Boon Fluid -No-Spill Toddler Cup in Orange/Blue

Boon Fluid -No-Spill Toddler Cup in Orange/Blue

Boon Fluid Boon Fluid is a no-spill toddler cup with an ergonomic design. It comes with a two handled grip that has been designed for kids to maintain a firm grip on it easily. The angled spout makes it more comfortable to use. This cup is also spill-proof, which makes it ideal for kids. Why You’ll Love It: Kids can drink easily, while using comfortable, ergonomic handles. Age: 9 months and upFeaturesNo-spill toddler cup Angled spout requires less head tippingTwo-piece design Dishwasher-safe BPA-free Made of polypropylene

Main features

  • Angled spout requires less head tipping
  • Ergonomic two-handed grip
  • Perfect for small hands
  • Two-piece design
  • Dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


best sippy cup

We love the Boon products for our grandson but after reading the reviews for this cup, I was wary of buying it. After trying several others that got rave reviews and my grandson hated them all, I gave in and bought one – am I glad I did! Jaden LOVES this cup and can use it all by himself at age 1 with NO leaking and he doesn’t pull the top off! I immediately bought 3 more! I think he likes it better than the rest because the spout is not soft so he doesn’t try sucking on it like a bottle nipple – the liquid slot opening is just the right size so he gets the right amount of fluid w/o choking. Boon has done it again, great products that don’t disappoint!

Blanca Twin City, GA

Great design, but needs vast improvement.

I bought this because it is BPA-free and has a cool design. However, my toddler could never get enough fluid through the opening at the top, yet if he shook it, water went everywhere! If Boon could re-design the lid, this would be a great product. Otherwise, don’t waste your time!

Roxie East Otto, NY

my son can’t use it

For some reason my baby cannot figure this cup out. He is 10 months old and this cup just does not agree with him.

Miranda Northwood, OH

hard to clean

I love this product, but rarely use it because it is just difficult to clean. I have to use dry rice

Justine Springville, CA


Okay cup, says for 9 months and older but where your child holds the cup is rather wide for little hands. Would be better for older children, not 9 month olds.

Bette Datto, AR


I was so excited about this cup in principle- no chemicals, easy grip, cute. Within minutes it had become an epic disaster. First of all, the plastic looks and feels cheap. It’s not flexible, but it’s not as hard as the standard playtex sippy cups… it was just hard enough to be unpleasant and difficult to use. It was a little too wide for a small hand to comfortably grip, so my daughter dropped it repeatedly, thus defeating the purpose for the harder to clean shape. The top was almost impossible to get off, and unless you took a long time to carefully set it down and then took care not to breathe on it, it wouldn’t stand up on its own. But the true fatal error of this cup is that it leaks abominably. I’m not talking about a couple little drops, either: it was practically pouring out. Now if this had been a one dollar sippy purchased at Walmart, I would think I’d gotten what I’d paid for, but for the asking price, I just about expect it to sing to me. No good, Boon. No good.

Goldie Rancocas, NJ

a great sippy!

I just received this cup in the mail. I ordered it because i thought it looked great and it got such mixed reviews i thought i’d give it a try, especially since it’s the cheapest sippy i had seen. it works amazing! i gave it to my 6 month old (it’s also her first) even though it’s recommended for 9 months and up and she took to it right away. it is a little big for her hands but still manageable. it does leak but not a lot. it’s about the same amount of leaking as if i had put one of her bottles upside down. people also complained about it being hard to remove the top but if you look carefully there is a part of the plastic (on the side that says ‘boon’) that juts out a little. just remove the lid by pulling it from under that side. simple! the inside is going to be hard to clean since it’s a round shape so i’d recommend cleaning it often and maybe soaking it in warm soapy water. i love it and i hope others will give it a try, too. not to mention it’s bpa, pthalate and pvc free!

Victoria Owaneco, IL

Better Products Out There

I received this as one of my baby shower gifts. I put this on my registry because it has a cool design, is BPA-Free and a no-spill cup. I only use this when all of the other sippy cups are in the dishwasher. And I only put water in it. There are too many crevices inside to scrub if any other liquid dries in there.I do put it in the dishwasher but it takes a good full day for it to dry completely. The mouthpiece cover is not easy to snap on and it leaks if the mouthpiece cover isn’t on correctly. My son likes it because it’s easy to grip and he thinks it’s amusing to be able to put his hand through the cup opening.The only reason to buy this: it’s a conversation piece at playdates.

Bessie Lloyd, KY

Cool looking, but just doesn’t work

I bought this thing based on looks & the fact that I have other Boon stuff that I like a lot, like the high chair & some bowls.Unfortunately, this just didn’t work for us. My 20 month is used to drinking w/ a straw and didn’t really figure out how to drink out of this thing. You have to suck pretty hard. And, about 5 minutes after she got it, she figured out how to (easily) pop the top off (twice). So… it’s a no go.Too bad. It’s cute!

Dina Whitewright, TX

great sippy!

This sippy is great! My 9 month old son has no problems holding it or sucking out of it. I had no issues taking the spout off as it has a small “lip” to pry with your fingers. It does drip slightly when held upside down, but what sippy doesn’t? We LOVE this sippy and recommend highly! The only issue we see with it is cleaning, it’s a very unique shape and you’ve gotta wiggle that bottle brush in there to get the bottom middle part.

Nola Mercer, TN

Great as a toddler cup and my daughter loves it!

This is not spill proof! It does drip a bit if you turn it upside down. That’s why its a toddler cup and not a training cup. I don’t know why people get so frustrated that it “leaks.” Its not actually a leak, its meant to drip…its not a bottle.First off, my daughter loves holding this. She is 9 months old and this is our at home cup for now since its not spill proof. She thinks its a great cup and it keeps her busy when I’m cleaning up from her meal.I love this cup because it is easy to clean, has TWO parts and not 5 or 6 things to go missing like some cups and its made by Boon so I know its BPA free and safe to use. :)I’ve never had issues getting the top on or off and it stays on nicely. I really didn’t think I’d like this cup after some of the reviews but for the price, give it a try. You’ll probably love it!

Melba Choctaw, OK

impossible to wash

This cup leaks, is hard to drink out of and impossible to wash. I bought it to fit in my purse which it does, but with all the other problems I just threw it in the trash. My son got way too frustrated trying to get a drink and I got frustrated with the constant leaking.

Leanna Dafter, MI

For us yes for someone else

Torn between 3 and 4 stars as it did work for us. We’re trying to get our 2 year old daughter off of converted bottles (ie Think Sippy Conversion)into a harder spout sippy. I’ve tried a bunch and I don’t know if it’s developmental timing for her or this particular cup that helped her kick her bottle habit. Definitely a few problems. When we bought it, it didn’t leak but she also couldn’t suck any liquid out of it…for that matter neither could I. So I stuck a butter knife in there and “broke it in”. Now liquid comes through but it also leaks (only at the spout, not where the top fits on). We’re not terribly bothered by the leaking though and it doesn’t seem to leak a lot when it’s on its side, just when totally upside down.One pro for us is that it fits on her arm like a bracelet and she loves that. I could see how that would bother other people when coupled with a little leaking.Overall, a typical Boon product that offers a great looking product with fantastic colors and good plastic standards (bpa & pthalate free) but often with them, a little too much form over function. Yet, I always get sucked in.

Ronda Hightstown, NJ

Not bad

I have the orange/blue version of this sippy, and my only beef with it is that it must be held in one position only for it to work. When my girls were learning to drink from it, they’d hold it sideways or upside-down, and of course it’s designed to only work horizontally, in one direction. I find this limiting. But for more advanced kids than mine, I think this sippy would be great. My girls really like the spout more than other sippys, I think because they breastfeed and it’s more ergonomically similar. I didn’t know a pink version existed, I would have bought that instead!The spout is leaky, but again, all sippys are somewhat leaky that I’ve tried so this one is no more or less so.

Sonja Elmer, MO

Difficult for babies to figure out

I purchased this a few months ago for my daughter when we were trying out different sippy cups. She wasn’t able to figure out how to drink from it. I still give it to her periodically to see if she’ll get it, but now she’s excited about straw sippy cups, so I don’t think we’ll ever get any use out of this cup. It’s also difficult/impossible to clean the bottom of it, even using a bendable bottle brush, so I wouldn’t recommend using it for anything besides water.

Lindsey King William, VA

Doesn’t leak, easy to hold, hard to drink from and clean

This cup got me with its cool looks and because we have a few other Boon products that we like. I like that this is a sippy cup I can take in the diaper bag and if it gets tipped it doesn’t leak very much. However it is very hard to get liquid to come out of the tiny opening. I noticed that my son (who uses other sippies and can drink from straws well) was not interested in using this cup, so I tried it and found that I had to suck VERY hard to get a tiny bit to come out. Perhaps we have a defective cup? Besides this I find that it is hard to clean even with a bottle brush–we only put water in it but I can’t imagine trying to get it thoroughly clean in the bottom area, for instance if you put some milk in it that then was “lost” under the couch or something… So it has mostly sat in the cupboard as an occasional back-up that becomes more of a toy. At 11 months our son is using the Thermos straw cups, they don’t leak and keep drinks cold. As far as sippy cups go, the best ever I have used is called the “Tilty” cup, which is what we always use at the table during meals. With some thanks to the Tilty sippy my son can now drink out of a regular cup very well and without mess, unless he decides to tip it all the way up and over his head 😉

Krista Carthage, TX

Never used

It’s very cute and modern but spout was just too hard and didn’t carry enough liquid for long days at park or in car. Never used it

Eunice Afton, MI

Best Sippy Cup!

We bought four other brands of sippy cups before ever trying the Boon Fluid. This is BY FAR the best cup we own. In fact, we own three of these (one of each color). What I love about them is that they do not use one of those annoying valves in their attempt to be “No-spill”. This one has a rubber-ish piece in the top that has a slit in it. When my daughter (14 months) sucks on it she’s able to drink normally, but when she carries it upside down, only intermittent individual drips fall out (as opposed to an entire stream of milk or water). This is a major plus in our household because we’ve spent 6+ months learning that NO sippy cup is 100% spill-free.We did have issues with one of the tops we purchased [no one could drink out of it, no matter how hard we (toddler and parents) sucked], but after a quick call to Boon Customer Service, we received a replacement top in the mail 3-4 days later which has been working perfectly.

Angelica Cape Porpoise, ME

Good toddler cup

We have no problems with this toddler cup– no leaks, no difficulty with the lid, and its worked fine for us overall.It looks cool, and the open middle means it is perfect for little hands. Our son can hold this, carry it, and use it with ease. Overall a great produt. Its also BPA-free and dishwasher safe.Only issue is the price– seems silly that a toddler cup costs 15$

Roberta Glens Fork, KY

Not at all functional

I can see why they thought this would be an innovative idea, but in theory, it just doesn’t work. The spout shape is just odd feeling in the mouth, and the slit isn’t big enough to get the liquid out without caving in a soft spot on the head. I had to make it a little bigger, which of course makes it leak (more) and even then, my then 9 month old tossed it onto the floor. The design needs to have a little bit thinner of a handle for smaller hands, and the top is impossible to get off.We bought this when we were experimenting with the limited amount of BPA free options out there last year. I may as well recycle it, because it’s been collecting dust ever since.

Stephanie West Cornwall, CT

Very cute, very big waste of money

I, like others, bought this sippy cup because I thought it had a really neat design. That is about as far as the positives go. It is difficult to clean, difficult to use and difficult for my child to get anything out of it. After one use, it went in the trash.

Rachelle Cherokee, IA

Terrible cup, but a fun bath toy

This is hands down the worst sippy cup I have every found for my child – as a drinking vessel it is completely non-functional. The spout is hard plastic so beverages can’t be sucked out at all. Instead, the cup has to be lifted right over the child’s head in order for them to get any liquid out. In addition, there is no way to travel with it because it doesn’t have a top to keep it from leaking everywhere. It really is the worst, most useless design.It earns one star from me only because it looks good and is fun for playing with in the bath.

Ina Mark, IL

My daughter hated it

It spills really easly, and my daughter hated it. It is just not a great cup. I was trying new cups for her, but this one is not good.

Kristin Eden, WI