Boon Flaunt Wall Display, Coconut

Boon Flaunt Wall Display, Coconut

Flaunt it like you mean it. Show off your style and showcase all the things you love to look at. But what about that ugly gift from Aunt Mildred or those tacky keepsakes from your mother in law? Now you have a chic place to display them when you have to. (You can thank us later.)

Main features

  • Easy wall-mounting, hardware included
  • Simple, modern design works well with many styles of decor

Verified reviews


Perfect nursery shelf

I have this one and the smaller 3-shelf version. On the two large shelves, I have put a Slinky (coiled over into an arch) and a 6" toy car. On the two medium shelves, a mini Etch-a-Sketch and a decorative paperweight; and on the two small shelves, a baby shoe and wooden block.The shelf is quite heavy, so you will want to use the screw anchors or go into a wall stud. As other reviewers have suggested, I will probably paint the screw heads white for a more streamlined look. I did not have any problems with flaws in the finish. It is excessively packaged, and is a pain to get out (more zip ties than I have ever seen in any one location in my life).

Lucinda Clover, SC

Great design, easy install

These shelves have a great design and resemble clouds on the wall! The shelves themselves are rather small and flat, so only weighted items will stay out on them.

Concepcion Kirkville, IA

So cool and different

This shelving unit is GREAT my sons nursery has a wall of blue and green dots (Large dots) so I thought this was the perfect accent shelf for the adjoining wall and it does look great in there. The actually shelves aren’t huge so only small trinkets and memorabilia. But it’s so different than your "common" shelving unit!

Dessie Oakland, NE

Very fun and modern touch for a nursery

I LOVE this shelf!! My husband and I decided to go wi a grey and yellow theme for our nursery trying to keep it gender neutral. We had black and white accent pieces and this shelf fit perfectly. It isn’t very big and is definitely more for decoration than storing things. Its super fun and I get lots of compliments. People are always asking me where I got the shelf from. The boon wording didn’t really bother me. It isn’t that noticeable,

Cecelia Corning, CA

Cute with a modern look

Very cute with a modern look. I put this above my changing table (for now) to hold items like lotion, etc. But very cute as a display piece, especially against a non-white wall.

Latonya Perks, IL

Not quite perfect, but very cute

I agree with others, the packaging was ridiculous. I actually scratched the paint trying to cut the zip ties.We have both the 3 shelf and 6 shelf one. The “boon” logo is far more noticeable on the 6 shelf one, less so on the 3 shelf.The diameters of the shelves are as follows (more or less):6 shelf-Top left: 4″Top right: 2.5″Center: 4.5″Larger low shelves (right and left): both 5.25″Bottom center: 3.125″3 shelf-Left: 2.75″Center: 5.5″Right: 4″

Jacquelyn Douglas, AZ

love these shelves!

I just love these shelves, I bought three of them for my baby’s room and absolutly love them. perfect to house small items you want on display, babies’ get such cute stuff and it is nice to have a place to have some of it out instead of just having a traditional shelf or a cluttered up bookcase. Easy to install but has the previous reviewer mentioned it does not come with matching white screws, I put a little craft paint on the screws so they blend in. Shelfs are very sturdy and the design is unique.

Lakeisha Skykomish, WA