
  • Fits easily under tables with pedestal base
  • Glides smoothly in all directions
  • Five-point harness and safety post
  • Six urethane casters to protect floors
  • One tray liner included

Verified reviews


has flaws but the best chair

I have researched since she was born to see which feeding chair was safe, visually pleasing. I am one of those people who hates primary baby colored , ugly baby gear. I hate to clutter every single corner with toys and baby gear. Anyways, visually I loved boon chair and other feeding essantials. Bloom is a great looking feeding chair as well but 400 dollars is a waste of money when there is a product that is as good.At 6 months I finally ordered this product.cons;1- Back cushion does not go all the way and when baby rejecting food and pushes herself back, she hits herself on the plastic part. Instead they put a handle to pull the chair around.2- It would have been perfect if the chair tilted back for bottle feedings.3- Base is big- however it does make the chair more safe.4- the belt only releases with one button push. My daugter is already watching this, im sure pretty soon she will figure this out.Pros: 1-easy to clean2- cool looking– actually awsome :)3- bpa free4- easy to wheel around5- brake is not so strong and that is good since babies are very strong when they push the chair with their feet away from table , they can fall backward if the brake was very strong. since it is not exteremly strong when my daughter pushes herself away very strongly she wheels little away, she soesnt fall off.I have watched stokke feeding chair video on youtube , how it fell backwards when the baby pushed herself away. Babies are very strong:)))6- 2 detachable tray covers ( makes cleaning easier)7- Tray is not easly removeable by child, easy enough for parents and there is 2 tray settings:)Overall very nice product. My first order came with broken brake however buying directly from amazon is always good since they sent me a brand new chair and ups picked up the first order. That is why i will continue to buy every baby product from amazon , free shipping and best prices and customer service. why go to a store , right?

Blanche Plevna, MO


Has anyone else had this issue??When my 6 month old is in the chair it wobbles back a forth a lot. After two weeks and many emails / calls we’ve been in contact with Boon, who says this is ‘normal’ ???I have no idea what to do now. I wouldn’t have purchased this if a normal feature of this high chair was shaking… doesn’t seem safe and NOT ideal for feeding at all.Boon has thusfar been very unhelpful. I will load a video as soon as I get it put back together (we thought it was user error and had it together wrong, we have since confirmed it was not an error on our part)I purchased it here while I was pregnant and we are just now feeding our son solids so I doubt I can return it? STRESSED.

Gilda Cushing, TX

Love the chair, unhappy with the seller

We recived this chair and it had scratch marks on it as well as only one tray (advertised with two). it looked to us like the item had been used and returned, contacted the seller and they gave us 10% off, nice but considering the price of the chair not enough in my opinion. If I wanted a used chair I would have bough one off Craigslist.

Florine Ericson, NE

Nice looking and decently functional but lots of issues

We wanted a modern high chair for our space and decided upon this one. We previously purchased a svan but it went un-used as it was stationary and completely impossible to get the baby in and out.People say this high chair is easy to clean…I would have to disagree. I am a clean freak and keep my items immaculate. I am constantly scrubbing the nooks and crannies with bleach because simply wiping it down does not keep it clean. I have to take the high chair outside to clean it and also make sure all the residue of the bleach is removed before using it again. Also, the straps are a pain, we ended up not using them at all and I eventually removed them completely. I am sure once our little guy is a little more mobile we might put them back for now I feel like he is secure without them, which I like about this chair. I also love love love that the high chair so easily moved up and down and rolls around. I use it in the kitchen high up during the day and in the dining room down low for dinner time. This would not be possible or easy with the svan high chair we have that now just sits beautifully in the corner of our dining room.My main issues this chair overall is keeping it clean and looking new…like most reviews said there are no small spots to clean is entirely not true. The last thing I want is a white high chair with black lines filled with stuff where each part attaches! There are separate pieces around where the child’s legs go into with decent sized gaps large enough to cause it to be constantly dirty. Thankfully it is easily cleaned with the toothbrush…but really who wants to be doing that once a week?The wprst part is that the break never worked on our chair, which we only figured out when the pedastool decided to stop working after only 2 months of use. I am giving the chair 3 stars for the fact that it looks really great in modern homes, is decently functional and that fact that boon has great customer service. They are sending us out a replacement chair this week. It might be easier to clean than most high chairs but it would be much better if the entire seat was entirely one piece. I am disappointed with the quality issues as well but am pleased the company is doing something about it.I wish I would have gone with something like the bloom fresco instead…

Manuela La Palma, CA

Easy clean up, chic high chair!

I initially purchased this item in the white color/with blue raspberry liner, and unfortunately, had a problem with threads missing from the screw holes, which made it impossible to get the screws into the base. But I loved the style so much that I tried the chair in the cherry/coconut color. I’m happy to report that setup was simple, and the pièce de résistance: my son threw up while sitting in the chair and clean up was a cinch! By the way, I checked with the company and I’m happy to report that: the seat, tray, tray liner and base cover are made of Polypropylene–no PVC–no BPA. Boon–you won me over after a rough start.

Kasey Hoffman, IL

Great features but some major downsides too!

For my two older kids, we had space saver highchairs that attached to our kitchen table chairs. Loved those, but since we have more people around our table these days, I didn’t want the baby’s highchair to take up a seat at our table and knew that I needed a free standing highchair this time.There are so many things that I love about this highchair. It looks great sitting in the corner, it moves/rolls smoothly all over my kitchen and I can adjust the height to match that of my kitchen table or high enough for my counter top bar seating. It’s comfortable, all services are wipe-able and I love how I can remove the plastic cover on the tray to wash it. The tray is easy to remove and once you get the hang of it, it’s simple to do with one hand.However, the tray is just.too.small! My son is a messy eater and basically nothing stays on this tray. It doesn’t have much of a lip around the edge to catch food I find that everything either ends up on the floor or in my sons lap/in the highchair. This tray is half the size of most highchair tray’s and I cannot even keep his sippy on the tray when he is eating because there isn’t enough room. You cannot fit a plate and there is barely room for a bowl and silverware. My other gripe is that there are only two levels of adjusting the tray. My son is either squished, with the tray pushing into his tummy or the tray is too far out and food is falling into his lap.When I was the one feeding my son, this highchair was wonderful. However, now that he is feeding himself, I’m really beginning to dislike it and considering finding something new, which I hate to do, since this chair was on the pricier side. I’m holding out hope that maybe it will get better once he gets older and is a less messy eater.

Roseann Byromville, GA

Love it

This is a great product. Thank you boon for creating such a great chair and thank u Amazon for shipping it on time. Love it.

Naomi Buffalo Gap, TX

Stylish and practically cleans itself ! ! Well made.

I have a traditional kitchen and was originally planning on purchasing a old fashioned style wood high chair as I thought it would go with my decor better but friends warned me what a mess a highchair can become after a few feedings. So I did a little research and found the reviews for this chair indicated it cleaned up well, and it really does. I have used the high chair for about 12 months straight (my baby is 18 months old) and it still looks like new with no food stuck anywhere and no stains. What’s the secret? First the molded plastic seat has no seams so that wipes clean easily. Second the straps are removable and can be washed and put back on the chair. The high chair tray also has snap out plastic liners that are easy to clean. The seat pad is also seamless and removes easily for washing. I will note that after feeding my son marinara sauce there was some staining on the white portion of the arm rests and tray that did not come out when I washed it up…but mysteriously the stain seems to disappear on its own. After a day or so I noticed the high chair parts were all white again and the stain was not visible. This has happened repeatedly with colored foods like blackberries or tomato sauce where you might see a faint stain after washing it clean but then a day or so later it is white again. How does this happen? I have no idea and I don’t believe that this is particular selling point pushed by the manufacturer but is just something I have noticed. Our high chair still looks like new. It is also nice that if you wanted to change colors that you can get replacement chair pads for the seat and extra liner trays are available also.

Marianne Coldspring, TX

I like it but…

I like it but…it is not a true white. It is a creamy white 🙁 . I can’t adjust the height without using two hands. To put it down I need to place my hands on either chair arm and push down with my body weight. To bring it up I have to get my baby out of it and pull up with force by grabbing both chair arms. I am not a weak woman…5’9" 150lbs and athletic! Definitely NOT EASY to put up or down. Also, the height at its highest level is low for me. Wish I could get it another 6" higher. Disappointed with the color, height, and pneumatic lift. Despite these three issues I chose to keep the chair and am satisfied. It glides around my house with ease and does look more modern than any other highchair at this price point. I sacrificed function for overall aesthetics…but that’s who I am. You’ll never catch me in a pair of sensible shoes.

Suzette Windsor, MO

Best purchase we made for our daughter

Out of the hundreds (literally) of baby items we have bought our daughter (now 16m old), this was the best purchase. I was hesitant at first to pay so much for a high chair but would do it three times over now that we have been using it for a while.-Super easy to clean. I took out the straps (not recommended for safety reasons, but she is 100% supervised while in it) so I simply take out the blue foam seat and wash it in the sink. There are no little crevices for crumbs and food to get caught in. The white seat can be simply wiped down. Not even tomato sauce stains it! 3x a day use for almost a year and it still looks brand new!-Easy to roll around. We have wood floors and this highchair rolls around with ease. I can relocate my daughter all over the kitchen as I cook and clean. This can also be a con though- even with the lock my daughter has found she can rock herself and make it roll away from where I put her (albeit slowly).-Comes with two trays. The trays easily snap on and off and like the chair, does not stain. They can be put in the dishwasher as well. I love that there are two because I always seem to have one in the wash.-Stylish design. I don’t mind having this out in my kitchen.

Lucinda Fairview, NC

Kind of obsessed….

When my baby first started eating "solid" foods, we set him in a bumbo-style seat on the table (don’t call CPS – he was supervised), but before too long, he started twisting around and swiping for everything else on the table. This was not really a sustainable situation, as I disliked wiping pureed carrots off of my belongings. So, I began the search for a "real" highchair… I had several factors to take into consideration; for ease-of-read, I’ll sort my thoughts that way.Size:We live in a small condo, so I didn’t want to something that was going to take up our entire house, especially since our kitchen is kind of the entryway. The base of this highchair is about the size of a dining chair. Also, instead of a dining room table, we eat at the bar in the kitchen – it’s counter height, and the highchair (except for the back) slides right underneath, even at the highest position. Note: the chair isn’t high enough to use the counter instead of a tray, but I’m pretty sure that at this age, I wouldn’t be interested in doing that anyway.Keeping it clean:This baby has no crevices. The white seat is one contoured piece, so there aren’t joints for food/crumbs to get into. The foam insert lifts off – no adjusting the straps necessary! – so that you can get at any crumbs that fall down that far. The seat also comes with two dishwasher-safe tray covers…. meaning, one for breakfast, one for lunch, actual tray for dinner, and you only have to do dishes/wipe down the highchair *once*! The plastic material is great, too – so far (this is several months in) there hasn’t been any sort of staining, and it cleans really well… even those pieces of dried peach that I don’t see at first come off!Looks:Like I said earlier, we live in a pretty small apartment, meaning that there isn’t a corner of the dining room that I can shove the chair into when people come over. I really don’t like the big, plasticy, puffy seat with the gargantuan tray trend that’s going around. This, on the other hand – is small enough that it doesn’t draw attention to itself. Also, let’s face it – it’s a great design. How many times has someone made the "that’s such an awesome highchair!" comment on one of those huge gracos?Safety:I like that it has the 5-point harness (especially now that DS is starting to stand up). The crotch bar (for lack of a better word) is attached to the seat – not the tray – so I feel like it keeps him from lunging out when I’m taking the tray off, etc. Also, when I take off the tray, I have to slide the latch to the left and then pull, which would make it harder for the child to remove it (I’m assuming kids get craftier as they age…). The tray cover, too, snaps on their belly side, but around the bottom – no more tricky kid removing the tray!Convertible:We wanted something that would be adjustable enough to use as a booster at our dining table (we won’t be in this little apartment forever!). Per other reviews, this slides down far enough that it can scoot right up to a normal-sized table.Price point:At $230, it’s more than the gracos, but still not outrageous. What I thought was outrageous was the $300+ that I couldn’t find a significant additional feature.Extras:Nearly everything is replaceable, meaning that it could last for another kid. They sell new foam inserts (in all different colors!), straps, and tray covers. All that isn’t replaceable is the chair and main tray. Also, the hydraulic lift is pretty awesome. It’s a little sticky at first, but it gets easy to use after the first few times.Basically, I’ve found the highchair to be safe, easy to use, well-sized, and attractive…. and the fact that it’s not $400 helps, too!

Sasha Dewey, OK

Excellent high chair

I did a lot of research on high chairs for months before deciding on this one. My little one was 9 months old when we got this (used a travel one prior to as I thought it would be a good idea to save space in our little place but soon discovered the need for a full size chair!). Breakdown of this chair:
• Rolls well on both tile and laminate flooring
• Amazingly easy to keep super clean – a very important feature for me as I find most high chairs accumulate food bits, no matter how much you clean them, which is disgusting!
• Extra trays are fantastic. I never use the tray without the removable trays which makes it even easier to clean. I think I might order another removable tray so that I have 3 – one for each meal!!!
• Very comfortable. Our little guy just loves to be in his chair. I know lots of kids who hate their chairs, but this one is built with comfort in mind.
• Harness system is super safe as well as easy to use and comfortable our babe.
• Relatively small footprint. It really doesn’t take up that much space. Many of the squareish high chairs take up more space that this.
• Great addition to home decor! It is a nice looking chair so it doesn’t take away from your home… great especially in small spaces where everything really counts!We love this chair! The only things that we consider to be potential drawbacks are:
• brake – applying the brake really just lowers a rubber cylinder onto the floor. It makes it more difficult to move, but it doesn’t render it completely immobile. Doesn’t bother us at all, however, if the brake function is really important, this would be something to look at.
• Hydraulic lift – works well but isn’t a really fast lift like a good office chair. This doesn’t bother me at all, especially because I rarely change the height, however, it bothers my hubby as he feels like it should work better for the money.

Jillian Deweese, NE

A good product

This high chair is very easy to cleanup. I would say that it is its best selling point.The ability to roll around on hard floors is a very nice feature as well.Although you can change the height, once set we’ve never changed it.The base also locks which is good. On ours the lock is now broken (perhaps due to misuse on our part).The tray has a plastic covering which is nice, but the plastic cover doesn’t totally cover the main tray so food gets under it.Not a big deal as you can just wipe down the main tray, but if the designers happen to read this (long shot) I would change that.In the end I would say its worth it.

Caryn Cumberland, NC

pretty happy

They are very “hip” looking and a good size fit. The two things I wish were different….I wish it had a seat adjustment that would lean back as some high chairs- you dont think you need it until you don’t have it. Also, the straps are a little funky. The get all twisty and wont stay tight-havent figured it out oddly. But overall we are happy.

Minerva Carlin, NV

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this high chair!!

We purchased this highchair due to a number of factors:-modern, sleek design-mobility is fantastic!-so easy to clean/wipe down-tray has two snap positions for your child as they grow-seat straps are easy to put on and take offThis high chair is easily one of our best buys ever!! It’s totally worth the money! I get compliments on it all the time, it’s fun and whimsical, and not an eyesore in my kitchen, which really appeals to me. The fact that I can easily push the chair around the kitchen with baby is absolutely indispensable! He likes to watch me cook and prep his food, and that makes my life so much easier. Best highchair ever!!

Katelyn Ventura, IA


This was the most stylish highchair that was made in 2010 when my daughter was born so we had to have it. Still love using it. sturdy, heavy, and dont have to worry about it tipping over. It does have wheels so it can be pushed everywhere! 🙂 WHEEE!

Goldie Brockwell, AR

Good high chair

Pros: Easy to roll around, kiddo looks comfortable and enjoys sitting in it. Straps easy to put on/remove.Cons: Tray design is flawed. There is a tray liner which clips into the main tray, and can be removed and washed. Logical, except that most of the main tray also gets covered in food. Would love to see a redesign where the tray liner covers the entire upper surface of the main tray.Conclusion: recommended but expect to do a manual wash of the tray and tray liner after every meal.

Sue Chadwick, MO


Amazing! super easy to clean! my 5 1/2 month daughter loves it! She can stay there forever and not complain.

Nadine Marshall, MI

Save time just buy this one!

Save your time and just buy this highchair. I spent hours reading reviews to make the perfect selection for the little one. I was between this and the sprout. I am so glad I bought this one! It is so easy to clean and the trays go in the dishwasher. The tray is not huge, but this isn’t a problem at all. It is so easy to move on our wood floors. Don’t waste time worrying about the brake issue other reviewers talk about, it is a non issue since the base is so wide this sturdy chair isn’t going anywhere (I was worried about it before I bought it). It’s adorable, not huge, easy to clean, very adjustable, and no fabric to collect food! We bought the red to minimize staining (we have had a stain or two on the seat pad, but I’m sure clorox would take it off).I LOVE this highchair, and couldn’t be happier. I decided on this one instead of the sprout because the tray was washable I couldn’t imagine not washing the tray thoroughly. Buy this one !!! You won’t regret it !!

Stephanie Anabel, MO

The Best!

I love love love this item. I did not gain appreciation for it until, being cheap, I purchased a different high chair for my 2nd son as well as another different high chair to keep at grandma’s house. This chair is worth every single penny. Easy to manuever, easy to clean, wonderful design that works for babies and toddlers. If you can afford this chair I would not hesitate. Buy it, enjoy it, and be happy! You will use it often so it is worth it.

Maricela Crichton, WV

Great design with a few minor problems

It’s really cute, and I love the orange color. A lot of people complimented on the look of this chair. It’s also very easy to move around. Adjusting the height is very easy, too, although I don’t see the use of it much. Easy to clean, too, except food gets caught easily in between the orange pad and the part in the middle.However, it’s a little bit small. Especially the tray – it is not big. Not a big problem, but sometimes I wish it had a different size tray. Also the grab-and-slide button is a little bit hard to operate. (little counter intuitive, too.)

Marcie Mannford, OK

Attractive, easy-to-clean high chair.

We’ve owned the Boon Flair high chair (in the Kiwi color) for about a month, and so far, we’re very pleased with it. Here are the pros and cons:PROS1. EASY TO CLEAN: This is by far the main standout feature of this high chair. My 13 month-old daughter now feeds herself for most meals, which can be a very messy exercise! Cleanup is a breeze with the Boon Flair — all you need is a damp cloth or paper towel. All parts of the chair are easy to wipe down, including the seat-pad. This distinguishes the Boon Flair from most other high chairs on the market, which either have fabric seat-pads (which must be washed in order to clean them), or seat-pads made of toxic vinyl. Which leads me to my second “pro” …2. NON-TOXIC & SAFE: All components of this high chair are BPA-free, phthalate-free and PVC-free. Unlike most of the other easy-to-clean high chair seat-pads on the market, the Boon Flair’s seat-pad is made of non-toxic EVA foam and not PVC (vinyl), and it is not stuffed with polyurethane foam. PVC is a toxic plastic, especially for babies and young children, because among other dangers, it almost always contains phthalates, which have been found to disrupt the endocrine system, including reproductive organs and hormones. Polyurethane foam stuffing is highly flammable, and therefore it must be treated with toxic flame-retardant chemicals in order to meet federal and state flammability standards. (Some of these chemical flame-retardants have been found to be carcinogenic). No such concerns exist with the Boon Flair, which contains no vinyl, no polyurethane foam, and no chemical flame retardants.In addition, the removable tray inserts are made of BPA-free polypropylene, which doesn’t leach harmful chemicals into any food that’s placed on it, even when the food is warm. In this respect, Boon is a cut above many other high chair manufacturers, especially Fisher-Price, which has consistently refused to respond to consumer inquiries about what type of plastic its high chair trays are made of.3. EXCELLENT TRAY: Aside from being made of food-safe, non-toxic polypropylene, the removable tray inserts (the Boon Flair comes with 2 of them) are very user-friendly. They’re easy for parents to snap on and off the tray, but impossible for little-ones to get off, so no more throwing of food, spilling of cups, etc. Plus, they, like the rest of the high chair, are super-easy to clean … they can be wiped down or hand-washed; and they’re small enough to fit in the dishwasher. At first, I thought that the tray might be too small for my toddler to eat off of without getting food all over the floor. But so far, the smaller tray size has been just perfect and we’ve had no problems with it.4. ATTRACTIVE; SMALL FOOTPRINT: This high chair looks more like a piece of modern designer furniture than a “babyish” high chair, while still being adorable. Plus, it takes up much less space than you would think. We live in a fairly small 2-bedroom apartment, so I was a bit leery of purchasing a high chair that wasn’t a space-saver model and which didn’t fold up after use. My concerns were completely unfounded with the Boon Flair. It fits comfortably in our dining area without getting in our way or overwhelming the dining table, even with the tray on.CONS1. SMALL SITTING AREA: The space between the tray and the seat-back is relatively small. The tray is adjustable to 2 positions, but even the more generous of the tray positions leaves a smaller sitting area than most other high chairs on the market. My daughter is petite, and with the tray in the 1st position, it was quite a snug fit even for her! With the tray in the 2nd (wider) position, she has much more room to maneuver, but the gap between her tummy and the tray isn’t so wide that food falls in her lap when she’s feeding herself. For a slim or average-sized baby/toddler, leaving the tray in the wider position should provide more than enough space for your little-one to sit and eat comfortably. However, I could see it being a bit of a tight squeeze for a very chubby toddler or bigger child. According to Boon, the maximum weight recommendation for this high chair is 50 pounds, but I can’t imagine a 50-pound child fitting into the sitting area unless they’re very tall and slim.2. CHALLENGING ENTRY/EXIT WITH TRAY ON: Due to the somewhat smaller space between the tray and seat-back of the high chair, it can be challenging to get your little-one smoothly in and out of the chair without first removing the tray. The first couple of times I tried to put my daughter in the high chair without removing the tray beforehand, she ended up bumping/scraping her knees and shins against the tray, and she was most displeased! So I started removing the tray before putting my toddler in the chair and taking her out, and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. It takes a couple of tries to get the hang of the tray removal mechanism, but after that, you’ll be able to do it with your eyes closed.3. NON-RECLINING SEAT: As is pretty obvious from the pictures of the Boon Flair, this high chair doesn’t recline. Therefore, it can only be used with babies who can sit upright on their own (unsupported). There are some high chairs that can double as a lounge-chair for a newborn or non-sitting infant, but the Boon Flair isn’t one of them. For this reason, I initially bought a Fisher-Price space-saver high chair for my little-one just before she turned 6 months old and we introduced her to solid foods, but she ended up never needing the recliner because she could sit unsupported by that time anyway. Once she started experimenting with self-feeding, I began to worry about the “mystery plastic” in the Fisher-Price high chair tray and bought the Boon Flair instead.4. DOESN’T FIT WELL UNDER TABLES WITH A “LIP”: If you plan on ditching the tray and having your toddler sit right up to the table to eat, it will be quite difficult to do if your table has a “lip” (or “skirt”) around the edges of the table. The armrests on the Boon Flair bump against the table lip, so the seat of the chair can’t slide under the table and the child is forced to sit too far away from the table to reach their food comfortably. Of course, you can lower the chair using the pneumatic lift function so that the armrests fit under the table lip, but then the seat will be too low for your child to see and eat comfortably off the tabletop. This is not a huge issue for us at all, since we plan on using our Boon Flair with the tray for quite awhile yet. But it’s something to consider if you prefer to have your child eat directly off the table.All in all, I am very happy with this high chair, and I would readily recommend it to other parents. After several months of research and unsuccessfully trying out a few other high chairs, we finally settled on the Boon Flair, which meets all of the criteria on our “High Chair Wish List.”Grade: B+

Stacey Makawao, HI

Totally Totally worth it! The best high chair!

I highly recommend this highchair. I have 2 of them- for a 1 yr old and my chunky 2 yr old! My 7 yr old girl can even sit in it. I love that it is on wheels and no corners for food to hide. It is so easy to spray down, wipe down and disinfect. My kids love it. Accidents are no problem to clean up. This is an incredible chair- so so easy to put together- great gift as well. I normally do not write reviews- but this is my favorite baby/kid product. You can roll your child up to the island to eat, or use the tray provided which is great b/c it gets close to the child so food does not fall between them and the tray.Other highchairs are so difficult to put together and usually have fabric (which is a nightmare to deal with)This chair looks cool in your kitchen as well. Everyone will comment on it. I ordered the white chair and seperately ordered a white cushion seat- looks great. Worth the extra money-

Lakisha Pomona, NJ

love this highchair!

I received this highchair as a gift and absolutely love it! It is super easy to clean and move around. The tray removes with only one hand and I love that it has two tray covers which easily snap on and off. the base is wide and sturdy and the rollers move easily over different floor surfaces. there are no crevaces or sharp edges where my daughter can injure herself. the only down side so far is that the straps get covered with food and aren’t also easily removed to clean them. This is well worth every penny and i have told everyone i know who’s having/ had a baby about the chair.

Alexandria Oxford, AR

comfy for baby & easy to clean

Our daughter loves this chair. We started her in it when she was 6 months old. It’s molded enough to be fairly supportive and seems to make her quite comfortable. She’s happy to sit in it for mealtimes as well as just to hang out when I’m fixing dinner. It easily raises to counter height, which lets her see what I’m doing when I’m preparing meals. It’s also easy to adjust downwards to table height, so she can sit at the dinner table with us and be at our level, which she also loves.Clean up is super easy- it just wipes clean with a damp cloth. The webbing of the harness is very smooth and tightly woven, so it actually wipes clean pretty well. The only thing that looks like it could really collect food is the harness buckle, but so far we’ve avoided that by keeping it under her bib. I like the fact that the snap on trays are smaller than the typical high chair tray because they easily fit in one side of our double sink- I can set the whole snap on part of the tray in the sink to rinse it off. The snap on tray covers almost all of the main tray, so the main tray usually just needs a quick swipe with a damp sponge. I also like the fact that the pommel is part of the seat and not the tray- my daughter is still pretty secure in the chair with the pommel and harness when I pull the tray off at the end of the meal. Being able to have her sit there securely without the tray make it much, much easier to clean her up. The wheels are another nice feature- I just wheel her to the sink for clean up at the end of the meal.Some reviewers have complained about the brake, but we haven’t really used it because the base is so heavy the chair really isn’t going anywhere without some effort. We may need the brake more when she gets older, but for right now, the chair really stays put on its own. The brake does seem sufficient when I have used it.Overall, this was the perfect replacement to the Chicco Polly chair we had inherited- the Chicco was overly complicated to use and a cleaning nightmare. This was one of the more expensive chairs I considered, but now that we’ve been using it for a couple of months I feel it was well worth the price.

Lila Alamo, GA

great design! except for the tray table

This is one of the best high chairs. There are no nooks for easy clean up, glides easily on hard wood floors (i don’t have carpeting) and is very modern looking. I have had this for 4 years now and is on my second child! the only complaint i have is the tray table. It does come with a cover but it only covers the center, does not cover the edges. My baby gets food all over the place so i end up washing the tray cover and the entire tray. The tray has nooks so i have to shake all the water out. So the tray table cover really doesn’t do much to make clean up easier, I wish either the tray cover covered the ENTIRE tray table or the tray table was easier to wash out the water. But still i love this chair and it holds up great!

Penny Nespelem, WA

Amazing adjustable highchair

I love boon products! This chair is amazing. Easy to put together and take apart with a little practice. Its well worth the money. I love that it fits both my bar top table and my dinning table. The wheels are perfect for my flooring and the brake is easy to use. Its simple to clean with a nice wipe down. I’ve had many parents talk about it while over and how they love it much more than their cloth one. We are very happy that we went with this boon hair over some of the other easy to clean ones. It fits out family needs perfectly.

Gina Hochheim, TX

Best highchair out there

If you’re looking for an easy to clean highchair, look no further. We’ve been using it with my daughter for a few months now and it’s really a great product. If you really want to go all out, get a few extra tray inserts (2 come with it) and an extra seat pad (they have different colors of you’re looking to match decor) so you always have a fresh one to put on. The straps are fairly easy to remove (much, much easier than 99% of highchairs) to clean and smooth lines with no crevices has saved me loads of time since I’m a neat freak. Another big bonus that influenced my decision was the pedestal base…I’m a klutz and haven’t stubbed a toe or tripped on this chair yet!

Elsa Walden, CO

Easy to Clean, Looks Great, Comes with 2 Washable Trays, Easy Assembly!

This highchair is amazing! We have had it for almost 4 months and are still very happy with it. Just about all of our visiting family members have complimented us on it! After messy meals, I usually wipe it clean with a couple of paper towels!Pros:Plastic is easy to clean.Everything on it is sturdy.It wheels around easily.Stylish (doesn’t look old–like most wooden chairs).It has the center bar, so baby can’t slide out.Shoulder straps are there if you need them, but not required to securely strap baby in.You can purchase the different color foam seat pads.The tray is easily removed with one hand, but baby can’t remove it (You have to slide a button on the middle of the tray bottom to left and pull out to release tray).Assembled in minutes and shipped securely!Cons:None that come to mind. I’ll update later if I find something!We paid just over $200 for it. We purchased the one with the orange seat because it was about $30 cheaper than the others! The replacement seat pads in other colors were only about $30.

Coleen Homer, NE

Love This High Chair!

I purchased this chair two months ago as our first highchair. My DD is now 8 months. It took me a few weeks to convince my husband that we should spend the extra money to get this chair instead of more traditional ones- and I’m so glad we did (he is too now!)!The chair is easy to clean- wipes clean, straps move easily, tray fits in dishwasher (buy a few extras- it comes with two). It was extremely easy to put together when it arrived as well!We have a large house so space wasn’t a concern for me, but it has been very nice that this chair fits almost everywhere. I especially like that we can roll the chair all around the house; this morning I fed her in the kitchen, then rolled her into the bathroom with me. I sometimes put her in it with some toys and she is sometimes content but she generally hates to be strapped down to anything… this is another reason I love the chair; if she gets upset waiting for me to heat her food, I just roll her around and she loves it! It always stops her crying. We roll her with us when we go back to the kitchen if we forget anything.One thing I don’t like is that our dining table has a lip underneath it so I can’t push the chair so that it sits right under the table- she will always have to use her tray. If the chair could go down just a little further, it would fix that problem. We actually don’t use the lift very often as we generally just keep it at its highest position.

Joanne New Derry, PA