Boon Flair Pneumatic Pedestal Highchair – Frosty Blue and White

Boon Flair Pneumatic Pedestal Highchair – Frosty Blue and White

Flair Standard is a revolutionary new highchair, combining innovative features with distinctive modern style. The seamless seat makes clean-up easy and the pneumatic lift allows for effortless height adjustment. Flair Standard’s exclusive chemical-resistant, waterproof pad provides a soft cushion and is easily removable for cleaning. Flair Standard is equipped with an adjustable-position, compact tray, as well as top-quality safety features including a five-point harness and restraining post. As your child grows, simply remove the tray, safety restraints and cushion to use Flair Standard as a height-adjustable child’s chair. The sturdy pedestal base gives Flair Standard a unique form that is easy to clean and that slides smoothly under tables. Flair Standard glides in any direction on six urethane casters that will not scratch floors, while the hands-free braking system easily locks the chair in place. Flair Standard’s pneumatic lift allows for continuous height positioning, making it easy to adjust the seat to the perfect height. The Standard model has translucent frosted glass colored seat with a white pad and plastic base. Features: Easy to clean Effortless height adjustment with easy conversion from highchair to adjustable-height child’s chair Locking base for increased stability Seamless seat for easy clean-up Removable pad does not absorb water and can be cleaned with household disinfectants Compact tray with dishwasher-safe cover Removable restraint and 5-point harness Braking system locks casters with single motion Sturdy pedestal base slides easily under tables Pneumatic lift for effortless height adjustment Six urethane casters for silent, smooth movement that will not scratch floor Weight Limit: 50 lbs. Maximum Age: 4 years Seat Height Range: 21″ x 26.25″ Tray Height Range: 26.25″ x

Main features

  • Streamlined contemporary design
  • Effortless height adjustment
  • Glides smoothly in all directions
  • Fits easily under tables
  • Easy to clean, no cracks or crevices

Verified reviews


Great for an apartment

We’re very happy with this high chair. Like other reviewers, I agree that it is extremely easy to clean – just wipe the main chair with a cloth, and the tray is just 2 pieces which are also easy to wipe, or wash in the sink. Unfortunately, the chair is on carpet in our apartment, and so doesn’t rotate or lift as easily as if on a hard floor, but that hasn’t been a huge problem.It is very compact and small, and fits in nicely with our small table. I like that it can be pushed right up to the table, with the base fitting underneath the table.A drawback to this compact design is the small tray – our bowl just barely fits on it. Sometimes our baby reaches for the bowl and I have to hold it instead. Whereas, with other high chairs, the tray has been large enough that we can just move the bowl out of the way.We started using it when our baby was 6 months old, and she had no problems fitting in it, or sitting in it. The straps are easily adjustable.I would highly recommend this chair.

Lakesha Goodspring, TN


I love this highchair. I have a larger 13 month old (27lbs!) and it really fit him very well. I tried all types of highchairs and they were not fitting him. I literally took him to Babies R Us and sat him in every chair they have- nothing was suiting him. Additionally, this highchair was EASY EASY to put together- just a few min and all done! It did not have the typical cheap parts that most highchairs have. Being my 3rd baby, I really appreciated how easy this is to clean. With the materials used, it should remain looking brand new (no fabric to machine wash and fade over time). Im thrilled with the look and how little space it takes up. It rolls around like a dream on my hardwoods (not made for carpet). I HIGHLY suggest this chair. As he grows, I can easily roll him up to the kitchen table without using the removable tray. And… the look is very easy on the eyes!Charleston Mom, SC

Mariana Sibley, MO

Go Ahead. You know you want to.

I ordered this even though it killed me to spend this much on a highchair. Totally worth it. Easy clean up. Good lines. Worth it in my book.

Manuela Eden, MD

Love it! Worth every penny.

Bought for my baby when he turned 10 months and started feeding himself and making a royal mess everywhere. He hated his old standard plastic high chair (graco, typical type) from day 1. He now seems MUCH more comfortable in this Boon Flair, and it’s so easy to clean (over and over and over and over), very few nooks and crannies to gunk up, and it works easily into our small kitchen lives, and he is able to sit more upright like a real chair and it fits right up to our table. He’s much more a “part” of our family meals now than when he was in the monstrous plastic graco we had before. Before buying the Boon Flair I did briefly consider the Stokke because I liked the idea of pulling my kid straight up to the table– however Stokke is WAY more $ and online videos of kids tipping themselves over freaked me and that was the end of that. But it turns out that this Boon Flair chair works great, in my book, to get my kid right up to the table — the adjustable height makes it easy to either position him to fit with the table, with or without his tray. I also love the ease of washing, drip drying, and storing the much smaller tray and tray liners. Some people don’t like the small size, I totally love it vs. the monstrous plastic graco tray we had before.One note on the sleek modern design, too, because I was nervous about this element because I am not a real “modern design” person at all, and we have kind of a “country kitchen” with copper and gold tones and a bunch of plants and a 1980s style cheesy wooden dining set…but I feel this modern style high chair is just a nice clean look, in general, it blends in fine and it looks WAY better then the classic plastic monstrosity we had before.Here are my few minor annoyances, every product has some and I find it helpful to read other people’s reviews that list the bad along with the good so I can sort out what the dealbreakers for me would be. None of these, for me, are a big deal obviously since I gave this product 5 stars, but in an ideal world, these elements would be better: 1) the lap belt clip closure sort of jams up right where the tray/t-bar all come together with baby’s belly, so I feel like I have to manuever it around to get it comfie for my guy, plus its so snugged up at that particular point it’s nearly impossible to unsnap the tray liner off the base tray while baby is in the chair too. 2) the pneumatic adjustment still takes a bit of manual force to get it up/down. Nothing herculean, but I did think it would only take a light tap to the orange button to adjust, and that is not the case. 3) the tray removal mechanism is a little bit of a “thing” to get the hang of, and I still have to think about what I’m doing to get it to latch/unlatch 4) the base tray (which is NOT dishwasher safe, although I personally don’t care about that) has some open spaces related to the latch mechanism — this just means that after washing it you need to fully turn it on end and drain it so you don’t accidentally dump dishwater all over your baby when you put the tray over him next time.There are a few baby products that I have felt have been worth every penny — My Ergo, babyjogger city elite stroller, fuzzibunz perfect size diapers, and this high chair! 5 stars 🙂

Selena Tracy, MN

We still have it!

We bought this for our first born and kept it (luckily) for our 2nd due to arrive later this year. I love the wide base on wheels. It stops any worry of tipping. You can buy replacement straps if they get manky like ours did. Easy to clean and sturdy…plus the company donates profits to charities. Love this item!

Lynne Enfield, CT

Stylish and well thought out

This high chair has an edge and really is convenient to clean spilled food. My only complaints would be that the seat doesn’t rotate around the base so you have to lift the whole chair if you want to switch the facing position of your infant. The base is kind of heavy for that purpose. Still a great, great product.

Lynette Coalmont, CO

Great Chair Easy To Clean

After owning 6 Peg Peregos and one Stokke, (Don’t ask, I have a bit of a high chair and stroller fetish). I wanted to find something easier to clean. Our last Peg ended up with bugs. Not a happy day! My daughter has the kitchen domain and she diligently wiped the high chair after every meal but I was having a difficult pregnancy and failed to mention that food gets in the crevices and you have to take the seat off and clean under it. So, out that high chair went. I researched several high chairs and read every review on this one. So…from someone who is expecting baby number six let me give you the condensed version.Pros:I like the design, I actually have a country/cottage style house but the chair fits.Tray is small so trains them to eat with mannersEASY TO CLEANRolls around easily.Love the dishwasher trays.Easy to put together.Cons:Seat does not have a recline. That said, I Love the no barka lounger for eating and this is what makes no crevices.Straps are very flimsy and my 16 month old just pulls them down and slides out of them. Thus she is able to stand up in her chair.The lock will not stop rolling on tile or hardwood and I don’t know that many kitchens/dining rooms with carpet.The white seat stained on the very first meal. Our first meal in this chair was spaghetti, I immediately wiped it down but it was stained. I tried the magic eraser and that didn’t work either. I will be ordering a darker seat.Overall we are happy with this seat and would recommend.

Ola Lena, IL

Great Chair

I bought this for my 6-month-old daughter (she is in the 50th percentile for height and weight). The chair came in a HUGE box and was very easy to assemble–it was basically 3 pieces you insert one into the other and then attach 8 bolts. It took me less than 10 minutes by myself. I am 5’7 and it comes almost high enough that I could stand and feed her comfortably (but not quite…I wish it came up another 6 inches but then it’d probably be unstable). I have Pergo floors and was able to roll it around easily. I didn’t expect the brake to work after reading all the other reviews, maybe they’ve fixed it because it doesn’t budge when the brake is engaged, even when my daughter rocks around. I went with the orange seat pad after reading about spaghetti and carrot stains, so far it still looks new. I highly recommend the orange! The pneumatic lift is fun, it does make the chair heavy but I don’t plan on lifting it. The tray snaps in and out with one hand easily (they must have updated this since the older reviews too). It is smaller than other high chairs but seems big enough so far. The plastic covers are great–one is covered with a huge sticker when it arrives, and doesn’t come off easily. I used a blow drier, though, and it came off without leaving residue. Boon should really think about doing something other than a sticker there…we already bought the chair, we don’t need the advertising! The reason I give it 4 stars is the harness system doesn’t fit my daughter well. I made it as tight as it could go, but it’s still VERY loose over her shoulders. However, this isn’t a carseat, it’s a highchair. Maybe it doesn’t have to be so snug. It would make me feel better though. Once the tray is in I don’t see how she could fall out. Finally, the chair looks great in our house and we get compliments on it. I’m actually proud of the high chair! I love that it will hold her up to 50lbs and is so easy to clean. I would recommend this to my friends.

Julia Dickens, TX

Love it, love it, love it

I love love love this high chair. This was my first highchair purchase and I have no regrets (I even bought one for a friend for her baby shower).ProsEasily adjust in height, just step on the orange buttonVery stylishCleans very easilyFoot step is great for older kidsRolls so it moves very easily across tile (of course it will glide less easily on carpet)ConsI have nothing……really I don’tOne more thing, my now one year old son is fairly big. He is in the 95 percentile for his weight and height and I’ve never had an issue with him fitting in this chair and he’s been using this from 5 months.

Blanca Richmond, MI